Small Pet Health and Care

1 min

Caring for Dwarf Rabbits

Rabbits regularly groom their own fur themselves by using their tongue. During the moulting season which lasts several weeks, your rabbit will need some occasional help. One the one hand, bushing has the effect of a soothing massage, on the other hand, it helps to get rid of the old, dead hair. For normal length hair you should use a brush with natural bristles or a glove with rubber bobbles.
4 min

Diarrhoea in Rabbits

Rabbit faeces can be easily recognised by their typical round shape. If your rabbit's faeces suddenly become more fluid or turn from dark brown to red in colour, it has diarrhoea. Since diarrhoea in rabbits can lead to serious consequences, you should know when you have to go to the vet.
6 min

The Digestive System of Guinea Pigs

The guinea pig digestion is very complex. Disorders of digestion are usually caused by errors in feeding for these rodents. Find out about all the different stages of the Guinea Pig anatomy that play a role in the digestion process.
6 min

The Digestive System of Hamsters

This guide applies to golden Syrian hamsters and dwarf hamsters. Despite being different species, these pet rodents are similar in their internal makeup and their nutritional needs. All hamsters need animal protein as well as plant rich food as they are omnivores. In contrast to chinchillas, guinea pigs and rabbits, hamsters can tolerate grains well. Grains are concentrates of plant nutrients, mostly in the form of seeds and seedlings, and these are ideal for hamsters.
4 min

Vaccinating Rabbits

It's clear to dog and cat owners that their pets need vaccinating. But does the same apply for rabbits? And what diseases should my rabbit be vaccinated against? We have summarised the most important information on the subject of vaccination for you in the following article.