Trixie Plastic Play Tower

1 Toy
: 4/5
A colourful interactive cat toy designed to encourage your cat to poke and bite the bright balls, arranged across three levels and great for keeping your cat entertained for hours on end...further information
Product description
Trixie Plastic Play Tower
Trixie Plastic Play Tower
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Trixie Plastic Play Tower
Trixie Plastic Play Tower
Trixie Plastic Play Tower
Trixie Plastic Play Tower
Trixie Plastic Play Tower
Trixie Plastic Play Tower
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Trixie Plastic Play Tower

- 1 Toy

RRP* £9.99
Our Price £7.89

Product description

A colourful interactive cat toy designed to encourage your cat to poke and bite the bright balls, arranged across three levels and great for keeping your cat entertained for hours on end

This colourful Trixie Plastic Play Tower has been specially developed to satisfy your cat’s playing and hunting instincts. You will find removable balls arranged across three levels, which entice your cat to bite, prod and chase. The toy helps to increase your cat’s levels of activity as well as training its agility, intelligence and reactions.

Once they are set in motion with a curious paw, the colourful balls will speed around the Trixie Plastic Play Tower. Your cat will try to reach them through the openings at the side, with its paws or with its teeth. The balls will continue to move constantly and won’t let themselves be caught! The Trixie Plastic Play Tower is great for keeping your cat entertained for hours on end and helps prevent boredom, even when you are out of the house. This action-packed toy will help to pass many a happy hour and challenge your cat’s mind.

Trixie Plastic Play Tower at a glance:

  • Interactive cat toy
  • Animates: specially developed to activate hunting and playing instincts
  • Encourages activity and movement: the balls travel in circles around the three levels and encourage your cat to prod with its paws, chase after them and grab them
  • Long-lasting enjoyment: the balls cannot fall out and will travel continuously around their tracks
  • Trains the senses: encourages intelligence, agility and reactions
  • Eliminates boredom: a versatile toy that can keep your cat entertained even when you are out
  • Colours: grey, lilac, turquoise 
  • Removable balls: can be arranged across one or more levels
  • Material: plastic
  • Dimensions:
    • Total dimensions: diameter 25 x (H) 13cm
    • Balls: diameter 4cm

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

31/03/23 | Chris McRoyall
: 5/5

Loves her toy

My cat Lily loves playing with this toy, she goes crazy the middle ball is no longer and if she's feeling lazy she will lay down and play with it. Worth every penny paid and I didn't consider that was much.
22/03/22 | Cyra
: 2/5

Well made but my cat didn’t play with it

Very sturdy, well made, works well but my cat was completely uninterested in it to play. It just collected dust, easy to clean though & can place treats on & move the ball for play. Perhaps my cat just didn’t like it, I gifted it to another cat.
16/03/22 | Samantha
: 3/5


Came with only 1 ball 🤔
19/01/22 | Lauren
: 5/5

Great toy

Our kitty has loved this toy from the moment we unboxed it. He has figured out how to get the middle-ball out and plays with that all around the house. It's given him many hours of entertainment, so a great buy!
07/12/21 | Suzanne DAVIS
: 5/5

All cat age enjoyment

Used these when I fostered for CP, and my cats from a few weeks old up to my 13 year old all love playing with this. Not keen on the colour, the old one I had was wellow and red, but still works the same.
: 5/5

Hours of fun!

My 2 Ragdolls absolutely love this, so much so I need to get another one as they both want it for themselves. They spend hours playing with it. The balls can come out but go back easily.
30/10/21 | Olga
: 2/5

Very unstable / broken product

Really disappointed with this purchase. The tower detaches from its base all the time my 3 months kitten plays with it. The tower arrived with no package on it and the base was detached already. It was probably broken before arrival.
28/10/21 | Rowena
: 5/5

Entertainment for kitty

My kitten is obsessed with the tower. As I type, I just unpacked it 10 min ago, put it down and he went wild for it! Seems good quality but too early to tell.
13/10/21 | Patricia Carneiro
: 5/5

Great toy

My cat has been playing with it for hours. He can get the balls out as well and chase them. Im super happy with this toy
27/09/21 | Nosh
: 5/5

Perfect toy!

So far so perfect!! So entertaining our kitten keeps coming back for more - the pleasure of no lost toys!
24/09/21 | Judith Youngson
: 5/5

Hours of fun

My kitten spends hours playing with this. The balls occasionally flick out but this just leads to a new game of chase the ping pong ball. They go back easily. It could be a bit more stable but seems to work quite well upside down!
22/09/21 | Lynette Phillips - Account Number: 88401477
: 3/5

Great toy but.....

My rambunctious 5 month kitten couldn't wait to get his paws on this toy. Within 5 minutes the base had come away and refuses to stay on tightly, therefore sending one ball into oblivion already. Put the base back on and moved another ball into that section - annnndddd another ball sent into the back of beyond. Having given up the ghost with the base now worried the other bits will come apart. Poorly made shame because kitten cat loved it.
: 1/5

Broken toy

When the toy arrived,the plastic is broken,really upset!
08/09/21 | Ry
: 3/5

Works but bottom plate loose

Works an absolute treat my cat loves it. Downside is the bottom Grey plate is loose so it doesn’t ‘click’ into place. Meaning you need to sit the top 3 layers on the top and if you want to move it pick the whole thing up together. Don’t know if this is a 1 off or a flaw in design.
01/09/21 | RH
: 4/5

Helps distract from the laptop

Working from home and having this next to me while I work is proving to be very helpful in keeping kitten away from the laptop.
10/03/21 | Karen Hounslow
: 5/5

He loves it

My red oriental shorthair loves it 3 weeks in & he is still in love with it keep hearing him batting the balls about & occasionally find it upside down
17/12/20 | Rox
: 5/5

Great fun & good quality

I bought this for my kitten, who loved it. Initially she played with it all the time. It currently sits in the Hall & I occasionally still hear the balls getting a bashing. My 14 year old lady has a go now & then too!
17/10/20 | Maria
: 5/5

Kitten loves it

This seems to be my 13 wk old kitten's favourite toy and he's continue to play with it longer than he does other toys.The balls stay in most of the time but he likes being able to get one out. They're easy to put back in. It's light but quite stable although he does tend to move it around the floor a bit. It also works the same upside down.i also have a catit circuit but this is his favourite so if you're trying to choose between ball games I'd go for this one.
27/09/20 | Ben
: 4/5

Big success

Kitten loves it. But to be honest he loves it even more when he manages to get one of the balls out of it (which is a little too easy) and play high-speed football throughout the house, until he loses it somewhere... We've only got one ball left now. But they seem to be just standard ping-pong balls so easy enough to replace.
01/09/20 | Claire Barker
: 5/5

Fabulous Toy

I am fostering three kittens and they love this toy, they play for ages with it without getting bored - just tired - eventually !