Nylabone PuppyBone

Size S
: 3/5
Designed for puppies which are teething, this long-lasting chew bone is made from soft plastic. It has a delicious chicken flavour and cleans the teeth while strengthening the jaw muscles....further information
Product description
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
Nylabone PuppyBone
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Nylabone PuppyBone

- Size S

RRP* £4.39
Our Price £3.39

Product description

Designed for puppies which are teething, this long-lasting chew bone is made from soft plastic. It has a delicious chicken flavour and cleans the teeth while strengthening the jaw muscles.

The Nylabone PuppyBone is made from inert soft thermoplastic polymer and satisfies the chewing instinct of teething puppies. It encourages non-destructive chewing while strengthening the jaw muscles and massaging your puppy's gums. Nylabone PuppyBone is gentle on young gums and your puppy will love the taste of chicken. While your dog is chewing on the bone it is gently removing plaque and tartar. The strong, durable bone will not break into pieces so your puppy can chew away on it without swallowing any large pieces.

Make dental hygiene fun with the Nylabone PubbyBone with delicious chicken flavour.

The Nylabone PuppyBone at a glance:

  • Suitable puppies which are teething
  • Kind to teeth - made from inert soft thermoplastic polymer
  • Chew bone which gently cleans puppy teeth
  • Helps to prevent plaque and tartar build-up
  • Satisfies your dog's natural urge to chew
  • Durable: Stays in one piece, does not break down into large pieces
  • Helps keep boredom at bay
  • Recommended by vets
  • Very long-lasting
  • Non-toxic, safe to swallow
  • With delicious chicken flavour
  • Made in USA
  • Important: Not recommended for adult dogs or puppies with any permanent teeth
  • Note: the bone colour can vary from bone in photo

Treat your dog to a tasty Nylabone PuppyBone:

Nylabone PuppyBone Size approx. Suitable for:
S 11.5 x 3.5 x 2 cm (L x W x H) Puppies up to 11kg


Safety note: This product is not designed to be consumed. It is important that you select the correct size and type of chew bone depending on your dog's age, weight and jaw strength. The chew bone should be large enough for lateral chewing rather than vertical. If you have more than one dog then you should choose chew bones suitable for the largest, strongest dog. Chew bones for teething puppies or those with medium and high chewing strength are not suitable for strong or extreme chewers. Strong and extreme chewers may require a Nylabone chew bone for extreme chewers. If you think that your dog has swallowed part of the bone, immediately take the bone away and contact your vet.

Please note: No toy is completely indestructible. As with any other product, please supervise your pet with this toy. Check the product regularly for damage, and replace the toy if it is damaged or missing any pieces to avoid potential injury to your pet.



Inert soft thermoplastic polymer, chicken flavour


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Latest user reviews

: 4/5

Chew Chew Chew

Have a 10 week old and 12 week old staffy pups, Not thier first choice but they do love chewing on this when chilling in their bed or crate.
03/05/23 | Sean Turner
: 1/5

Avoid - breaks into choking sized pieces

My 7kg puppy destroyed the small one in a matter of hours and the medium in less than a day. I contacted the UK distributor, as the website says it breaks into pieces the size of a grain of rice which will harmlessly pass through - but it doesn't - it breaks into choking sized pieces! The distributor is not remotely interested and told me not to give it to my puppy if it breaks into bigger pieces - which it states it should not do in the first place!
: 1/5

Our 3 month old Labrador x fox hound puppies destroyed one end of the bone in a matter of minutes

Would strongly avoid purchasing one! Considering they say not to be consumed.
22/07/20 | Aaron Longhurst-Fox
: 2/5

Started good.. but then..

These are not built well. They state on the details puppies up to 11kg. My 5kg Pomsky has absolutely destroyed it and they also state "NOT TO BE CONSUMED" veeery bad product.. if they are not allowed to eat it, dont make it! Definitely do not buy.
: 1/5

Poor quality

My Staffordshire puppy demolished this in a matter of minuites Would not recommend for older puppies or bigger breeds of dogs Not safe and could easily be choked on if not supervised.
04/10/19 | Dorota
: 1/5

Not good at all poor quality

I have given for my dogs staffordishe andpatterdaile after 7 min. They have eaten half bone . Its dangerous for your pet
27/09/17 | Hani
: 4/5

Not his favourite, but it'll do!

Bought this for my 4 month old pup to chew while his teeth were coming thorough. He's 7 months now and still does use it. It's not his first choice of toy, nor does it capture his attention for very long, but has been well loved and well chewed and it's still holding up!
24/09/17 | Al
: 3/5

It's okay

Our three month old German Shepherd likes it, it's not her fovourite toy, but I think it's just her taste in toys, but I feel like other puppies would love it! She will take it and play with it for a few miniutes if the toy is given to her but normally it wouldn't grab her attention on its own. And I am also quite concerned with the ingestion of plastic with may happen (but hasn't yet because she hasn't men chewing it enough to "break" it)
19/09/17 | gwalker
: 5/5

does what its meant to

Great chew bone, puppy loves it, & it doesn't get destroyed in minuets and does what its meant to for their teeth
: 2/5

Possible chance of ingesting the plastic

Although my puppy found the chew satisfying to chew I found that she broke up one end very quickly and little bits have come off and might have been ingested which has caused me concern. I think it is hard to determine the point at which this product should be thrown away.
: 5/5


This arrived today, with my order, and my 5 month pup was immediately interested and gave it her un-divided attention for nearly an hour ( only stopping to crash out for a nap!!). Brilliant! Smells like a real cooked chocken bone too :)
: 1/5

Chewing puppy

Our Labrador puppy wasn't interested in these, the only thing he seems to like is the cows ears we brought from zoo plus.
08/06/14 | lisa romeril
: 5/5


Our two cocker spaniels loves these, fab for when they are teething and last forever, fantastic product at a fantastic price.
08/06/14 | Margaret Cockburn
: 5/5

Puppy Teeth

Excellent for these sharp puppy teeth to save furniture,fabric and human fingers and toes alike!
08/06/14 | elle
: 5/5


Great for puppies who like chewing!
: 5/5

great product

Excellent product, stopped my puppy chewing the furniture for half an hour!