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Water Toys for Dogs

floating dog toys

Floating dog toys are perfect for dogs who love the water - retrievers and labradors usually enjoy fetching these water toys out of the deep blue, but they're fun for everyone else too!

Dog Water Games:

Chuckit! Ultra Ball

4.49 4.49 GBP 1
Size M: Diameter 6.5cm
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Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy

2.99 2.99 GBP 1
Diameter 12cm
Sold out.
Was  £3.99
Now  £2.99
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Mighty Mutts™ Tough Dog Toys Rubber S-Bone

7.99 7.99 GBP 1
32 x 9 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
Sold out.
Was  £8.99
Now  £7.99
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KONG Wet Wubba

5.99 5.99 GBP 1
Large: approx. 35.5 x 9 cm (L x W)
RRP*  £7.87
Our Price  £5.99
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8.99 8.99 GBP 1
Large (10cm)
RRP*  £10.72
Our Price  £8.99
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KONG Safestix

7.49 7.49 GBP 1
RRP*  £9.00
Our Price  £7.49
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Floating Dog Toys

Fetching fun for the water-loving canine!

Floating dog toys are the ideal addition to your dog’s toy collection if it loves to swim, splash and get wet! Here at zooplus we offer a broad range of floating dog toys, as well as doggy paddling pools that are ideal for keeping your pet cool in the hot summer months. A doggy paddling pool is particularly ideal for larger dogs with thicker coats.
This range of balls, toys and ropes can all float on water and are an ideal way to get your dog playing in the water. Many dogs cannot get enough of swimming, so throw a toy far out into the water and watch them swim with delight! A dog paddling pool can be a great choice if you do not live near the sea or any other water, letting your dog splash around right here at home!

Browse the full range of Floating Dog Toys here at zooplus

Our range of floating dogs toys are high quality and available from a number of well-known brands.
A dog paddling pool can be great for keeping your dog cool and refreshed.

  • KONG: these floating dog toys are great for getting wet, including sticks, soft toys and tug of war toys. Throw them into a dog paddling pool and let your dog bound in to fetch them! KONG is renowned for producing innovative dog toys that truly appeal to the canine sense of fun!
  • Trixie: innovative floating dog toys that can be thrown really far - for example, to the middle of a lake - so that your dog can swim and swim with minimal effort on your behalf!
  • Other: with everything from balls to bones, this range of floating dog toys are bound to appeal to every canine. We also offer innovative accessories such as dog towelling robes and a doggy paddling pool - perfect for a quiet dip in the garden!

Here at zooplus we offer a selection of floating dog toys and dog paddling pools to meet your dog’s wet play needs.

Browse the full range of Dog Toys & Sports Accessories available here at zooplus, to find something for everyone!

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