Dog Training

Training your dog can be hard, but the magic formula is simple: learn to understand your dog’s behaviour and work on your own! Read more

11 min

“Help, my dog is destroying everything!”

Shoes, cables, phones, felt-tip pens, sofas, carpets or waste bins – nothing seems to be safe from the destructiveness of some dogs. Within a very short space of time, wild dogs can turn a home and all its furnishings upside down. But why do some dogs have destructive tendencies and how can they move away from this behaviour?

14 min

Anti-Hunt Training for Dogs in Five Steps

Many dog breeds were originally bred for hunting, although this innate hunting instinct can soon become a problem in today's society. There can be dangerous consequences if your dog chases after every hare or bird and forgets all commands in the process. But can you stop a dog from hunting or get its hunting instinct be toned down? When is it the right moment to intervene and how does anti-hunt training actually work?
5 min

Anxious Dogs – What To Do?

Like with us humans, dogs can be courageous daredevils or fearful followers that are extremely cautious about new things. It can become problematic if a dog is very fearful in day-to-day situations or overreacts: a loud noise, staircase or certain people can fluster dogs out of all proportion. An overly fearful dog doesn't just make daily life complicated, but it is also a big strain for your dog itself. In the following article, we will give you some tips on how to help your dog to become more self-assured.
9 min

Disobedience in dogs

When dogs don't want to obey, this is both stressful and from time to time rather dangerous. Stopping an instinct-driven dog that ignores its owner's commands can be a challenge. But why do some dogs refuse to be obedient? How can you avoid errors in training and how can you teach your dog to be obedient?
6 min

Dog Clicker Training

Were you fascinated by clicking toy frogs during your childhood? The clicker is a rather similar device. The working principle is the same: You click on an in-built button and a soft cracking sound is heard. The following article summarises the most important information for you on the subject of clicker training with dogs.
5 min

Entertaining puppies

If a puppy has moved into your home, it might need time to adapt to a new environment. In the beginning, the main thing is giving a sense of security to your puppy. Give it time to explore the house. After a few days, you will recognise that your little housemate is becoming more confident. Now is the time to find ways to entertain your puppy.
9 min

Fighting Dog Breeds

The expression “fighting dog” is a generic term for all dog breeds classed as dangerous. Some experts are of the opinion that the term “fighting dog” is discriminatory per se. No dog was born a fighting dog, but is made into one by humans. In principle, you could therefore “train” a Dachshund to be a fighting dog. However, the consequences of being bitten by a Dachshund would of course be less severe than being bitten by a fighting dog with a very strong jaw. Like the Staffordshire, the Rottweiler is by nature considered to be fundamentally friendly and peaceful. In the hands of an experienced dog owner, a Rottweiler is generally relaxed rather than deliberately aggressive. However, the Rottweiler has fallen into disrepute due to attacks on humans and sometimes on children. The Rottweiler was very popular amongst the 19th century nobility. Its role originally consisted of herding and guarding cattle. The Rottweiler now doesn't occupy this role, but has been well-known and recognised as a police and military dog since 1910.
7 min

Fireworks, visitors and parties – tips for a stress-free dog

Alas, summer is over, and winter is on the way! But it’s not all doom and gloom (well, maybe a bit of gloom) as there are plenty of things to look forward to like Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas, to name but a few! With all these get-togethers jammed into the remaining months of the year, winter can be a stressful time for your dog. Loud noises from parties and fireworks, plus new people visiting can leave your dog feeling distressed and anxious.
5 min

Gentle Training: Leaving your Puppy On Its Own

Being particularly social animals, dogs love the company of their pack. Nevertheless, every adult dog should be capable of staying on its own for short periods of time. This will need to be trained early on in life, as a fully-grown dog that has never been left alone will struggle to adapt.

