Cat Training

7 min

Anxiety in Cats

Cats are naturally curious creatures. That being said, not every cat trusts people. This is especially true when cats grow up without contact with humans or have had negative experiences with people. Gentle handling of a scared cat is key.
2 min

Cat Hunting Behaviour

Cats usually start their hunt by lurking and sneaking from a hidden spot before they launch their attack on the prey. They only eat their prey when they are really hungry. Otherwise it happens all too often that they present their human with a half-dead mouse on the carpet.
10 min

Cats marking: why and what to do?

Marking with urine is a natural means of communication between cats. However, it can be very unpleasant for their owner if they mark in your home and leave their scent on the walls, furniture or windows. Why do some cats mark within the four walls of your home and how can this behaviour be avoided? Whilst we are still amused outside watching how our cat sprays the garden fence with its urine with a stretched-out, trembling tail and signals to the neighbour's cat that this is its territory, we don't find this behaviour funny at all inside our own home. Understandably, because cat urine smells awful indoors and won't just become a serious problem for humans and their sense of smell in the long term. But why do some cats mark in the home? What do they want to say to us? Indeed, cats should no longer need to mark at home. After all, no other cat (apart from households with multiple cats) will challenge them for this territory, right?
5 min

Getting Cats Used to a Lead

A cat on a lead – can that work? Of course! With the right training, felines enjoy walking on a lead, although not all are suitable for a regular catwalk. Read here how you can get your cat used to a lead.
8 min

Help! My Cat Wets the Bed

Cats are usually the cleanest animals in the world but what can you do when your cat suddenly starts to go to the toilet in your bed instead of in the litter tray? What could be the underlying cause and how can this unpleasant habit be broken? Here, you will learn the reasons behind this undesirable behaviour, how to help your cat in this situation and how you can protect your bed from the cat urine.
7 min

Keeping a Cat Calm During Fireworks Season

It’s that time of year again when the firework season is upon us! Whilst summer is a time for BBQs and Garden Parties, Autumn and Winter celebrations are all about fireworks, bonfires and indoor festivities! Bonfire Night, Halloween and New Years are just a few of the celebrations we have to look forward to, and most people will celebrate with a bang! The commotion of parties, fireworks and other festivals can be very stressful for a cat, so we have compiled a few tips on how to make these last few months of the year as stress-free as possible for your feline friend!
4 min

Lack of Feline Hygiene

Cats are very clean animals by nature. If they no longer use their cat toilet correctly or don't clean themselves adequately, this is the first warning sign of serious health or psychological problems!

Poor feline hygiene manifests itself in different manners and cannot be overlooked if your cat does its business outside of its litter box. Equally, if your cat no longer cleans itself or does so too regularly, this can indicate a serious mental or psychological illness.

10 min

My cat meows at night: why and what to do?

Sleepless nights because your cat meows at night? Presumably every cat owner has experienced this. But what should we do if our cat robs us of sleep every night with its meowing? Why do many cats meow particularly at night and what helps combat nightly cat woes?
2 min

Your Kitten’s First Trip Out

Is my cat ready for an outdoor excursion?

The sun makes outdoor excursions very tempting, as our cats also know well. Once they have enjoyed outdoor access, they want it all the time! Unlimited time outdoors isn't always advisable for you and your cat though.