The big day is finally here: Your new puppy is coming home! Taking care of a puppy is exciting and lots of fun, but it’s also a great responsibility and preparation is essential! Have you got everything ready? A new puppy isn’t just about playtime though, it takes a lot of time, energy, patience and most of all commitment! Read more

Dog Health and Care

The First Visit to the Vet

After a few days of letting your new dog settle in, it is advisable to introduce your newest little family member to the vet. This allows immediate detection of any possible infections or parasites, and allows you to instantly treat any issues.

The Basics of Puppy Training

The earlier the better? This is absolutely true for dog training. Young dogs are extremely curious and still view the world objectively. It's possible to take advantage of this in order to show dogs playfully – but consistently too – what is expected of them and what types of behaviour are undesirable.

Relaxed on the Lead from a Young Age

Your dog pulling on its lead turns every pleasant walk into a test of patience. This pulling can be a particularly serious problem if your dog is a large, heavy breed and difficult to control, especially when your dog decides it wants to dart off in a different direction. Problems with walking your dog on a lead start from puppyhood, but with a bit of know-how and a little patience, you can lay the best foundation for happy on-lead walking in future.

Adopting a Puppy from Abroad

Sometimes your perfect pet happiness can only be found many miles away and you or your future dog will need to cross borders to start a future together. This is often the case for anyone on the lookout for a specific or rare breed, or those looking to home a dog without the help of animal shelters. Here are some tips if you are considering adopting a puppy from abroad.

Adopting a Puppy From a Shelter

So you have decided you would love to welcome a new puppy into your home – but does it have to be a pedigree pup? If not, then animal shelters can offer plenty of great alternatives.

Gentle Training: Leaving your Puppy On Its Own

Being particularly social animals, dogs love the company of their pack. Nevertheless, every adult dog should be capable of staying on its own for short periods of time. This will need to be trained early on in life, as a fully-grown dog that has never been left alone will struggle to adapt.

Birth and Breastfeeding for Dogs

The birth of new puppies is always a very special occasion even for experienced breeders. But how does the process of dogs giving birth actually work? What problems can emerge when breastfeeding the puppies and how can the owner support their female dog during this full-on phase?

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Preparation is Key!

Bringing a new puppy home is a special time for you and ensuring your new friend has the best start to their life is a top priority.

Make sure you’ve got the basics covered – food, toys and accessories. Puppy food is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of a growing pup. It is rich in nutrients and provides your puppy with all the valuable nutrients needed to grow. Start with a varied diet with wet and dry food as well as tasty treats to help with training!

Puppy toys are essential, especially if you don’t want your furniture or shoes to suffer! Puppies are inquisitive little things that love to explore everything with their teeth. But their teeth can be delicate, so choosing toys specifically designed for puppies will ensure that playtime is always fun! Puppy toys aren’t just for your new four-legged friend either – playing with your puppy is a great way to bond and strengthen your relationship. Plus it also helps tire them out, so you can get a break!

Don’t forget other accessories for your new family member. When your puppy is ready for its first walk, you’ll need a perfect-fitting collar and lead, and while it’s at home a nice comfy bed for snoozing.

Training from a Young Age

So, now comes the difficult bit – trying to train your puppy. The first thing that springs to mind when it comes to puppy training is toilet training. Nobody wants a puppy to do their business all around the house! Puppy pads are the ideal way to housetrain your new puppy, teaching it where to go to the toilet and helping to save both your carpets and your sanity!

Training your puppy is not just about teaching it cool tricks, it’s about setting boundaries and preventing undesirable behaviour. Training a dog from a young age sets the building blocks for future training and will dictate how your young dog will act as it gets older.

Remember, when training, you want positive reinforcement. By using praise and rewards, in the form of tasty treats, you will be able to motivate your dog to obey you. When it comes to training your puppy, it’s important to start with the basics – housetraining, bad habits like barking, biting and scratching and good behaviour while on the lead.

Baby’s First Vet Visit

Now that your puppy is settled, it’s time for his first visit to the vet. This allows you to check that your new pup is in tip-top shape and also allows the vet to check for any infections or parasites.

We all want our puppies to be healthy and happy, so regular visits are important. As your puppy grows it will need to go to the vets for various reasons, but two vital things are to make sure its worming treatments and vaccinations are up to date.

Puppies need to have a worming treatment every three to six months, and if your puppy has worms they could seriously compromise their immune system and lead to other serious infections.

Just like babies and children, puppies will get sick. Getting your puppy vaccinated when it’s old enough can help prevent it being susceptible to life-threatening diseases.