Dog Adoption & Ownership

Whether you want to buy or adopt a dog, being prepared for your new four-legged friend is an important step in making them feel right at home. Read more

Festive Dangers for your Dog: Tips for a Safe and Happy Christmas

A broken glass Christmas tree bauble, a new Advent wreath, an over-turned Christmas tree and a hard-to-digest festive menu: this time of year presents many dangers, not only for us humans but particularly for our four-legged friends. Here we can show you where the risks lurk for your dogs, how to prevent them, and how to act quickly and appropriately in an emergency. The house smells of pine needles and cinnamon, Christmas treats are baking in the oven, the windows are dressed with burning candles and the living room features a new brightly-decorated tree – Christmas is a very special time of the year! However, it can be full of hazards for our dogs. Everyone is racing hectically through the house, wrapping last-minute presents and preparing the roast dinner, with children happy about the latest gift or chocolate in their advent calendars and the dog being paid little attention! All of this disturbance to usual routine can prove stressful for your dog, with dangers scattered all around the home.

Top 8 Dog Accessories for Summer

Although the title might make you think otherwise, we aren't showing you the absolute must-haves of canine couture here, because your beloved dog must certainly already attract plenty of admiring glances from humans and dogs of the opposite sex. Instead, we are introducing you to products that make your dog's life and above all its summer even more wonderful than it would already be.

Choosing the Right Dog Bowl

The right food bowl is a fundamental part of the basic equipment for every dog. Ideally, every dog should have two bowls adapted to its size, breed and its eating habits too. Here it's important how often your dog is fed, whether it receives wet or dry food and whether it drinks too little or too much depending on the type of food. Please bear in mind too that it's better for your pet to drink from a large bowl rather than a smaller one.

Cats and Dogs Cohabiting

Fight like cats and dogs? On an idiomatic level, dogs and cats can't stand each other. The two squabblers can live together peacefully and very happily though – as long as a few rules are observed. Find out here what these rules are and what tricks are needed for cat and dog cohabitation to work.

Adopting a Puppy from Abroad

Sometimes your perfect pet happiness can only be found many miles away and you or your future dog will need to cross borders to start a future together. This is often the case for anyone on the lookout for a specific or rare breed, or those looking to home a dog without the help of animal shelters. Here are some tips if you are considering adopting a puppy from abroad.

Adopting a Puppy From a Shelter

So you have decided you would love to welcome a new puppy into your home – but does it have to be a pedigree pup? If not, then animal shelters can offer plenty of great alternatives.

Dog Collar vs Dog Harness – Which is Better for my Dog

Collar or harness – which is more species-appropriate? An eternal question that continues to divide the dog-owning world. It comes down to more than just opinion, as your dog will be more suited to either a harness or a collar depending on a number of different factors.

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Bengal Cat

The Bengal is a truly unique cat breed. A 'house tiger' in the truest sense, Bengal breeders go for a bit of wild cat blood, with wildcat hybrids like Bengals or Savannahs proving the latest craze in the world of breeding! Just what is a hybrid cat, and what needs to be taken into account when giving a home to a wild cat cross? Our breed description provides answers.

Big cat hybrids could be found in the zoos of Europe at the beginning of the 19th century. This ultimately didn't prove practical for zoos, but transferred well to the world of small cats, with ever greater enthusiasm shown for so-called wild cat hybrids being developed from the pairing of wild cat breeds with domesticated indoor cats. The most well-known example is the Bengal, which resulted from crossing a tame black domestic cat with a wild Asian leopard cat. The result was a cat breed that proves a real hit thanks to its elongated body and extraordinary fur colouring. However, its proximity to its wild relatives sometimes requires an experienced hand.

Dog Dog Health and Care

Contraception for Dogs

Dog owners should give thought to contraception for their beloved pets at the very latest when females enter heat for the first time and males suddenly prey on females in the neighbourhood. But what methods actually prevent females from getting pregnant and what forms of contraception are there for males?

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Dog Dancing

Sit, stay and paw – most dogs can master these commands with minimal problems! But dancing?! Alongside agility and obedience, dog dancing is another popular pastime in the canine community.
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The Right Food for Overweight Dogs

Who could resist those begging eyes? A few treats or leftover food from the table won't be too bad, right? Although many dog owners know that obesity harms their pets, they often only take action much too late. Perhaps because a few rolls of fat don't bother them or because they simply can't recognise the onset of obesity. However, obesity is a health problem affecting dogs that should be taken seriously. It can be countered with a sensible diet plan and a suitable exercise schedule. But what measures help to counteract excess fat and how does a change in food contribute to weight loss?

Adopting a Dog

Adopting a dog from a shelter or a rescue home is a big responsibility. First you, your family and your home must be approved for the adoption before you take your new dog home. If you own a garden, you must make sure it is safe for your new dog. Some dogs are capable of escaping over high fences, so you need to be sure your home is safe and secure!

Dogs that are adopted have usually already been examined by a vet, vaccinated, neutered and dewormed. It is important to find the right dog that suits your and your family. If you have other pets or small children, make sure your new dog is comfortable around them – and vice versa!

Shyness is completely normal

When a dog joins your family, you need to remember that your home and surroundings are new and strange to it. If your new dog is shy and reserved, don’t worry, this is completely normal, and it just needs time to get used to everything.

If you have other pets, give them time to get used to one another. However, sometimes pets just don’t get along. If this is the case, then unfortunately it’s not meant to be, and you may have to return your dog to the shelter. Sadly, this can be a very painful experience, but it is for the best.

Owning a Dog is Time Consuming

A new dog in the family means you need to spend time on walking it, playing and caring for it. Dogs need proper care, especially during the first few months. It is important not to leave your dog alone for hours, while it gets used to everything. Puppies need additional care and extra time for all sorts of training. Just as you wouldn’t leave a child alone, neither should you leave a puppy!

Keeping a Dog Costs Money

Future dog owners should be aware that owning a dog costs money. It’s not just food and treats that cost money, but also insurance, care and vet bills.A dog needs all the basic equipment so that it is comfortable at home. A cosy bed for your dog, a leash and collar for walkies, food and water bowls and toys to keep them entertained! All of these things can cost a pretty penny. You should consider your finances before you buy a dog. Can you afford the long-term care a dog needs?