Dog Nutrition

Picture this - your dog looks up at you with those begging eyes, rests his head on your knee and lets out a little whine. It’s just so hard to resist giving into your pup’s demands and treating him to his favourite food! Read more

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4 Refreshing DIY Dog Smoothies

Smoothies for dogs? Sounds like an unnecessary online trend – but they are a welcome, easy and delicious refreshment for your four-legged friend for the upcoming summer.

5 min

Baking Dog Cakes: Three Tasty Recipes

Is it your dog's birthday? Maybe it will get a new toy as a present. To celebrate the day, you can also bake your dog a tasty dog cake or pie. It's not difficult at all. Here you will find three recipes that your dog is guaranteed to like. 

9 min

BARF or Conventional Dog Food?

Dry, wet or fresh and raw? The range of opinions on the right way to feed our four-legged friends are as diverse as the choice of foods commercially available. But is BARF really healthier? Does wet food taste better and is dry food cheaper? We'll show you the most important advantages and disadvantages of the different feeding methods.

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Breed-Appropriate Nutrition for Labrador Retrievers

Giving a Labrador Retriever the right nutrition wouldn't be an issue at all if the Labrador were left to decide – the most important thing is there being a large quantity of food. This is one of the breeds that isn't exactly choosy regarding its diet. What's more, it's very difficult for us humans to resist its loyal and hungry-looking puppy dog eyes. These circumstances make it even harder not to overfeed a Labrador.

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Breed-Specific Food for Dogs

The selection of dog food is huge and some owners are at a loss as to which product they should choose. Uncertainty persists particularly concerning the subject of food for different breeds: do dogs really need breed-specific food? Read now why food adapted to the special needs of individual dog breeds can be extremely advantageous.

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Can Dogs Eat Pumpkin?

Autumn is pumpkin season. But are dogs allowed to eat pumpkin? Of course! We will tell you what you must pay attention to and how you can enjoy the pumpkin season with your dog safely and above all, with plenty of vitamins.

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Can I give cat food to my dog?

When both cats and dogs form part of your household, you may ask yourself if it would be harmful for them to eat from the other animal's bowl. There is a clear answer to this: dogs and cats need their own specific food. However, it's no cause for great concern if your canine companion occasionally has a nibble at the contents of your cat's bowl or vice versa.

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Changing Food for Dogs

Many people are familiar with the problem: switching from fast food to a high-fibre diet can provoke stomach issues and diarrhoea. It's a similar story with our four-legged companions. Find out in the following article how you can best plan and implement a change in your dog's diet.

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Cold-pressed dog food: pros and cons

Most people know the term “cold-pressed” from olive oil, but have you ever wondered what is behind the term “cold-pressed dog food”? We will explain the difference to conventional dog food and give tips on searching for the right dry dog food.

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Diet of a Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is an even-tempered and adaptable dog breed. It was bred to be a hunting companion deployed together with other dogs, which can explain its extraordinary tolerance of fellow dogs, animals and humans too. The Golden Retriever is characterised by its will to please with a high level of attention and easiness to train. This tendency makes the breed a perfect family dog, very affectionate, gentle and happiest participating in all family activities. It easily fits in with its intended role. Along with its even temper, the Golden Retriever is a cheerful and lively dog with a high urge for activity, remaining playful into old age.

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Dogs with Diabetes – The Right Food

All dog owners are initially shocked when “diabetes mellitus” is diagnosed. However, the good news is that your dog can nevertheless lead a long, healthy and happy life with an adapted diet and the right care and rearing.

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Making Your Own Dog Advent Calendar

Advent calendars are one of the nicest things about the run-up to Christmas: opening a little door every day and enjoying a new surprise. It isn't at all difficult to make your own dog advent calendar. This makes the wait until the festive period sweeter for your four-legged family member too.

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Making Your Own Dog Ice Cream: 7 Easy Recipes

There's nothing better than refreshing ice cream on hot summer days. The longing looks of dogs at frozen delicacies prove it. But did you know, you can easily make your own tasty dog ice cream and treat your dog to a cold, healthy surprise this summer.

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The Right Dog Food for Joint Disorders

Dogs love exercise, be it going for walks with their owner or even dog sport. But what's the score when exercise suddenly causes pain? Joint disorders are nowadays one of the most regular ailments suffered by dogs. Read here how to prevent joint disorders and what you can do with your dog's diet to counteract them.

8 min

The Right Food for Overweight Dogs

Who can resist those begging eyes? A few treats or food leftovers from the table won’t be so bad, will they? Although many dog owners know that excess weight harms their dog, they often act too late. Perhaps a few rolls of fat don’t alarm them or they simply don’t recognise the onset of obesity. However, you can easily recognise and successfully tackle weight gain in dogs with a few tricks and rules.

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The Right Food for Senior Dogs

Your dog is getting old when it gets its first grey hairs and its movements becomes slower. This is part of a dog's life, just as is the case with humans. However, you can do something to make ageing easier for your dog. A diet tailored to the needs of senior dogs ensures health and vitality in old age.

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Vegan Diet for Dogs

Have you been following a vegan diet for some time and would like to now do the same for your dog too? Although vegan food for dogs is no longer a rarity, you shouldn't take this controversial topic lightly.

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Whole Prey Diet for Dogs

BARF is amongst the trends that most dog owners are now familiar with. But have you actually heard of whole prey? We will explain what this independent feeding method consists of and what advantages and disadvantages are associated with it.

Most people believe that dogs evolved from the wolf. In the wild their diet would have consisted almost completely of meat, with just a little fruit, herbs and botanicals. Evolution has not changed this, and the domesticated dog is still mostly carnivorous.

Now, feeding your dog a completely raw diet of freshly hunted prey isn’t exactly possible now and would likely make you a bit squeamish too, but we can somewhat replicate it with wet and dry food. Your dog’s diet should provide it with essential proteins, carbohydrates and fats as well as vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

High-quality dog food contains all these nutritional ingredients and protects your dog from becoming nutritional deficiencies and their associated health problems.

Catering to your dog’s specific nutritional needs is also important, so if they have food sensitivities or require a specialised diet for an ailment, then feeding them a diet designed for these health problems will help them lead happier lives!

We have a great range of wet and dry dog foods, including some extremely healthy and nutritious brands, and a wide selection of foods for dogs with special dietary requirements – finding the right food for your dog has never been easier!