Making the Garden Safe for Cats

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The costs for a cat fence can quickly run up to several thousand pounds. In order to save these huge sums of money, many cat lovers decide to make their garden safe for cats off their own bat. However, the time commitment here shouldn’t be underestimated.

The necessary material

Outdoor access on the balcony alone is too little for many cats. A cat-proof enclosure or fence in their own garden is much more exciting for them. However, the price for material and installation can put off many cat owners, which is why some attempt to build their own enclosure that is secure for cats. Going to a hardware store is necessary here.

You need the following material to make your garden safe for cats:

  • 2m high and 25m long rolled wire fence
  • 2 self-assembly doors
  • enough fence posts
  • 50cm high artificial glass
  • Drainage pipe
  • Ready-mix cement
  • Tension wires and clamps

Building your own cat fence – How it works

The future enclosure is marked out with a string. Dig a hole 60cm deep every three metres and additionally at the door sides. Place a drainage pipe in each, fill it with ready-mix cement and insert a fence pole vertically (use a spirit level!). The cement has to dry for a few days.

Next the crosspieces are processed, which will also be secured in the floor with cement, although not with a pipe but merely a cast cement block to weigh them down.

After drying, the fence is rolled out and attached with wire to the poles. Doors are installed on the excluded areas. Finally, the whole structure is secured all around with tension wires tied tightly with clamps.

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The icing on the cake: Glazing the enclosure

In order to make the enclosure safe for cats, a hobby glass covering is attached to the upper fence on the inside. This prevents the cat from escaping. Otherwise, there is the danger namely of cats skilled at jumping and climbing getting over the fence.

The 50cm high and 2 to 4mm thick panels are drilled in several places and attached to the fence with wire. The cat-proof fencing is complete! Now cats are allowed inside their new realm, which will almost certainly become their favourite territory.

Aside from the huge financial saving, however, making the cat run takes around 100 hours of work.

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