Dog Agility and Games

Canine sport – getting dogs and their owners moving! Exercise is vital for your dog and an indispensable tool in making life as a dog owner simple. There is a great range of sporting options for those who want to get in a little extra movement on top of their daily walks. But what exactly is canine sport? And which are the right sports for you and your dog? Here you can find out more about why you would be mad to miss out on canine sport! Read more

Fun and Games with your Dog

Are you and your dog bored of always going on the same walks? Do you both want to experience something a little more exciting? Then agility might be just the thing for you! Agility is a modern dog sport that can help to improve communication between you and your dog and is particularly ideal for outdoor fun in the summer.
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Cat Cat Breeds

Bengal Cat

The Bengal is a truly unique cat breed. A 'house tiger' in the truest sense, Bengal breeders go for a bit of wild cat blood, with wildcat hybrids like Bengals or Savannahs proving the latest craze in the world of breeding! Just what is a hybrid cat, and what needs to be taken into account when giving a home to a wild cat cross? Our breed description provides answers.

Big cat hybrids could be found in the zoos of Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. This ultimately didn't prove practical for zoos, but transferred well to the world of small cats, with ever greater enthusiasm shown for so-called wild cat hybrids being developed from the pairing of wild cat breeds with domesticated indoor cats. The most well-known example is the Bengal, which resulted from crossing a tame black domestic cat with a wild Asian leopard cat. The result was a cat breed that proves a real hit thanks to its elongated body and extraordinary fur colouring. However, its proximity to its wild relatives sometimes requires an experienced hand.

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Contraception for Dogs

Dog owners should give thought to contraception for their beloved pets at the very latest when females enter heat for the first time and males suddenly prey on females in the neighbourhood. But what methods actually prevent females from getting pregnant and what forms of contraception are there for males?

Cat Cat Breeds

British Longhair

Are you looking for an adaptable cat for domestic life, if possible with a long coat? Also commonly referred to as the Highlander, the British Longhair is the semi-longhaired alternative to the British Shorthair, sharing its friendly, even-tempered manner but with a lesser urge for activity.

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Dog Dog Agility and Games

Dog Dancing

Sit, stay and paw – most dogs can master these commands with minimal problems! But dancing?! Alongside agility and obedience, dog dancing is another popular pastime in the canine community.
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The Right Food for Overweight Dogs

Who could resist those begging eyes? A few treats or leftover food from the table won't be too bad, right? Although many dog owners know that obesity harms their pets, they often only take action much too late. Perhaps because a few rolls of fat don't bother them or because they simply can't recognise the onset of obesity. However, obesity is a health problem affecting dogs that should be taken seriously. It can be countered with a sensible diet plan and a suitable exercise schedule. But what measures help to counteract excess fat and how does a change in food contribute to weight loss?

Sport for dogs – what exactly is it?

Dog sport refers to almost any activity that you and your dog can get involved in together, which gets you moving. Fun, movement and exercise are the main objectives!

Which is the right canine sport for you?

There is a wide range of sport options you can choose from. Your choice should be based around aiming to keep your dog busy in both physical and mental terms, which will vary based on your dog’s breed and individual character. As well as getting your dog involved in physical exercise, you also need to think about activities that can increase ability to learn and concentrate.

If your dog does everything right, another really important thing to remember is to offer plenty of praise and rewards!

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