Dental & Chew Dog Toys

These interactive dog toys give clever dogs something to keep them busy and occupied for a long time. They are great fun for both you and your pet and will keep boredom at bay. Snack toys can be a fun way to make tasty snacks last a little longer!
10 products
10 products

Colourful puppy toy, rope with knots to pull and tug, with natural cotton fibres to clean the teeth as your pup plays, robust and light, available in different colours and sizes. Colour not selectable

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26cm (Grey)
Was £1.89Now£1.69£1.69 / unit
37cm (Grey)
£2.79£2.79 / unit

KONG bone which can be filled with dog treats, made from soft rubber, especially suitable for puppies

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Developed for powerful chewers, this strong, durable nylon bone helps to control plaque and tartar. Treat your dog to a tasty chicken flavoured chewing experience. Suitable for all dogs.

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Designed for puppies which are teething, this long-lasting chew bone is made from soft plastic. It has a delicious chicken flavour and cleans the teeth while strengthening the jaw muscles.

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Size S
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Extra hard-wearing chew and fetch toy made from thermoplastic rubber (TPR), with a 3 year guarantee. Ideal for medium and large dogs. Floating dog toy with a hollow centre for filling with treats.

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32 x 9 x 5 cm (L x W x H)

This HUNTER throw and fetch toy is made up of 3 soft studded rubber balls that are attached together by a sturdy rope. This makes a great toy for cleaning your dog’s teeth. Colour cannot be chosen

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30cm x 7cm Diameter
RRP* £9.31Our Price£7.79

Olive wood chew sticks for dogs, a natural chew toy without artificial ingredients, made from wood with bark, doesn’t splinter, supports dental hygiene, satisfies the instinct to chew, in 3 sizes

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1 Stick - S (for dogs <10 kg)
£6.79£3.40 / 100g
Saver Pack: 2 Sticks - S (for dogs <10 kg)
individually priced £13.58Now£11.99£3.00 / 100g
1 Stick – M (for dogs <20kg)
Saver Pack: 2 Sticks – M (for dogs <20kg)
individually priced £17.98Now£16.99
1 Stick – L (for dogs <30kg)

Colouring dual play rope from Trixie with three knots (colour may vary from picture). Colour is not freely selectable.

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Occupational dog toy for filling with snacks, cleans teeth and strengthens chewing muscles, suitable for large and small dogs, robust material.

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Large: approx. diameter 9cm
RRP* £11.42Our Price£9.99

Extremely robust chewing ball for medium and large breed dogs, with a multi-layer, extra strong centre for long-lasting chewing fun and a special texture that helps support dental cleaning.

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Size L: approx. diameter 7.5cm
Was £8.19Now£7.19
Keep your dog's teeth clean with a teeth cleaning toy, or reward him for being so clever with a treat toy. However, if you do not find the perfect dog toy on this page, see our full selection of dog toys, dog sports & dog training equipment.