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Keeping Your Guinea Pig Outside

Speedy the guinea pig sits in his favourite place and observes the world from up high. After a few strenuous hours he is pretty exhausted. First a round of jogging, then a good climb up and down and finally a delicious salad. That is how a guinea pig gets really tired.
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Grain-Free Food for Rodents

It is a widespread misconception that rodents eat grain. Grain in the form of concentrated feed is only suitable as an occasional snack! The natural diet of guinea pigs is made up of grass and herbs so pets that are kept in cages should be given lots of fresh food.
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Green Food for Rodents

The most natural food for rodents like rabbits, guinea pigs and co is fresh and juicy. Many types of fruits and vegetables are much-loved by most rodents and, in addition, they contain healthy vitamins and minerals!
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Small Pet Agility

Agility is not just for dogs! Cat owners are also starting to discover the fun their pets can have with obstacle courses that demand skill and a strong level of trust from all those taking part. And now even small pets are getting in on the act – rabbits, guinea pigs, degus, chipmunks, chinchillas, rats and other small pets love the variety and extra excitement that agility can bring to their lives.
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Meteorism (tympanites, flatulency) in rabbits

Is your rabbit stretching all its legs and tapping with its paws? Then you should go to the vet, because these could be signs of meteorism. We will explain how the vet can help your rabbit and how you can protect rabbits from meteorism.
6 min

The Digestive System of Guinea Pigs

The guinea pig digestion is very complex. Disorders of digestion are usually caused by errors in feeding for these rodents. Find out about all the different stages of the Guinea Pig anatomy that play a role in the digestion process.
7 min

Lionhead Rabbit

Dwarf rabbits are most suited to being kept as pets. A particularly popular dwarf breed is the lionhead rabbit, which we will introduce you to here.
7 min

Holland Lop

Simply adorable, little Holland Lops with long lop ears conquer the hearts of all animal lovers in a flash! With the right care and plenty of affection, these cute rodents are ideal pets for the whole family. Read more on owning Holland Lops.
5 min

Siberian Chipmunk

The Siberian chipmunk is becoming increasingly popular as a pet. Due to its lively ways, its button eyes and its cute appearance, more and more people are falling under its charms. That said, these pint-sized pets are more demanding than they first appear to be.
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The Digestive System of Hamsters

This guide applies to golden Syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters. Despite being different species, these pet rodents are similar in their internal makeup and their nutritional needs. All hamsters need animal protein as well as plant rich food as they are omnivores. In contrast to chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits, hamsters can tolerate grains well. Grains are concentrates of plant nutrients, mostly in the form of seeds and seedlings, and these are ideal for hamsters.
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