Your Kitten’s First Trip Out

A Kitten's First Trip Out

Is my cat ready for an outdoor excursion?

The sun makes outdoor excursions very tempting, as our cats also know well. Once they have enjoyed outdoor access, they want it all the time! Unlimited time outdoors isn’t always advisable for you and your cat though.

What needs to be considered with new arrivals?

  • Upon arrival in a new home, cats should stay indoors for at least four weeks so that they can form a connection with their new environment and territory!
  • If you live on a busy street and your cat has no experience with cars, things could meet a nasty end. Give real thought as to whether you want to run the risk.

  • Your cat should have access to your home during the day via a cat flap or a secure area so that it is protected from wind, bad weather, dogs, neighbouring cats or other potential threats.

  • Does your cat know its own name and will it come back home when you call it? If not, the rustle of a bag of food can also make little strays return. Try it out!

  • Make sure that your cat has been sterilised or castrated and that it has a microchip or branding to identify it. By doing so, you protect yourself from unwanted surprises and can track down your cat in case of emergency.
  • Has your cat received the required vaccinations? You should focus on panleukopenia, cat flu and rabies for outdoor cats. Your vet can offer you extensive advice on this matter.

  • Regular deworming treatments and vermin prophylaxis are also essential for cats.
  • In contrast, collars aren’t a good idea for outdoor cats, because they can all too easily get caught in bushes and shrubbery, potentially seriously injuring your cat.

If well prepared, outdoor access will bring great joy to your cat without any remorse!

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