Cat Adoption and Ownership

Having a cat in the house is a rewarding and beautiful experience. However, there are a lot of aspects to consider to ensure you and your cat are happy. Read on cat adoption and ownership here. Read more

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5 Good Reasons To Adopt An Older Cat

So cute! Admittedly, sweet little cat babies are so irresistible that we would ideally take one home with us straight away. But have you ever considered adopting an adult cat? Find out here why you should definitely do this and why older cats are often more thankful than kittens.

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5 Top Tips for a Safe Christmas with your Cat

Forget “silent night” – for cats, the festive season can be wrought with potential dangers and ever-mounting stress. Here we will give you plenty of advice on how to care for your cat this Christmas and how to avoid dangerous situations from the outset. If you follow these five simple tips and tricks, you are guaranteed to spend a safe and relaxed Christmas with your cat.

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6 Reasons Not to Gift a Cat for Christmas

Have your children written “cat” in scrawly handwriting on their Christmas lists? Or does your partner think kittens are “so cute”? That might give you the idea to get them a cat for Christmas. This is often not a good idea! Here, we will explain why a cat can be an unsuitable Christmas present.

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A cat from a breeder or a shelter?

So you have decided to give a cat a home – congratulations! Once you have made this decision, the real work begins. One of the first decisions for future cat owners is whether to get your cat from a breeder or an animal shelter. Maybe you are longing to own a particular breed, or have already made contact with a breeder. However, if you do not particularly care about your four-legged friend’s appearance, do not mind if you get a short-haired or a long-haired breed and would be happy with any coat, size or colour, anything could happen! You may even decide to give a pet from a local shelter a loving new home.

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Adopting a cat during the COVID-19 lockdown?

The coronavirus pandemic, including lockdowns, is connecting many people more closely to their home, where they don't just devote themselves to home office and home schooling. Instead, many discover new hobbies, from baking to learning languages to knitting. The isolation during the pandemic leads to many animals lovers develop a strong urge to adopt a cat. There would be plenty of time available to get to know one another. However, is it a good idea to adopt a cat during the lockdown? We'll give you some tips!

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Are Cats Able to Love?

Cats purr when we stroke them. They snuggle up to us or rub themselves on our feet. We interpret this as a sign of affection. But are cats able to love? A study on attachment behaviour between cats and humans offers interesting insights.
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Cat Allergy in Humans

You love cats but always have to sneeze in their presence and your eyes get watery? Then you may have a cat hair allergy. Find out here how to reduce cat allergy symptoms and open the doors to plenty of cat cuddles.

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Cat litter how-to: 5 important questions

Cats are very clean animals by nature and it's important for them to have a clean litter box. There can be problems if the cat litter isn't right for the cat or is changed too infrequently: cats refuse to relieve themselves or do their business where they prefer – which could even be their owner's bed. This article gives you answers to the five most important questions on correctly handling cat litter.

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Cat litter: Clumping or Silica Litter?

It’s not just the right type of litter tray that will make your cat happy, but also the right type of cat litter. The best litters are ones that are very absorbent and ideally neutralise odours too, but finding the perfect cat litter can be no easy task with so many varieties on offer from natural clumping litter made of clay, non-clumping litter, litter made of wood or silica.

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Cats as an Example: What You Can Learn From Your Feline Friend

Elegance, body control, and grace—these are the characteristics that many cat owners admire in their feline companions. Others, however, have clumsy cats at home who mainly attract attention by purring loudly. But despite their differences, cats share many behavioural traits that are typical of their species. As humans, we can glean valuable insights from them. In the following article, you will discover when we should consider our cats as role models and learn from their examples.

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Cats with other Cats

The image of the cat as a lone wolf has long been outdated. Many cat lovers know that cats can fully appreciate feline company. Indeed, kittens and house cats shouldn't be kept alone indoors. So it's off to the animal shelter or breeder to adopt a second (or third) cat, right? However, bear in mind that the “multi-cat household” project doesn't always turn out to be as easy as anticipated.

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Christmas Presents for Cats

For most cats Christmas is a very exciting time. It is customary to give gifts at Christmas and there is no reason why your feline companion shouldn’t also be part of the fun. It doesn’t matter whether you have two legs or four, a gift is a sign of affection and appreciation. A Christmas present will show your kitty how much it means to you. You won’t even have to think long and hard about what is on your cat's Christmas list. There are lots of fabulous possibilities to surprise your pet with an exciting present, including toys, food bowls and cat baskets. We have compiled a list of the best Christmas gift ideas which are sure to make your pet very happy.

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DIY Cat Tree: Tips and Instructions for Building a Cat Tree

For cats, cat trees are an adventure playground, lookout post and retreat all in one. In addition they fulfill another very important task - they allow cats to sharpen their claws. Every cat should have one. Especially to indoor cats it's important to have a large enough cat tree they can use for exercise. If you build your own cat tree, you can construct it to your taste and your cat's individual preferences. In this article, find out everything you need to know about DIY cat trees, as well as instructions for a cat tree with a birch trunk.

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Does My Cat Trust Me? These 5 Signs Prove It

Trust is needed for a harmonious relationship with your cat. But can you build your cat's trust and how do felines show that they do trust you? Cats are considered independent and not very transparent, but these five signs of behaviour will prove to you whether and to what extent your cat trusts you.

