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How to cat-proof your home

Just because your cat is a pure indoor cat, does not mean you can relax about the potential dangers a home can present. Read on if you want to know more about how to cat-proof your home.
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Why black cats are great pets

According to an old preconception, black cats bring bad luck. Even nowadays, many people still reject them. In animal shelters, they wait an above-average amount of time for a new home. What people are missing out on are loving, elegant pets with a beautifully glossy coat.
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Baking cat biscuits: quick, easy and delicious

Baking cat biscuits is fun, you know what's inside and you can adjust the recipe to make sure your cat enjoys them. We will give you three delicious recipes for DIY cat biscuits. A lot of people find baking their own cakes or biscuits really fun. What's better than treating friends or family members to a delicious cake? So why not bake tasty cat biscuits for your feline friend too? But how do we actually make cat biscuits? Note: You should use lactose-free products with recipes containing dairy products like butter, cheese or yoghurt. Cats don't tolerate lactose.
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Change of diet for cats

The cat food market offers cat owners a wide range of options: there is both wet and dry food for cats from numerous brands in several quality categories, flavours and varieties. This large selection of cat food presents cat owners with a big challenge. Which food is suitable for cats and in what quantity? There is also the possibility to follow the BARF diet and to provide home-cooked food. As well, the cat food market is constantly growing, so it's not surprising that cat owners sometimes like to change the type of food or to try out a new one. If the cat develops a food intolerance or has to eat a special food due to medical reasons, changing its diet is unavoidable. However, cats are often very fussy and tend to opt for one type of food and reject all other varieties. Hence, getting them used to a new type of food is anything but easy. As a result, you should proceed cautiously with changing the diet. This allows the cat to get used to the new flavour without irritating the stomach and bowels through a quick change. Also, you will avoid your cat completely rejecting the food.
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Cats marking: why and what to do?

Marking with urine is a natural means of communication between cats. However, it can be very unpleasant for their owner if they mark in your home and leave their scent on the walls, furniture or windows. Why do some cats mark within the four walls of your home and how can this behaviour be avoided? Whilst we are still amused outside watching how our cat sprays the garden fence with its urine with a stretched-out, trembling tail and signals to the neighbour's cat that this is its territory, we don't find this behaviour funny at all inside our own home. Understandably, because cat urine smells awful indoors and won't just become a serious problem for humans and their sense of smell in the long term. But why do some cats mark in the home? What do they want to say to us? Indeed, cats should no longer need to mark at home. After all, no other cat (apart from households with multiple cats) will challenge them for this territory, right?
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My cat meows at night: why and what to do?

Sleepless nights because of the cat meowing? Presumably every cat owner has experienced this. But what should we do if our cat robs us of sleep every night with its meowing? Why do many cats meow particularly at night and what helps combat nightly cat woes?
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Feline AIDS (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, FIV)

Has your cat tested positive for feline AIDS? Above all, keep calm. Find out here why a positive feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) test doesn't always indicate an FIV infection and what you should focus on if your cat is actually suffering from feline AIDS.
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Exotic Shorthair

Do you love Garfield? Then the Exotic Shorthair is just the right cat for you. After all, it is a recreation of this snuggly, lazy but very loving TV tomcat with short, stocky legs and a large, short-nosed head.
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American Curl

The American Curl is a cat breed that draws attention: its curved ears could also pass as an eye-catching headdress conceptualised by a modern designer. In terms of character, the American Curl's domestic cat heritage wins through: it is unspoiled, active and drawn to people.
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American Shorthair

Also aboard the ships of the first European settlers in America were four-legged passengers. The cats who travelled with them were prized because of their hunting ability. During long voyages, they kept the mice and rats at bay. They were popular on land too, since they made sure there were no pesky nibblers in the grain storages. It has emerged that these cats are the ancestors of the well known and loved breed that goes by the name of “American Shorthair”.
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Making your own cat toys: 5 easy and cheap ideas

