Cat Travel and Transport

Cat Travel and Transport

Ahoy! Travelling by Ship with Cats

Taking your cat on a cruise? What sounds crazy is actually possible. After all, commuters too sometimes have to take their cat with them on the ferry. We'll give you some tips on how to make travelling by ship as pleasant as possible both for your cat and also the fellow passengers!

Train Travel with Cats

Hardly any cats enjoy leaving their usual environment. However, moving home or long journeys can make it necessary for your cat to travel every now and then... If the owner doesn't have a car, public transport is required to make the journey to the vet's. Is this possible? Of course! With a few tips, you and your cat can have a completely stress-free journey.

Travelling by Car with Cats

Cats don't like to travel. Every change in location is a cause of sheer stress for these sensitive animals, since unfamiliar sounds and smells make even cats with a robust nature nervous. Nevertheless, pet owners must occasionally subject their cat to a change in location – be it for an annual veterinary appointment, moving house or a long holiday. Travelling by car may not be your cat's preferred method of transport, but with a little preparation you can do away with its fear of travelling.