Dry Dog Food

Discover our premium selection of dry dog food at great prices, tailored to nourish every dog based on age, size, breed or special health needs. Our extensive range includes dry kibbles and more, recognising that each dog has unique dietary requirements. Alternatively, consider our wet dog food, canned dog food and convenient pouches.

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697 - 685 of 685 products
697 - 685 of 685 products

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A range of dog kibble for balanced nutrition

One of the keys to a long and healthy canine life is choosing a balanced, varied nutrition for your dog. There are a range of dry dog food options tailored to meet your dog's age, breed and lifestyle needs. With the huge selection of dry food, mixed food and supplementary food for dogs available, it can be difficult to make the right decision, so here at zooplus we try to help with choosing the best nutrition offering everything essential to your dog's health and wellbeing.

Is dry dog food the right choice for my canine?

Dry food or wet food - we can help you make the right selection!

The range of dog food available nowadays is greater than ever before, meaning that there is a perfect dog food for everyone somewhere on the market. How do you go about finding the best dry dog food for your pet? It is not only the main features of the dog food that are important, but also the ingredients themselves. Dry dog food and wet dog food with high-quality ingredients will offer your dog plenty of vital nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Naturally, both types of food offer advantages and disadvantages, so you should consider both your own needs and your dog's when making a decision. As a rule, dogs can get all the nutrients they need through either type of food, so you can rest easy as long as you have found a food that your dog enjoys and digests!

What are the benefits of dry food for dog and owner?

Dry dog food is available either in uniform pieces or as a mix of different components, with pellets, biscuits and kibble forming the uniform dry food and flake mixes being the primary mixture options. Dry dog food contains a broad variety of nutrient-rich ingredients, as well as having a maximum residual water content of 14%. This low moisture content ensures that dry dog food can be stored for a long period of time without going off. Dry dog food is generally more energy-dense than the same amount of wet food, meaning it can be fed in smaller quantities. Dry dog food can also help to remove dental plaque, offering mechanical teeth cleaning thanks to its hard consistency. Another advantage of dry food is that it is much easier and cleaner to serve. However, if you choose to feed your dog a dry food diet, you need to be sure that your dog is always taking on enough fluids through other means.

The key advantages of dry dog food:

  • Can be stored for a particularly long time
  • Has a higher energy density than the same amount of wet food
  • Supports mechanical tooth cleaning and removes plaque
  • Easy and clean to serve

Dry dog food varieties for special nutritional needs - what is right for my dog?

Grain-free dog food - for natural nutrition

Grain-free dry dog food is a great alternative for dogs with grain allergies or intolerances. Kibble without grain is also ideal for owners wanting to feed their dogs a food close to the natural diet of a wolf in the wild, as these grain-free dog food dishes tend to be high in meat as well as lacking in grains, for species-appropriate nutrition.

Single protein dry food - for dogs with protein intolerance

Some dogs suffer with allergies or intolerance to commonly-used protein sources, meaning they require a specialist single source protein dog food. Here at zooplus we offer a wide range of single protein dry dog food options, as well as offering single protein wet dog food and snacks.

Diabetic dogs - food rich in protein

Dogs with diabetes should avoid carbohydrates, as they are a form of sugar. The protein content of diabetic dry dog food is particularly high, in a similar way to grain free dog food. This diabetic dog food is suitable for supporting essential insulin injections and you should always seek your vet's advice before use. We also offer a selection of diet dog food that can be beneficial with supporting diabetes control.

Renal dog food diets - for dogs with kidney problems

Some dogs suffer with impaired kidney function or renal insufficiency, requiring a need for dog food with a low protein content and low phosphorus content, to help prevent the kidneys from being overloaded. High-quality renal dog food is available in a range of varieties in our online shop.

Gentle food for the digestive system

If your dog suffers with digestive issues, a specialist sensitive dry dog food can be a great choice for offering relief. It contains gentle ingredients and carefully selected additives to help regulate the gut and digestive function.

Do you offer nutritional supplements?

For stomach and gastrointestinal issues

Help to keep your dog's digestive system functioning properly with this range of special stomach and digestion supplements. It is not only ideal for your dog's metabolism, but also cares for a balanced intestinal flora.

For canine joint and bone health

zooplus offers a special range of joint and bone supplements, which contain special ingredients known to support mobility and natural joint function. We also offer a range of working dog food that can be beneficial for those dogs whose joints undergo the most daily activity and pressure.

Supplements for healthy skin and coat

Coat care is an essential part of keeping your dog looking and feeling great. Your dog's skin and coat condition is reliant on nutrition from the inside, so zooplus offers a broad selection of food supplements that help to keep coat and skin healthy. There is also a range of dog food for healthy skin and coat that can be fed in addition to your dog's normal diet.

Food to combat stress

You can also find dog supplements to help with stressful situations, improving your dog's wellbeing. There are also calming dog foods in our shop, as well as various supplements and accessories to calm your dog.

Browse our selection of the most popular dry dog food brands

At zooplus we offer over 50 different brands of nutritious dog food, meaning that there will be something for everyone!

  • bosch: bosch dry dog food offers premium quality dog kibble made without wheat and using human food-grade quality ingredients, produced by a family business in Baden-Württemberg.
  • Royal Canin Size: this Royal Canin dry dog food is tailored to meet the individual needs of your dog depending on its size, age, breed or lifestyle, helping to ensure a long and healthy life.
  • Lily's Kitchen: proper food for pets! This range of delicious dog food uses the finest quality raw ingredients and is available in a selection of irresistible flavours.
  • IAMS: complete, wholesome dry dog food with wheat-free recipes and high levels of delicious protein, in a range of options suitable for every breed and age, as well as supporting your dog at every life stage.
  • Hill's Science Plan: Hill's Science Plan dry dog food has a high energy density and is easy to digest, tailored to each phase of your dog's life.
  • Eukanuba: this special range of Eukanuba kibble is created with the help of veterinarians to ensure it is precisely tailored to the needs of each breed and age.

Here at zooplus we offer a large and versatile range of dry dog food, ensuring that every canine is perfectly catered for. With zooplus you can be sure that you are not only providing your dog with everything it needs for a healthy life, but also that you are getting it for a great price!

Looking for something extra to add to your dog's lifestyle?

Why not round off your dog's diet with a delicious wet dog food - and browse our complete zooplus Dog Shop while you are here! We also have a great selection of special offers and new products coming in regularly.