7 min

Guide Dogs

Be it with traffic lights, stairs or doors, a guide dog helps its blind or severely visually impaired owner get safely through day-to-day life. This allows many blind people to live a more independent life. Intensive training is behind this. Read here what guide dogs can do and what training is like.
8 min

How to Calm Barking Dogs

“Their bark is worse than their bite.” This proverb may sound comforting, but barking dogs don't just take their toll on your nerves, but on your neighbours' too. But why do dogs actually bark? And can this annoying yapping be stopped? Of course, barking is part of a dog's identity and is its way of expressing itself. But when dogs don't stop barking and yapping over a long period of time, you should sit up and take notice: if your dog barks excessively, a serious behavioural disorder could be behind it.
9 min

Obedience Training for Dogs

The term “obedience training” is considered the high level of dog training and is offered in dog schools like agility. It originated from the American Kennel Club, a registered association for pedigree lineages in the US. Obedience training originally comes from utility dog sport (police and personal protection).
4 min

Puberty in dogs: What you should focus on

Constantly testing the boundaries and challenging your authority – welcome to your dog's puberty phase! But hold your head up high: with these tips, you will get on with and train your dog better during its difficult and stressful puberty phase.
6 min

Puppy Play Group: Learning for Life Through Play

Is your puppy feeling at home with you after the stressful first few days? Then now is the best time to start attending a puppy play group. We will explain why learning through play under the supervision of a dog trainer is important, how to find a good puppy play group as well as puppy games for at home.
10 min

Rescue dog from abroad

Are you thinking about adopting a rescue dog from abroad? Maybe you’ve met a ‘Rommie’ rescue dog out on a walk and become curious about what the adoption process entails? Many dogs from overseas have found loving homes in the UK. But dogs with a background of living on the street and in public dog shelters have different needs to the average UK rescue dog. This guest post from our friends over at Oakwood Dog Rescue outlines some essential information for future adopters. From advice on the best way to find your new canine pal, to tips on how to help your rescue settle in at home. To view all the super dogs currently available for adoption at Oakwood, pay a visit to their website or facebook page.
15 min

The 10 Most Popular Dog Tricks

Lifting their paws, standing on their rear legs or catching treats in the air? You and your dog will become stars with these 10 tricks! Best of all, they don't just entertain the public, but also challenge your dog physically and mentally. At the same time, practising tricks together strengthens the bond between humans and animals.
15 min

The Basics of Puppy Training

The earlier the better? This is absolutely true for dog training. Young dogs are extremely curious and still view the world objectively. It's possible to take advantage of this in order to show dogs playfully – but consistently too – what is expected of them and what types of behaviour are undesirable.

13 min

Training adult dogs

The earlier you train your dog, the less problems they will cause later on. However, training adult dogs basic commands is still possible. We will show you what you should consider when training your adult dog and which seven exercises are perfect for beginners.
4 min

Training puppies to be relaxed on the lead

It's important to teach your dog to be relaxed on a lead. Your dog pulling can turn pleasant walks into a test of patience. Pulling can be a particularly serious problem if your dog is a large, heavy breed and difficult to control. Especially when your dog decides it wants to dart off in a different direction. Problems with walking your dog on a lead start from puppyhood, but with a bit of know-how and a little patience, you can lay the best foundation for happy on-lead walking in future.
7 min

What dogs understand

Some dog lovers are sure that their canine companion understands them perfectly. Nevertheless, there are often misunderstandings between humans and dogs in day-to-day life, because what appears self-explanatory to us isn't always so clear for dogs. What do dogs really understand?
5 min

Why does my dog dig in the garden?

Do you have your own garden where you enjoy spending time with your dog? Great! But if your dog digs in the garden, this can soon spoil the mood for hobby gardeners. We will explain why your dog digs in the garden and how you can wean it off this.

Dog psychology is based on analysing the behaviour of your dog and learning to communicate properly. Often your dog’s bad behaviour is just the result of a misunderstanding between dog and owner. Qualified animal experts find it helpful to observe the behaviour of people with their dogs in daily situations such as walkies or relaxing at home. When there’s a problem the expert acts as the “translator” and gives tips and recommendations on how to build on the trust relationship between the dog and its owner and improve the quality of communication for good.

Dog Psychology

Understanding the way your dog thinks can help you act on any difficult behaviours your dog may display. Things like aggressive behaviour, destroying furniture, pulling on the lead, uncontrollable barking and separation anxiety are just some of the things that can be helped with proper training and understanding.

Five ground rules of dog psychology:

  1. Dogs should never obey out of fear, but instead obey because of positive associations with the command!
  2. A dog needs clear rules and a clearly enforced hierarchy.
  3. Violence has no place in dog training or dog psychology!
  4. Rewards such as dog treats and positive experiences such as praise help your dog to learn quicker and result in the correct behaviour.
  5. Patience is key!