Bird Health and Care

4 min

Bird mites: what you can do

There is a wide range of bird mite species. Most of them go undetected, but some mites can trigger severe symptoms. We will explain how to recognise and treat mites on birds.

3 min

Budgies – do you want to breed them?

Budgies are some of the most popular pets around, so it may seem only natural that having chicks would make them even more well-loved. However, there are a few key points to consider before you look into breeding your budgies.

4 min

How To Get Budgies Through The Summer

Budgies come from Australia and are used to dry heat there. If budgies get too hot in summer, they retreat to cooler places. Since they are predominantly kept in cages when in human hands, budgies cannot protect themselves from heat stress. Thus, these attractive birds rely on your help.

4 min

Parrot Diseases

There are numerous diseases that can afflict parrots, budgies and the like and you as a bird owner should know about them, because it's only possible to protect parrots from potential diseases with the relevant background knowledge. In this article, you will discover the most important parrot diseases.