Top 10 Cat Accessories for Summer

cat accessories and toys for summer

What must-have accessories does my cat need this summer?

This summer, cats need what they always do: plenty of time to sleep, relax and eat. And lots of cuddling sessions too, of course! Because the little things are what matter most. The top accessories for your cat that we recommend here for it to enjoy the summer will make this season even more special for your cat.

1. Camping Tent Cat Den

As the temperature beings to rise, a little hide-away in the shade is perfect for your cat. The Camping Tent Cat Den protects your cat from the direct sunlight – and the odd chance of a summer shower! This cute little tent not only provides shade on sunny days, but the mesh insert ensures your cat has plenty of ventilation. Simply pop up this tent in your back garden and securely anchor it into the ground, and let your cat enjoy watching the world go by.

2. Drinking Fountain

Sufficient fluid intake, best provided with Drinking Fountains, is extremely important for cats, especially to prevent serious kidney diseases. In this context, it’s vital to mention that you should always provide wet food, because this is the only type with a sufficiently high fluid content. Dry food should only be given in small quantities, because the proportion of fluids is much too low and can therefore lead to serious illnesses. If your cat eats a lot of dry food, it’s even more important for it to consume plenty of water too. Based on the natural living conditions of our feline friends, water should never be provided right next to the food bowl, but in several different locations. Especially in the warm summer months, your beloved cat will take great delight in a refreshing drinking fountain. The combination of water bowls and a drinking fountain is also recommended. Drinking fountains and bowls come in a huge range of designs, materials and sizes, so there’s definitely one out there for your treasured cat.

Kitty Pool with toys

3. Kitty Pool with Floatable Toys

The Kitty Pool with floatable toys offers water-loving cats great opportunities for fun and games in cool water! Your beloved cat will be even more interested if you place a treat on the swimming toys, which are dyed with food colouring, making them totally harmless for your cat. In the winter months, the Kitty Pool can be stowed away compactly since it is easy to fold together. The mother-of-pearl coloured shimmering floor strengthens water reflexes and offers your cat an exciting spectacle with a magic attraction.

4. Wire-Reinforced Cat Protection Net

If you have an indoors cat that goes to the balcony to look at the birds flying past from time to time and to enjoy the sun and bird’s twittering, we recommend a wire-reinforced Cat Protection Net. Even if your cat bites down strongly on the net, the material resists, as it does too with the effects of storms and UV light. Nevertheless, it goes without saying that you should never leave your cat unsupervised. Due to the small sizes available, this net is also suitable for kittens.

5. SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap

Along with the Cat Protection Net, the SureFlap Microchip Cat Flap is a top seller. And rightly so, since this cat flap with a microchip reading device and four-way shutter is an excellent product that both customers and cats love. The SureFlap Microchip Pet Flap is a different model recommended for particularly large cats. Both varieties offer a revolutionary battery-operated cat flap that reads the cat’s microchip via a long-range antenna and uses it as a key. At just the touch of a button, this innovative cat flap stores your cat’s chip number. This means that only your cat can get past this integrated “bouncer” and prevents neighbourhood cats entering your cat’s territory.

6. Cat House with Sunroof

Cats love adventures. Equally important for them though are regular retreats to places where they can recharge their batteries by taking a long nap. Cuddle beds and snuggly cushions are a good option, but during the summer months, the Cat House with Sunroof is a good extra alternative. This colourful little wooden house is ideal for outdoors – the green and white lacquered façade, with a linear two-storey design and a cute veranda, gives this cat house a stylish vibe. The weatherproof roof features two sections; one side is coated in robust asphalt, reliably protecting the Cat House with Sunroof from rain and acting as a great lookout platform in good weather. The other half is over the veranda, with a transparent plastic sunroof – perfect for your cat to sun themselves under, without being in direct sunlight. The lower levels of the Cat House with Sunroof provide two separate dens, which guarantee your beloved feline companion a completely shaded place to retreat. Once your cat has regained their energy, they can set out on new adventures.

7. “Sightseer” Rucksack Carry Bag

Since two cats became famous on social media for “travelling” in a rucksack through Asia with their owner, the dream of many cat owners has been to have the opportunity to always have their beloved cat with them on their travels and during outings – almost like a baby in a wraparound sling. The “Sightseer” Rucksack Carry Bag now makes this dream a reality: your cat can join you on tour in this comfortable rucksack carry bag. You don’t have to head into the wilderness straight away though! After all, cats are fundamentally very much tied to the place where they live. If you do wish to take your beloved feline companion with you on a trip, you can make use of the following features: the rucksack has a large foldable web cover, giving your cat an excellent view. It also gives them the not-so-appealing view on the way to the vet’s too, because the rucksack is also suitable for such journeys.

Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree

8. Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree III

This classic, stylish cat tree is an ideal addition to your patio this summer. This cat tree is entirely weatherproof, so it is easy to care for and can withstand a summer shower or two! The Karlie Outdoor Cat Tree has sturdy pillars that are wrapped with plastic sisal material – plenty of opportunities arise for your cat to flex their claws and give the pillars a good scratching. The two dens are woven from robust artificial rattan and provide your cat with places to snooze out of the sun’s glare. The lounging platforms on the Karlie Cat Tree offer your cat the perfect space to survey their kingdoms from up high – after all, we know who really runs the household!

9. Connect 2-in-1 Cat Tunnel

With this cat tunnel, you can not only turn the indoors into an adventure for your cat, but also your garden. The connect 2-in-1 cat tunnel gives your cat not only a fun playing opportunity, but also shade from the hot summer sun.

10. Natural Paradise 2in1 Hammock

Whether it is summer or winter, the Natural Paradise 2in1 Hammock offers the perfect place to doze off thanks to the double-sided washable cover. One side offers a cooler smooth side for hot summer days and a plush winter side for colder days. Great for placing it in the garden or the balcony.

Whatever product you choose, we wish you a fantastic summer with your wonderful cat!

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