Playing with Indoor Cats

Playing with an indoor cat

As the owner of an indoor cat, you will undoubtedly want to make sure that your pet’s life is as close to natural as possible. This means that a home suitable for an indoor cat will have lots of variety. The fewer areas are off-limits the better for your cat. Flexible mealtimes are closer to a cat’s natural behaviour than eating at fixed times. You should give your cat its last bedtime treat when you go to bed yourself. Your cat will be more able to cope with stress if it has more variety in its life. You should find ways to keep your indoor cat busy and play with it as often as possible. Give it a new cardboard box to play peek-a-boo in at least once a week as this exposes your cat to new scents. You should also make sure there is some variety in the background noises in your home.

Why is playing with indoor cats so important?

Playing is extremely important for cats as it helps to reduce stress. It allows them to follow their natural instincts and keep physically and mentally fit. Indoor cats have much fewer options for letting off steam than those that are allowed outside. They need to move around and play so that their muscles and bones don’t suffer from not being used and their minds are kept active. When playing with an indoor cat, it quickly becomes clear that cats are real pros when it comes to playing. When living with people, cats show a great interest in playing, even into their senior years. When you dedicate more time to playing with your pet, it will happily join in with the game. Cats that just lounge in the corner and snooze have resigned themselves to being bored. If you make sure your indoor cat is kept busy, you will even be able to prevent behavioural problems.

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How to use cat toys as a form of stimulation

Well-thought out play with indoor cats can also stimulate their intelligence. They always need new challenges in order not to get bored, as they are all too quickly at the risk of being under-challenged in a home environment. The Grumpy Cat, a sock with crackly foil and catnip as a form of stimulation, fascinates your cat and can keep it occupied for hours. The little bell further activates the playful instinct. Robust toys like the KONG Kickeroo Kitten are equally sought-after, because they too encourage this instinct to play and offer countless activity opportunities. Soft toys are always a source of great fascination for cats. Replica mice or other animals stuffed with spelt or catnip are particularly well-received. Be it carrying it around, poking it, throwing it in the air or biting it, your cat can occupy itself for hours with one of these toys. A soft animal toy often makes a lovable cuddling companion too.

Which toys will keep your cat on its toes?

By carefully selecting the games you play with your cat, you can also boost your cat’s intelligence. These creatures always need new challenges to avoid getting bored. Cats that are kept inside risk being under-stimulated. Toys with catnip are so captivating that cats will play with them for hours on end.

Hard-wearing toys like the KONG Kickeroo Kitten are also well-liked because they satisfy a cat’s urge to play and offer thousands of ways to stay busy. Cats are always very taken with soft toys. Toy mice or other creatures with a spelt or catnip filling are particularly popular. Your cat will be kept busy for hours with such a toy by carrying it around, nuzzling it, tossing it in the air or biting it. Cats can also enjoy cuddling up to a soft toy.

catnip toy © zooplus AG
catit massage center © zooplus AG

Intelligence toys from brand-names

Intelligence toys are a great option for keeping your indoor cat busy because they encourage creativity and make your cat quicker, both mentally and physically. Cats find the Catit Design Senses Massage Centre irresistible because it consists of several elements. This toy has a gum stimulator, ripple massager, an acupressure mat and can be filled with treats.

The Trixie Cat Activity Fun Board also combines many different features. Another toy that will quickly brighten up your cat’s day is the Catit Design Senses Super Roller Circuit. A flashing ball whizzes around the track which can also be extended or combined with other products. You won’t find a better toy for encouraging movement because your cat will chase tirelessly after the ball.

catit senses indoor cat game UK © zooplus AG

Agility for indoor cats

Cat agility involves completing an obstacle course, hopefully without making any mistakes!

It is a fantastic way for indoor cats to stay fit and healthy. This training is designed for pets and strengthens the whole musculoskeletal system while also improving your cat’s intelligence. If you are a newcomer to the world of cat agility, you should start slowly and build up carefully. Your pet shouldn’t be overworked, or it won’t participate. If you have the right equipment you can start to encourage your cat to give it a go. You will see that it will happily take up your offer.

cat in bag © zooplus AG
cat hiding in bag © zooplus AG


Cats love hide-and-seek! Every hiding place is enjoyable, whether inside a tunnel or behind a door. You can even improvise somewhat when playing with an indoor cat to keep your feline friend on its toes. Cardboard boxes are a popular hiding place that cats love to slink into. This game mirrors their natural hunting instinct. It is worth making it fun because it is an easy way to combine mental agility and an exciting game.

Free apps

Most cats go crazy for apps. A good example is ‘Game for Cats’ on either Apple or Android which is high up on the list of cat games. In this game, your cat chases a laser pointer. If your kitty catches it, the game makes a high-pitched noise and the laser dot will dissolve in a pink cloud. Other versions of this game will allow your cat to play against an unknown opponent online and it usually doesn’t take long to find a rival. Lots of objects such as mice or butterflies move across the screen. If one of the cats catches one, it disappears in a pink cloud. A particularly charming feature is that a mark appears where the cats have touched the screen.

British Shorthair cat using tablet lying on bed. © zooplus AG

Always supervise your cat while it plays to make sure that it doesn’t swallow anything or get caught on something. It is also a good idea to inspect all toys regularly for damage.

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