Small Pet Breeds

Small Pet Breeds

Siberian Chipmunk

The Siberian chipmunk is becoming increasingly popular as a pet. Due to its lively ways, its button eyes and its cute appearance, more and more people are falling under its charms. That said, these pint-sized pets are more demanding than they first appear to be.


Length:  30-49cm Weight:  1 - 1.5kg Lifespan:  15-20 years Indoor or Outdoor:  Indoor Domestic varieties include:  chinchilla lanigera, chinchilla brevicaudata.

Yellow Necked Mouse

It is no surprise that the yellow necked mouse, which is very active at night and not normally found in areas where humans live, is not at all well-known. Until this century, this rodent was not differentiated from its sibling species, the wood mouse, which is known to most people.