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Hiding Litter Boxes: Ideas for an Inconspicuous Spot

Anyone with a cat in their life needs a litter box. Admittedly, litter boxes are like practical, square-shaped foreign objects in many homes, although cat owners are happy to put up with this. But many ask themselves how they can position the litter box more inconspicuously in their home. We will offer ideas of how to hide litter boxes or discreetly integrate them into your living space.

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How to Cat-Proof your Home

Just because your cat is a pure indoor cat, does not mean you can relax about the potential dangers a home can present. Read on if you want to know more about how to provide a cat-proof home.

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Indoor or Outdoor Cat?

When choosing to get a cat you have to decide what breed, age and temperament will suit you. But now there’s another important question: will your cat be an indoor or outdoor cat? What advantages will your cat have if it can explore the outdoors freely? Do indoor cats live longer? What are the pros and cons of each lifestyle?

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Is my cat happy?

If we love someone, we obviously want them to be happy and will gladly do what it takes to contribute to their happiness. Of course, this particularly applies when it comes to love for our four-legged feline friends with whom we share our lives. After all, they make us very happy too. For starters, you can be sure that if you allow your cat to live a species-appropriate life that fully suits its nature and needs, you're already doing a great deal to make it happy. On one hand, this involves appropriate activity with suitable toys that also fits with the intelligence of the breed or cat in question. A high-quality food is also very important.

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Litter Box vs Litter Tray for Cats

Cat toilets are always the same – or is this not the case? If you're on the lookout for the right “quiet spot” for your cat, you can choose between two varieties aside from different sizes and colours: litter boxes or trays without a hood. What advantages and disadvantages do these two alternatives have?

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Making the Garden Safe for Cats

The costs for a cat fence can quickly run up to several thousand pounds. In order to save these huge sums of money, many cat lovers decide to make their garden safe for cats off their own bat. However, the time commitment here shouldn't be underestimated.

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Should I let my cat sleep in the bed?

It's very common for us cuddle-loving cat fans to let our feline friends sleep in our bed. However, there are diverging opinions as to whether your cat should share the mattress with you. We show you the pros and cons in the following text. On this basis you can decide for yourself what viewpoint you take and how you wish to handle things with your cat.

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Top 10 Cat Accessories for Summer

This summer, cats need what they always do: plenty of time to sleep, relax and eat. And lots of cuddling sessions too, of course! Because the little things are what matter most. The top accessories for your cat that we recommend here for it to enjoy the summer will make this season even more special for your cat.

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Understanding and Learning Cat Language

If you spend plenty of time with a cat you love, you will automatically develop the need to be able to interpret its language, which can be differentiated between verbal and non-verbal. The latter refers to the cat's body language and primarily the different positions of the tail.

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Valentine’s day: Gift ideas for cats!

Like so many this time of year, we want to treat our loved ones to something special, so this year, why not treat your best four-legged friend to a little Valentine’s Day love with our Valentine's Day gift ideas for cats?

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What to Do When You Find a Stray Cat

Have you found a cat that looks like it doesn’t belong to anyone? Here you can read about what to do in this case, what you should do if the cat is injured, how to find out if the cat has a home and when you would be allowed to keep the cat.

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Why black cats are great pets

According to an old preconception, black cats bring bad luck. Even nowadays, many people still reject them. In animal shelters, they wait an above-average amount of time for a new home. What people are missing out on are loving, elegant pets with a beautifully glossy coat.

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Why cats are good for our health

There are hardly any more relaxing sounds than the purring of a cat. Cat owners will confirm that living with a feline friend does them good. In fact, this declaration can be scientifically proven. Read in the following article why cats are good for our health.

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Working from home with your cat

The Corona Virus (COVID-19) has shown the value of working remotely, but there has been a trend towards home office and flexible working arrangements for a while now. Being able to work from home can be priceless. Many freelancers and self-employed workers, as well as teachers, do a lot of their work in the place they live. It is not uncommon to share this space, often with a feline companion. This article serves as a guide for successful co-working with your cat!

Cat adoption and ownership - what is important?

If you want to adopt a cat, there are many ways to find one. Usually, the best place to get a pedigree cat from is a breeder, but it is possible to rescue them from animal shelters too. Find out how you can tell whether a breeder is trustworthy.

Ideally, animal shelters should be your first point of contact for cat adoption. They offer a wide range of ages and types of cats. One advantage is that you already know what the cat's personality is like and get recommendations from the shelter on how to provide them a happy home. We always recommend keeping at least two cats. They are social animals who enjoy having a furry friend.

Before the cat moves in

In our cat adoption and ownership section, you can read on how to best prepare for your new housemate. This can range from how to make your house cat-proof to what enrichment options you can buy our make yourself.

Once your cat moves in, make sure to give it enough time and distance to explore the new environment in peace.

Make life fun

If you want to adopt a cat, provide toys such as balls, dangler poles, toy mice and cat mint. This ensures your cat enjoys its new home and gets enough enrichment to train its senses. A suitable cat toilet is most important, even with outdoor cats. Provide enough food and water bowls. Scratch mats and cat trees will not only offer another opportunity for play, but also minimise the danger of the feline scratching your furniture.

Do you have more than one pet?

Cat adoption is made more difficult by having other animals and requires patience and caution. Cats and dogs speak a different language and require a lot of patience to learn to understand each other. However, be more cautious keeping your cat with birds and small pets. Make sure that the cat can't reach their cage and living spaces since they are naturally seen as prey.