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Jogging & Walking Together

Jogging dog leads or belts that allow you to attach a dog lead can provide a comfortable way to enjoy a hands-free jog or hike. Dog emergency kits and other dog accessories help you be prepared wherever you go. A dog stroller is an ideal addition for out and about with your dog, with small dog strollers all the way through to extra large dog strollers. You can even find all terrain dog strollers that are suitable even for walks in the countryside. A pet stroller is a great way to ensure every pet can enjoy itself outdoors.

5 products
5 products

Jogging & Walking

Robust, flexible polypropylene dog lead with integral rubber bungee, and 2 carabiner clips, ideal for Canicross or jogging. The bungee helps to absorb jolts when you stop or change pace

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Was £19.99 Now£16.99

Running belt with leg loops and a ring at the front to attach your dog's lead. Ideal for Canicross or for hands-free jogging. Completely adjustable, breathable and lightweight, with integral pocket

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Hip size: 60 – 110cm
Was £25.29 Now£20.29

Versatile and practical dog walking waist pack with multiple pockets. Great for carrying treats, toys and other dog walking accessories. The belt is completely adjustable and easy to clean.

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Adjustable belt: 62-125cm
RRP* £8.99 Our Price£4.29

Slimline snack pouch with several pockets for treats and accessories; attaches to your belt or waistband via a clip or belt loops. Made from easy-clean polyester and nylon, with a magnetic fastening.

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19 x 16 x 4 cm (L x W x H)
Was £6.49 Now£4.99

A practical snack bag made of food-grade silicone that is elastic and dirt repellent. Attaches to your belt via a plastic clip. With a magnetic closure and a large opening.

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13 x 11 x 5 cm (L x W x H)
Was £11.29 Now£9.29

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