Cats are putting their hunting instincts into practice when they play. Playing is important and the more diverse the toys, all the better. Five ideas on how you can make your own cat toys – with inexpensive items that can be found in every household.
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Cat Yoga

Many gyms are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For many people, their usual yoga sessions are currently taking place in their own home. Some people are using the time to try out yoga for the first time with the help of online courses. Cat yoga is one of the newer trends that emerged in the last years. How does it work? We'll give you some tips!
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Laser Pointer for Cats

Opinions differ greatly with regard to whether laser pointers make suitable cat toys. In the following article, we will outline a few aspects that allow you to weigh up the pros and cons and to make your own decision concerning your beloved cat.
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How to monitor your kitten’s weight

In order to be sure that kittens grow and thrive, you should regularly monitor their weight. This article will give you guidance on the right weight and show you what you must pay attention to when weighing cats.
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Kitten Diarrhoea

When a kitten enters your home, it¡s an exciting time for everyone! Regardless of whether you're an experienced or first-time cat owner, it's a time of change. Little cats require special attention. Enjoy every minute because they grow up ever so fast!
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How to Correctly Deworm Kittens

Worm infestations affect young cats with relative frequency. If untreated, they can lead to severe ailments. Thankfully though, parasites are very easy to combat as soon as the problem has been recognised. Get your little “tiger to caress”, as Victor Hugo lovingly called cats, dewormed for the first time three weeks after it is born and then every three to four weeks recurrently. However, this is just a general guideline. Only a vet can make the final decision as to what deworming cycle is right for each individual cat. Vermifuges have to be administered very frequently in animal homes too, because unfortunately kittens are partly in a very bad condition when they are handed in there.
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Ahoy! Travelling by Ship with Cats

Taking your cat on a cruise? What sounds crazy is actually possible. After all, commuters too sometimes have to take their cat with them on the ferry. We'll give you some tips on how to make travelling by ship as pleasant as possible both for your cat and also the fellow passengers!
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Train Travel with Cats

Hardly any cats enjoy leaving their usual environment. However, moving home or long journeys can make it necessary for your cat to travel every now and then... If the owner doesn't have a car, public transport is required to make the journey to the vet's. Is this possible? Of course! With a few tips, you and your cat can have a completely stress-free journey.
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Travelling by Car with Cats

Cats don't like to travel. Every change in location is a cause of sheer stress for these sensitive animals, since unfamiliar sounds and smells make even cats with a robust nature nervous. Nevertheless, pet owners must occasionally subject their cat to a change in location – be it for an annual veterinary appointment, moving house or a long holiday. Travelling by car may not be your cat's preferred method of transport, but with a little preparation you can do away with its fear of travelling.
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Coronavirus in Cats

Coronaviruses don't just affect us pet owners, but our furry friends too. In contrast to the new type of coronavirus affecting humans, feline coronavirus (FcoV) has already been known for several years. These include feline enteric coronavirus (FECV) and the much better-known feline infectious peritonitis virus (FIPV). The latter causes fatal feline infectious peritonitis (FIP), which leads to peritonitis and abdominal dropsy. On the other hand, people suffer from flu-like symptoms, especially those with weakened immune systems like elderly or sick people.

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Maine Coon

The Maine Coon has become one of the most popular cat breeds in the world and enjoys increasing popularity in the United Kingdom. This is probably due to its wild appearance, robust nature and great character.
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Cat litter: Clumping or Silica Litter?

It’s not just the right type of litter tray that will make your cat happy, but also the right type of cat litter. The best litters are ones that are very absorbent and ideally neutralise odours too, but finding the perfect cat litter can be no easy task with so many varieties on offer from natural clumping litter made of clay, non-clumping litter, litter made of wood or silica. Silica cat litter and clumping natural clay litter are the most popular choices among cat owners and their cats. But which litter is better for the cat, the owner or the environment?
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