Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge

35 x 15cm
: 4/5
Toy made from wood and cotton for suspension from cage walls; suitable for ferrets, rats, chinchillas and birds....further information
Product description
Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge
Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge
Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge
Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge
Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge
Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge
35 x 15cm125488.0
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Trixie Grand Suspension Bridge

- 35 x 15cm

RRP* £10.99
Our Price £10.19

Product description

Toy made from wood and cotton for suspension from cage walls; suitable for ferrets, rats, chinchillas and birds.

This fantastic suspension bridge for larger small pets and birds is just great for climbing and playing on.

The wooden bridge has six steps from which a three-step rope ladder, a cotton rope and a cotton ring with a wooden cube may be hung.

The bridge has a sturdy hanging mechanism and may be secured to any cage.

It is delivered fully assembled.

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

15/12/23 | Daniil Zhelyazkov
: 3/5

Bigger than expected

Came broken, but fine for me because I altered it and Im not using it as it is.
14/04/22 | Nicole
: 1/5

Please don’t buy!!

Please do not buy these my pet rat got his leg caught in one of the clips you use to hang it up onto the cage and unfortunately had to be put down as it broke his leg they are not safe for there tiny feet💔I’m heart broken 😞
: 4/5

Trixie suspension bridge

Much bigger than I thought it would be ! Feels sturdy however the clips on top are not long enough and so the rats can’t use the top of the ladder .
27/12/19 | Cal
: 5/5


my two ratties absolutely love climbing on this and was cheap for a rat toy so win win
25/02/19 | Deborah baulk
: 4/5

mummy to 7 ferrets and one hardcore hamster

far too small for the ferrets (maybe I have large ferrets 700g to 1600g). I gave it to my hamster instead she is always climbing around on this, she chews the square on the round rope or climbs the middle rope to get up to the ladder, its hard to find toys that are suitable for a large active Syrian hamster but this does the Trixie ;-)
16/07/18 | Carole
: 5/5

Busy rats

I bought this for my rats it's quite large but fits well in their cage it provides plenty of opportunities for exercise all three of the girls enjoy walking across the ladder and chewing and swinging off the rope swing and ladder
: 5/5

Very pleased

Amazing value for money, I’m sure my birds will have hours of fun with this
: 5/5

Great for budgies

My budgie loves hopping along this. It is big but he likes it. Great price too.
09/08/17 | Clare
: 5/5

Long lasting multi tasking toy!

Our Degu loved this one! He chewed, nibbled and then ended up being used to suspend other toys. (I ended up having to remove cotton toys)
18/06/16 | Thecrazydegulady
: 4/5

The rats love it

My three boys love it, especially the rope toys on it. Only thing that could improve would be that it had a chain or something so it can go from one side of the cage to the other
17/02/16 | J Holmes
: 5/5

Great Quality

A great quality product that is well made and suitable for my rats. They like this toy very much. Would recommend.
26/05/15 | carly
: 2/5

Not good for Degus

I bought this for my 2 degus but its to big,they didnt like it
03/05/15 | Sarah
: 5/5

Lovely bridge

My rats love climbing about and this is just perfect for them. Depending on the cage you have you can hang all sorts of ways. Amazing price.
: 4/5

Good quality product

It's solidly built and suitable for degus. Ours love to sit and sleep on the long ladder now we've put it next to the hayrack. At first they weren't sure as the clips to attach it to the cage are quite short so you need to be able to clip it on the sides rather than the roof if you want headroom. The hanging toys haven't been used for climbing but they must be delicious as the hanging ladder was the first to go. You might find them used more with pets that like to climb but ours are more jumpers.
: 5/5

perfect for two little rats

my two boys loved using this, swinging from it and using it to get to the higher levels, takes a brave baby rat to use it but once they are confident enough, very good time consuming object
10/11/09 | Randomly Ferrets
: 4/5

Good, but...

This is great, except that the top of the cage is so close to the bridge that the ferret could not fit there! He loved the dangling amusements, however. Great product!