Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip

1 Toy
: 3/5
Sweet, grey plush Trixie toy mouse with extra long tail and catnip...further information
Product description
Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip
Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip
Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip
Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip
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Trixie Cat Toy Plush Mouse with Catnip

- 1 Toy

£1.99 / unit

Product description

Sweet, grey plush Trixie toy mouse with extra long tail and catnip

This plush Trixie cat toy with catnip will really motivate your cat and turn even a lazy cat into a great hunter. The scent of the catnip will also stimulate your cat and ensure even more prolonged playing fun, while the extra long tail creates particular playing enjoyment.

Total size approx. 12 cm

As with any other product your pet should be supervised with this toy. Please check the product regularly for any damage, and replace the toy whenever it becomes defective or when a piece of the toy goes missing to avoid any harm coming to your pet.


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Latest user reviews

15/11/23 | Doe
: 5/5


Well played with by cats and dog still going strong
24/04/23 | Julie
: 3/5

Great while it lasted

My cat had a similar one from France which went missing so bought this one, he loved it, carried it everywhere for a week then one ear, one eye and it's tail came off .. not durable enough as a cat toy, luckily the original one reappeared intact at over 18 months old so it's back to carrying him everywhere instead. Disappointed with how long it lasted.
22/11/22 | Abzkik
: 5/5


Surprised at how much my cat loved this 💓💓
27/07/22 | Kasia
: 1/5

No catnip

No catnip here, just an expensive mouse.
: 5/5

Favourite toy

My kittens love this toy so much I have bought several. They love to carry them around in their mouths.They don't last long but then no fabric/fur mice last as they "hunt" them and tear them apart!
: 3/5

Fun while it lasted

Kitten loved it, so much she growled at her sister if she came near while playing with it. She chewed its nose & feet off in week so not at all durable.
: 1/5

Poor quality fell apart within two days

My two kittens loved playing with these mice; unfortunately all three lasted on average two days each. Seams came apart very easily, and filling came out so had to throw them away. Would not recommend as poor quality.
12/07/21 | Max
: 5/5

Our foster cats love this mouse

We gave this mouse to one of our foster cats and her kittens. They all loved the little guy. The kittens liked to carry it around with them.
21/04/21 | Rosie
: 4/5

Poorly made but my cat loves it

It’s not very well made, we currently call him stumpy as he’s missing his nose, ears, feet, whiskers and tail and this was all within a day or 2! We have to buy a new one every time we order off here because my cat just adores it, but it falls apart within a few days it’s such a shame
: 2/5

Fell apart almost immediately

My cat loved this but within minutes the ears had been ripped off, followed by the eyes and nose. Rubbish quality.
08/02/21 | Stephen Arnold
: 2/5

Catnip toy

I bought a mouse katnip toy. The face is split open where the stitching has come apart. First order, not good!
06/02/21 | Sofia
: 5/5

Love it!!! Have bought a bunch of them

It’s the cutest mouse ever!! My kitten loves it’s different textures and to rest how long the ears stay on for... she does love to have a snooze with them and toss them around the house
06/02/21 | Julia
: 1/5

Arrived already broken

Well no experience other then it arrived already broken with an ear ripped off .
07/12/20 | Leanne
: 1/5

What's the catnip?

This is just a small plush mouse. My 2 just looked at it, sniffed it, touched it then walked away. Wheres the catnip stored?
19/11/20 | ilaria
: 5/5

My cats don’t grow tired of this toy

My 3 cats keep playing with this toy I bought one each quite happy with them :)
23/10/20 | Marina
: 1/5


No Catnip!
10/10/20 | Jo
: 5/5

So far so good

My boy and girl been very exciting the toy. They play quite long time. I keep that in bag And give them only sometimes. But it’s worth it the price
01/10/20 | Susan
: 1/5


Please, please don’t buy this for your pet. I gave this to my two lively kittens 4 days ago. After two days the eyes and nose came off. One kitten was about to pick up the nose but thankfully I spotted her or it could easily have got stuck in her throat. I let them keep the mouse as it seemed nothing else could be damaged, but this morning they’ve pulled off the tail and the stuffing is coming out. Horrified that such a dangerous low quality toy is for sale.
11/09/20 | Justina
: 1/5

Doesn’t work at all

Mouse without catnip. My cat was not interested to this mouse at all :(
: 4/5

Can't keep our kitten off them!

They do fall to pieces really quickly but we never see our kitten without it. She takes one wherever she goes, plays fetch and sleeps alongside them! Luckily they're relatively cheap so we can just continuously re-stock.