Cat Training

10 min

10 Tricks for Clever Cats

In order to occupy your cat, it's important to give them a variety of tasks to complete. This article will outline 10 great tricks that you and your clever feline can practise together. 

7 min

Anxiety in Cats

Cats are naturally curious creatures. That being said, not every cat trusts people. This is especially true when cats grow up without contact with humans or have had negative experiences with people. Gentle handling of a scared cat is key.

2 min

Cat Hunting Behaviour

Cats usually start their hunt by lurking and sneaking from a hidden spot before they launch their attack on the prey. They only eat their prey when they are really hungry. Otherwise it happens all too often that they present their human with a half-dead mouse on the carpet.

3 min

Cat Tree vs Scratching Post: What is Better for Cats?

Scratching is an essential need for our cats. Not just purely domestic cats, but also cats with free rein have to sharpen their claws to shed excess horn tissue. What's more, cats mark their territory by scratching. These visible marks send a clear message: I live here. Both through the scent glands located on the paws and wellbeing hormones, every cat leaves behind its own individual mark.

13 min

Cats marking: why and what to do?

Marking with urine is a natural means of communication between cats. However, it can be very unpleasant for their owner if they mark in your home and leave their scent on the walls, furniture or windows. Why do some cats mark within the four walls of your home and how can this behaviour be avoided?

4 min

Does My Cat Trust Me? These 5 Signs Prove It

Trust is needed for a harmonious relationship with your cat. But can you build your cat's trust and how do felines show that they do trust you? Cats are considered independent and not very transparent, but these five signs of behaviour will prove to you whether and to what extent your cat trusts you.

5 min

Getting Cats Used to a Lead

A cat on a lead – can that work? Of course! With the right training, felines enjoy walking on a lead, although not all are suitable for a regular catwalk. Read here how you can get your cat used to a lead.

9 min

Help! My Cat Wets the Bed

Cats are usually the cleanest animals in the world but what can you do when your cat suddenly starts to go to the toilet in your bed instead of in the litter tray? What could be the underlying cause and how can this unpleasant habit be broken? Here, you will learn the reasons behind this undesirable behaviour, how to help your cat in this situation and how you can protect your bed from the cat urine.

4 min

Kitten care: the basics of looking after kittens

The correct kitten care is especially important in the first few weeks of life. During this time, kittens absorb a wealth of information from their mother and their siblings. However, the importance of looking after a kitten through human contact cannot be overstated. This combination of learning from different sources is the best way to prepare your kitten for its journey through life. 

4 min

Lack of Feline Hygiene

Cats are very clean animals by nature. If they no longer use their cat toilet correctly or don't clean themselves adequately, this is the first warning sign of serious health or psychological problems!

10 min

My cat meows at night: why and what to do?

Sleepless nights because your cat meows at night? Presumably every cat owner has experienced this. But what should we do if our cat robs us of sleep every night with its meowing? Why do many cats meow particularly at night and what helps combat nightly cat woes?