Cat Agility and Games

Cats are very intelligent animals that need cat agility and games to prevent boredom and depression. This is especially the case for those who are kept purely indoors. Here we explain what you can do to give your feline friend enough enrichment. Read more

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Cat Exercise: How to Achieve the Ideal Weight

With just a few too many well-intentioned treats and too little playtime, your cat can soon start to gain weight. This raises the question: isn't there a way for cats to exercise too? Luckily, with our five exercises for feline fitness, you can get your cat moving and help them shed those extra kilos.
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Cat Tree vs Scratching Post: What is Better for Cats?

Scratching is an essential need for our cats. Not just purely domestic cats, but also cats with free rein have to sharpen their claws to shed excess horn tissue. What's more, cats mark their territory by scratching. These visible marks send a clear message: I live here. Both through the scent glands located on the paws and wellbeing hormones, every cat leaves behind its own individual mark.
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Cat Yoga

Many gyms are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic. For many people, their usual yoga sessions are currently taking place in their own home. Some people are using the time to try out yoga for the first time with the help of online courses. Cat yoga is one of the newer trends that emerged in the last years. How does it work? We'll give you some tips!
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Keeping Cats Occupied: Intelligence Toys and Co.

Cats are real-life cuddly toys for many people: they are soft and love being close to humans and being spoilt! What many cat owners forget though is that their cuddly toys are little wild animals at heart! They are rarely satisfied with and stimulated by life on the couch.
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Laser Pointer for Cats

Opinions differ greatly with regard to whether laser pointers make suitable cat toys. In the following article, we will outline a few aspects that allow you to weigh up the pros and cons and to make your own decision concerning your beloved cat.
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Playing with Indoor Cats

As the owner of an indoor cat, you will undoubtedly want to make sure that your pet’s life is as close to natural as possible. This means that a home suitable for an indoor cat will have lots of variety. The fewer areas are off-limits the better for your cat. Flexible mealtimes are closer to a cat’s natural behaviour than eating at fixed times. You should give your cat its last bedtime treat when you go to bed yourself. Your cat will be more able to cope with stress if it has more variety in its life. You should find ways to keep your indoor cat busy and play with it as often as possible. Give it a new cardboard box to play peek-a-boo in at least once a week as this exposes your cat to new scents. You should also make sure there is some variety in the background noises in your home.

The importance of cat agility

You can do a lot to provide your cat with the ideal living conditions to ensure it has a happy life. They will show gratefulness with plenty of cuddles (and maybe the odd dead mouse in your house).

Luckily, there are plenty of agility games and toys you can use. Some cat toys you can even make yourself. Of course, the zooplus shop also offer plenty of choice if you aren't into DIY.

A considerable amount of time should be dedicated to your cat's enrichment activities. Cats love routine. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the fun time window similar each day. Since cats are nocturnal, it makes sense to dedicate this time to them in the evenings.

Cat agility and games are also very important for health and preventing obesity. Again, this is especially the case for indoor cats as they have limited movement compared to a cat who gets to explore the outdoors.

zooplus offers special intelligence toys to stimulate your cat's brain cells.

Preventing bad physical and mental health

In the wild cats are hunters and highly active. Often this does not translate to life in a human household. The lack of mental and physical exercise can lead to obesity and mental issues. It is the owners responsibility to mimic the nature and provide cat trees cats can climb on, toys they can play with and intelligence games they can figure out. It is not always necessary to buy these. Many are great DIY projects and even more rewarding if your cat likes them. It is also recommended to actively play with your cat yourself. Playing games with your cat is a perfect bonding opportunity, whilst also providing opportunity to improve their agility.