Trixie Snacky Ball

Diameter 7cm
: 4/5
Add a touch of fun to your small pet's cage, fill this ball with food or treats, entertainment and amusement for all rodents, diameter 7cm, colour cannot be chosen...further information
Product description
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Trixie Snacky Ball
Diameter 7cm14544.0

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Product description

Add a touch of fun to your small pet's cage, fill this ball with food or treats, entertainment and amusement for all rodents, diameter 7cm, colour cannot be chosen

This snack ball can be filled with small treats of various sizes. The opening can be adjusted to suit the size of the treats.

This toy will keep your small pet entertained for hours on end. However, you should bear in mind that a toy can't replace love and attention. 

Allow your pet some time to get used to how this toy works. You should remove the toy from your pet's cage after it has finished playing so it doesn't lose interest.

Note: You should supervise your pet when it plays with this toy. Check the toy regularly for damage and replace it if a piece is missing to prevent injury to your pet. Make sure that the ball itself is not being chewed on. If this is the case, the ball should be removed because swallowing pieces of plastic can lead to intestinal obstruction!

Colour may differ from photo. The colour of the toy cannot be chosen.


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Latest user reviews

30/06/23 | S. Healy
: 1/5

Seems to be only good for rats, rabbits & mice

As per the title of my review, it seems to be no good for small puppies which is what I bought it for but within 10 minutes of playing it she had virtually destroyed it, leaving sharp plastic. Fortunately zooplus were very good at refunding me
28/10/21 | Alina
: 3/5

Bunny doesn’t know how to use it

We have a Rex rabbit and we filled this with some unhealthy nuggets we have left over that we use as treats now. She was not interested. I think it’s because it’s quite hard to get them out even when the hole is at its biggest. I rolled it many times and nothing came out. I think she just lost motivation to even try
24/02/21 | Rabbitmum
: 5/5

Bunnies favourite toy

My two boys cant get enough of the treat ball. Im going to have to buy another one so they have one each because they cant take turns. Took them no time to figure it out. best toy ive tried with these two , cures boredom and the perfect skill level for even the less intelligent of the two :)
13/03/19 | Laura
: 5/5

Bunny loves it

My bunny had to have teeth removed so this is great for entertaining him, I crumble up the jr farmys grainless nibble blocks and pop them in... he absolutely loves it
30/05/17 | Dawn
: 5/5

Very good but my girls aren't interested!

The product itself is fine. it came in blue rather than the yellow one shown but that's not a problem. You can set the opening to different sizes. Unfortunately though I was more excited by it than the guinea pigs were!
: 5/5

Rats love them

My rats love these balls and often push/drag them around the cage for fun - so much so that they now have one each to save arguments! Easy to clean and cheap, too
30/12/16 | mart
: 4/5

ok but big for cats...

Have tried loads of treat balls etc..This one is a bit easier to fill as bigger and also therefore harder to break by standing on etc..However its a bit big for cats
29/10/14 | Laura
: 5/5

Bought for rabbits and guinea pigs

I bought this to try for my two guineas - I wanted to know if they could figure it out - they did. Although they first tried just eating the ball. I then tried it with two of my bunnies and the one absolutely loves it. She is hard to please never taking much of an interest in food- but I put some JR yogurt drops in this broken into smaller pieces and she loves it. I'm very pleased, so I am ordering 3 more balls for the rest of my animals so they have one per enclosure
03/04/14 | Chantelle
: 3/5

Chewable but entertaining!

My rabbit love these treat balls. They only get a small amount of pellets daily but I offer them in the treat balls and they have great fun chasing and throwing them around. The odd pellet does get stuck in the lip but it isn't a problem, as I shake them out and offer them to the buns when I collect the treat balls. My only concern is that the rabbits do chew them, especially as the carrots stick out, and they could consume the plastic.
04/08/13 | Lindsay
: 3/5

Good but the lip by the hole traps the treats

This is a good little ball and our rabbits love it, the only problem is there is a lip right by the hole all the way round on the inside and the treats get stuck in there and can't come out. This really angers one of our rabbits as she can hear the treat inside and there's nothing she can do to get it out. Not so much of a problem when there's lots of treats in the ball but when she gets to the last few she gets really frustrated. It's also frustrating for humans to get the last treats out. We out raisins in the ball so put something bigger in
14/03/13 | Abby Green
: 2/5

Brilliant except one thing.....

I love these products as they are great for stimulating bunnies. But they are NOT BUNNY PROOF! Withing 1 hour my pair of bunnies decided chewing the side off to get the treats out was easier than rolling it. So i have got half a snack ball left. So really a waste of money, at least they had fun for 1 hour
07/09/12 | Pet Lover
: 5/5

Great for Guinea Pigs

I have bought 3 of these, one for each of my guinea pigs. I fill them will different nugget foods and healthy treats. My piggies soon worked out what they were for and enjoy rolling them about and chomping their treats. Great price on this website too.
21/08/12 | Selina H
: 5/5

My Bunny's Favourite Toy

I now feed my rabbit all his pellets from this ball to keep him occupied when I'm at work for longer. Making him forage for his food has helped stop him from digging my carpet too :)
06/08/12 | BinkBenji
: 5/5

Mental Stimulation

My rabbit lives on his own so I was looking for a way to make dinner time more interesting and spread it out a little to make it into an activity. This has been the best thing I've bought. I also bought the living world teach n treat but he sometimes gets frustrated with that if he's hungry and just turns it upside down. He can't damage the Snacky Ball!
01/05/12 | Emily
: 5/5

Great Idea

Needed a way to get my rabbit more active again and amused this did the trick wonderfully, filled it with her rabbit food which she normally bolts and she was off pushing it around the room until every last bit was gobbled up, could not be more pleased with this buy!
19/04/12 | Morgan
: 4/5

Is this product a good boredom breaker for tortoises

I saw this product and it looks really good because my Herrmans Tortoise lives on her own and I tried her with a ball before and was interested but she may like it does anyone think this is a good idea.
16/04/11 | Jaqi
: 5/5

great toy

My rats chase this ball round and round, they love it, I put different treats in it and they play with it when out of the cage, every day!it's their favorite toy.Fantastic for inquisitive pets.
30/11/10 | Abi
: 1/5

Our rats weren't interested

I tried to get some treats out of the ball and couldn't, so it's probably just as well that our rats didn't look twice at it. They just weren't interested by it.
19/06/10 | mari
: 5/5


my guinea pig loved this toy
02/04/07 | BunPig
: 5/5

Fun for Rabbits

my bunnies love these balls and i would highly recommend them as boredom-breakers if however you are thinking of getting one for a guineapig - don't! none of my piggies took any notice of it.