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    4 products
    4 products

    Add a touch of fun to your small pet's cage, fill this ball with food or treats, entertainment and amusement for all rodents, diameter 7cm, colour cannot be chosen

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    Diameter 7cm
    RRP* £3.49Our Price£3.29

    Play tunnel for rabbits, similar to a rabbit's natural burrow, made from polyester, also suited to guinea pigs and other rodents, colour cannot be chosen, length: 130cm, diameter: 18cm

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    RRP* £8.99Our Price£4.29

    Toy made from wood and cotton for suspension from cage walls; suitable for ferrets, rats, chinchillas and birds.

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    35 x 15cm
    RRP* £10.99Our Price£8.99

    This exercise wheel made from untreated wood is quiet & smooth-running thanks to ball bearings and a cork running surface. This is also kind to vertebrae and joints, a safe option for your small pets.

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    Diameter 21cm x 5.5cm
    RRP* £15.99Our Price£11.49
    Diameter 28cm x 8cm
    RRP* £24.99Our Price£16.49