Christmas Presents for Cats

Christmas gift ideas for cats

For most cats Christmas is a very exciting time. It is customary to give gifts at Christmas and there is no reason why your feline companion shouldn’t also be part of the fun. It doesn’t matter whether you have two legs or four, a gift is a sign of affection and appreciation. A Christmas present will show your kitty how much it means to you. You won’t even have to think long and hard about what is on your cat’s Christmas list. There are lots of fabulous possibilities to surprise your pet with an exciting present, including toys, food bowls and cat baskets. We have compiled a list of the best Christmas gift ideas which are sure to make your pet very happy.

Christmas-themed cat toys with valerian

Playing is at the top of almost every cat’s list of favourite things to do. This means that toys with valerian are always a good idea as a Christmas present for your cat. What’s more, there is a big temptation for cats to go after the fairy lights and the tinsel at Christmas, so these toys offer a significant advantage. A valerian toy provides variety so your cat will leave your Christmas decorations alone. We have many fun toys that your cat won’t be able to get enough of, meaning its attention will be turned away from your Christmas tree decorations.

Why do cats go crazy for valerian?

Valerian is one of the plants that cats love. Valerian has a euphoric effect on most cats, which is the opposite to the calming effect that this herb has on humans. A toy with valerian inside will capture your pet’s interest in a big way. The scent of valerian encourages cats to play and tumble and roll around. This means that fun is guaranteed at Christmas.

Ho! Ho! Ho! Aumüller valerian pillow

Are you not feeling in the Christmas spirit yet? No problem, this valerian pillow by Aumüller creates a festive feeling straight away. It has a Christmas-themed design and is filled with spelt and valerian root. When the pillow is played with the spelt inside rustles, which keeps your cat entertained for hours on end. The entire filling is free from toxic substances. Cats will love cuddling, snuggling and tumbling around with this pillow. A valerian pillow is an optimal Christmas present for a cat that gets bored easily.

Festive cat toy set

This fun cat toy set features 10 different festive pieces to ensure that any cat will be entertained. Four soft toys, including a hilarious mug of mulled wine, balls with bells, foils and tinsels, a dangler toy and a catnip ball let your cat join in the Christmas spirit. Your cat’s enjoyment is guaranteed with this set. What’s more it comes at a reasonable price, too.

FroliCat Bolt Laser Cat Toy

An exciting cat toy that will turn any room into an adventure playground. The FroliCat interactive laser activates even the laziest cats. Can be used in automatic mode or be handheld. To make sure your cat does not get frustrated by not being able to catch the laser, a timer ensures that the toy switches off after 15 minutes if not switched off earlier manually. It’s an ideal toy to exercise your cat which makes it even better for the treat-rich festive season.

Toy frame for cats

It’s not just human babies who enjoy toy frames. Furry babies do too! zooplus offers a great option with the Little Leo Frame. It comes with four dangling catnip-filled toys and a soft fleece mat. The toys are adorned with rustly or feathery parts. Perfect for cats who like to take a break in between play sessions. This frame is ideal for small flats as it can be folded up easily.

A calm Christmas thanks to toys with catnip

Not all cats are boisterous and playful. There are cats that prefer a calmer and more relaxed pace, depending on breed and age. There is also a variety of fantastic Christmas gift ideas for these cats. An ideal choice is the Catit Design Senses Massage Centre that has been created with your relaxation focused cat’s perspective in mind.

Ginger cat playing with christmas presents © maryviolet /

Cosy cat baskets for the cold season

What do cats love to do besides playing and eating? Sleeping! There is no better Christmas present for your cat than a warm and cosy place to sleep. Even the most active cats love to have a snooze after a busy day. Seeing as cats are very sensitive to loud noises, it is even more important to give your kitty a place to retreat to during the Christmas season. This makes a fluffy and warm bed the ideal Christmas surprise for your cat. Your feline friend will be very pleased with their new basket, den or blanket.

Charming feeding bowls for Christmas

Christmas is the purrfect excuse for cats that love to eat to have a big feast. If you present your cat not only with a Christmas feast, but also serve it up in a new bowl, you will be thanked with much love. Food and water bowls for cats come in many different colours, shapes and sizes. They are a very fitting Christmas present for cats that love to dine in style.

More fantastic Christmas gift ideas for cats

Toys, bowls and beds aren’t the only great gift ideas. There are many more marvellous presents on offer for those who are looking for a Christmas present for their cat, such as:

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