Top 10 Dog Accessories for Summer

summer accessories and toys for dogs

What must-have accessories does my dog need this summer?

Although “summer accessories” may suggest sunglasses and beach bags, here at the zooplus Magazine we know that dog owners are more interested in the handy items than can help to keep your dog comfortable and cool this summer. This helpful article will tell you all about the essential products we have to offer that can ensure every canine can safely and happily enjoy the sunny heatwaves we are all hoping for! Whether you are looking for fun toys to keep your dog occupied on the beach, or innovative cooling solutions for the daft dog that loves to sunbathe, here at zooplus we’ve got you covered!

1. Doggy Paddling Pool

Taking that cooling feeling to the next level! The Doggy Paddling Pool is a great way for your dog to cool off this summer, as well as providing hours of fun in the garden. It is made of tough plastic with a ribbed base to prevent slipping and stable side walls, meaning that even boisterous water play will not result in the sides collapsing and water spilling everywhere – although we can’t guarantee your dog won’t enthusiastically splash a fair amount around! It is easy to clean and can be folded down to take away with you – simply bring the dog paddling pool with you and your dog no longer needs to spend its summer shut inside with the air-con blaring! Dog water games and outdoor toys can add to the fun, as your dog will love playing with a floating dog toy and splashing around. It comes in a range of sizes, so that every size of dog can benefit. After your dog has finished with its exciting water games and cooling off, this handy dog paddling pool can be easily drained using the valve and packed away.

2. Trixie Drops Cooling Mat

The Trixie Drops Cooling Mat can be a lifesaver for any dog during the hot summer weather. It offers a comfortable place for your dog to relax, with a cooling effect that is activated by body contact. The mat does not require pre-cooling or electricity, helping your dog to regulate its body temperature. Simply place it in the shade and let your dog enjoy the cooling sensation! The two different sections ensure that the gel does not get pushed out of the way, making sure it is effective even for a restless pooch. This cooling mat also makes for an ideal waterproof dog bed, as it can be placed inside your dog’s usual sleeping area and wiped clean if it gets wet or dirty. It also folds down, making it perfect for use on the go or for taking on holiday with you – now even your dog can enjoy its summer holidays!

3. KONG Aqua Dog Toy

Fill your dog’s paddling pool with plenty of fun dog water games and outdoor toys! This KONG Aqua dog toy fits the bill perfectly, made from robust natural rubber that bounces around wherever it is thrown. It features a foam centre that allows it to float on the surface of water, making it easier for your dog to see and fetch – the ideal addition to dog paddling pool fun in the garden or a day at the seaside! Throwing this floating dog toy using the attached cord will help to send it flying even further, providing your dog with a true chasing adventure. As with every KONG dog toy, it is great for chewing and will appeal to your dog’s natural instincts, bouncing around in unpredictable directions to keep your dog on its toes. This floating outdoor toy is a must for your dog’s summer entertainment!

4. Dog Life Jacket

If you are planning big water adventures with your four-legged friend this summer, a Dog Life Jacket is highly recommended, offering an extra level of safety and protection. Even if your dog is a strong swimmer, the unpredictability of water can never be taken too seriously, so adding this simple jacket when you are going out on a boat, playing by deep water or enjoying dog water games is a great way to bring a little peace of mind. It also features a practical handle on the back, allowing you to quickly grab hold of your dog or pluck it from the water when necessary. This dog life jacket has been specially designed to fit your dog perfectly, so that it will barely know it is wearing this handy lifesaving device! This ensures your dog can carry on enjoying itself without any restriction.

5. Slip Leads

If your dog loves to play in water and roam around freely but occasionally needs popping on a lead, a slip lead or a long line could be the ideal solution, providing you with more control over your dog’s movements without restricting it or stopping your dog from having fun. Choose from a range of different options to meet your own specific needs, all made from durable material that will help to offer you an extra level of security that your dog will not go missing in its hunt for some refreshing water to play in! This Hunter Retriever Slip Lead is particularly suitable, as you do not need to use a collar that could get caught on branches or get your dog stuck in an unwanted situation. You can let your dog splash around in the water to its heart’s desire, then quickly get it under control again when needed.

6. Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter

As well as being a time for fun, games and general merriment, the summer can be a tricky time for dogs and their wellbeing, particularly due to the hot temperatures and the effect it has on sensitive paws. Alongside the best toys and handy gadgets to have around this summer, here at zooplus you will also find some dog-care essentials. This Pet Head Oatmeal Paw Butter can help combat the nasty results of walking on hot pavements – paw pads can easily be burnt by sun-warmed tarmac, particularly if paws are damp after splashing about in the water. By applying a soothing moisturiser such as this butter, you can help to soothe dry, cracked paw pads as well as offering protection against future injury, with a delicious smell that you and your dog will adore. It is so easy to apply that your dog will only have to pause in its play for moments and then can get straight back into its summer fun!

7. Flea & Tick Care

Keeping on the topic of dog wellbeing and care, the nasty subject of fleas and ticks needs to be addressed at this time of year. Along with the fun of the sun, blissful family beach trips and longer daytime hours for roaming around in the countryside comes an increased risk of unpleasant pests troubling your pet. Make sure these pesky creatures cannot ruin the summer for you and your dog with our range of flea and tick treatments here at zooplus, including preventative collars, pills and sprays as well as handy devices to ensure the safe removal of unwanted parasites. There’s something for everyone in our zooplus dog shop!

8. SnuggleSafe Microfibre Towel

After all that fun splashing around, drying your dog off before climbing back into the car or going back inside the house can be a bit of a chore – but not anymore! This SnuggleSafe Microfibre Towel is highly absorbent and extremely effective, ensuring your dog can get through the unhappy business of being towel-dried in record time. The microfibre quickly draws out moisture, so no more need for vigorous rubbing – simply wrap your dog up in its new towel and let the material do all the work! Even if you do not have a waterproof dog bed or a washable dog bed, this microfibre towel means you no longer have to worry about water and dirty being traipsed inside. It also folds up to save space, making it perfect for out and about.

9. Drinking Fountains & Travel Bowls

Keeping hydrated is just as important for your dog as it is for you, especially in the sweltering summer weather! Not drinking enough water can have potentially fatal side effects for your dog, but encouraging them to drink can sometimes be tricky, especially if water is still and warm. A dog water fountain can often provide the solution, keeping water moving at all times and providing a fresh, delicious taste that your dog will love. It can encourage your dog to drink more and can make the whole process more fun! The Karlie Water Fountain Splashy is a great example of how much fun these fountains can be, with a pedal for your dog to step on that will produce streams of cooling water – a great game as your dog tries to catch the streaming water! If you are out and about, a travel water bowl will also be essential, as sitting in the back of the car, racing around fields or enjoying long walks and holidays can be prime times for your dog to become dehydrated. Finding yourself out without a water bowl can be extremely problematic for your dog, especially when the weather is hot and dry, so be sure to always have a practical accessory such as the Hunter Road Refresher Travel Bowl or the Drinking Bottle & Dispenser for Dogs handy in your car or bag. The Silicone Travel Bowl is also a brilliant option, as it can be folded up and popped in your pocket for any-time drinking!

10. Waterproof beds

At the end of a long day playing in the sun, we all love to curl up in a comfortable bed – our pets included! However, if your dog has been having fun in a dog paddling pool or playing dog water games, there is the issue of how to prevent your dog’s lovely bed getting ruined. Here at zooplus we offer a great range of waterproof dog beds and washable dog beds, the perfect solution if your dog wants to climb straight into bed without being groomed or dried first. One option is the Relax Folding Dog & Cat Bed, which is not only particularly comfortable and easy to keep clean thanks to the machine-washable synthetic material, but can also be folded up to take on holiday or out and about. It can be thrown in the back of the car in its handy travel bag, then set up for your dog to sleep on if you are on holiday or having a day out – this washable dog bed can be wiped clean or put in the washing machine, helping to keep your dog hygienic this summer as well as offering the perfect end to every perfect summer day!

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