Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy

Diameter 12cm
: 5/5
Extra-large dog ball made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), with a nubby surface that massages your dog’s gums. Floats and bounces, with a pleasant vanilla scent. Ideal for large dogs. Colour: green....further information
Product description
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
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Product description

Extra-large dog ball made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), with a nubby surface that massages your dog’s gums. Floats and bounces, with a pleasant vanilla scent. Ideal for large dogs. Colour: green.

The Spiky Ball has a 12cm diameter, making it the perfect toy for large dogs. The nubs on the surface of the ball not only make it easy to grip, but also gently massage your dog’s gums. This promotes blood circulation and helps to improve your pet's oral hygiene.

The ball is made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), which is characterised by its flexibility, durability and ability to float.

Thermoplastic rubber is a hard-wearing, weatherproof material that is gentle on your dog’s teeth.

Dogs will love playing games of fetch with this great bouncy ball, which also has a pleasing vanilla scent. The Large Spiky Ball can even float, so it is ideal for water games.

The Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy at a glance:


  • Durable ball for large dogs
  • Nubby surface: massages your dog’s gums, encourages blood circulation, contributes to good oral hygiene
  • Made from thermoplastic rubber: super hard-wearing, flexible, weatherproof, gentle on teeth
  • Bounces and floats: for lively games of fetch in water and on land
  • Vanilla scent: no unpleasant plastic odour
  • Also suitable for indoor fun
  • Material: thermoplastic rubber (TPR)
  • Colour: green
  • Dimensions: Diameter 12cm

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.



Large Spiky Ball Dog Toy
: 5/5
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Customer Photos
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25/03/24|Hilary Thompson
: 5/5
My staffy lurcher destroyed a bigger giggle ball so I had my reservations. This is quite big, it’s flexible which she likes and spiky helps clean their teeth. She is a very strong jawed chewer and this is holding its own quite well.
: 3/5
Dog seems to like it
It takes him approximately 15 seconds to pop this. That's not the end of his playing with it tho and he loves mouthing it which is good for his teeth and gums. I have to keep a careful eye on him after a few sessions with it as he tries to nibble to spikes off, which he really does at which time it just goes straight in bin
: 5/5
My staffy hasn’t destroyed it
Very out of character but she hasn’t totally destroyed this ball. No idea why. So hard to find a toy to last her more than 11 seconds but this is good!
29/01/23|Julie King
: 5/5
Excellent Toy
I bought 3 of these, 1 for my springer spaniel & 2 for my friend's springers & they all love playing with them. They are lasting really well, I thought they might destroy them quickly but none are even damaged. They are a lot safer to throw in the house than other balls too 🙂 This is my dog's most favourite toy & I would recommend to others.
09/03/21|Christine Cook
: 5/5
Our Bullmastiff love these balls
These balls are brilliant, we throw them upstairs for Violet to catch and she pushes them back down with her nose .
23/10/20|Ian McDougall
: 5/5
Dog ball for fun
Dogs..Huntaways love these bigger balls. Great for playtime on the beach. Great price!
: 5/5
Our dogs loves them!
09/12/19|Doc Janis
: 5/5
Fantastic Ball
This is a great ball cant go under the gate and down the hill like thousands of others. I have dogs of all sizes and this is the only ball they do not chew. They love playing with this ball. I had to buy 5 one each as they were fighting over the one ball.
: 5/5
I can't believe this ball is still going... It's not popped... Amazing
: 5/5
Favourite toy
I bought this as it had great reviews and the price was very reasonable. I wasn't disappointed, this is my dogs favourite ball, although he has destroyed quite a few tennis balls, this has survived. It's gone a bit of a funny shape but still does the job very well
: 3/5
Great size for GSD but loses air quickly
Great sized ball for my GSD but sadly they don't last too long (in my case about 4 weeks) as the air escapes and they squish and stay squished and are no longer any good as a ball.
31/01/18|Kim Anisi
: 4/5
Not suitable for chewers - but GREAT fun for others
These balls are fun for dogs to play with, smell nice and bounce beautifully. Unfortunately, nothing seems to be safe from destruction with some of our dogs (we have over 30 labradors, labrador retrievers and golden retrievers). They have it for a few minutes, and it's in pieces. Seems to be impossible to find something those dogs REALLY can NOT destroy (don't get me started on "extra tough" toys). But for dogs who aren't weirdly obsessed with chewing even the toughest toys, this ball is great!
: 5/5
I love this ball! It bounces really really well, and as yet my 8 month boxer pup has failed to destroy it! I would highly recommend it.
: 5/5
We've had this for at least 2 years and its perfect I have 2 collie and they are ball destroyers, this thing is unscathed by jaws I don't know how but they love it and its survived
: 5/5
Lovely surprise
I bought this for my 8 month old Samoyed puppy. He destroyed basically every toy I bought him in a few days. This ball keeps going. Even heavy chewing on the spikes doesn't seem to do any damage. Wasn't sure about the vanilla scent but my dog loved it nonetheless. Oh, and this thing bounces like mad.
: 5/5
Spiky dog ball
This toy is such fun for my cocker spaniel. Bounces really well She enjoys it so much. We have a spare one in the motorhome that must have popped but still loves it
: 5/5
My chew-a-holic GSD loves these balls
My nearly 3 year old GSD loves these balls, he is huge on chewing and loves playing fetch. These balls are perfect in the water and to bounce. My GSD can't be without his ball and we even bought another one when the first one was left outside too long and went a different colour and shape. He hasn't burst either ball, as suggested by other reviews, so I have not encountered that issue. As my GSD loves to chew stuff I am quite surprised that both balls have lasted so long
: 5/5
Fantastic value for money
These are great for larger breed dogs. My labradors love them. Incredible value for money & long lasting, Only problem is that they are constantly out of stock so getting replacements is proving to be difficult so get them while you can.
: 5/5
Best Ball
My Labrador loves theses balls. He'll carry one from the start of his walk to the end of it without ever forgetting about it. He's less interested in other dogs and focuses on finding flat spots where we'll throw it for him. Today he dropped it in a canal (he doesn't swim) and was distraught when I called him away from it, leaving it there. Good job I had another in the car!
02/04/17|Christine Stevenson
: 5/5
Best toy out there.
I have now bought 4 of these spiky balls. I have two very boisterous GSD. A 2yrs old and an 8yrs old and both of them adore these toys. Not only does it bounce and roll when new, but even once it has a hole in it, it is great fun. Then when they have started chewing and enlargening the hole, it's easier to pick up and it still rolls around. Indoors/Outdoor My only wish, another colour would be good so they know which belong to who? I think it would suit any size and breed of dog. Great.