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Wicker Cat Baskets

These wicker cat baskets provide you with classic designs and comfortable interiors for your cat to snuggle up in. They are perfect for trips to the vet or simply as a cosy hideaway!
    2 products
    2 products
    Trixie Wicker Cat Basket

    Trixie wicker basket with mesh door and handle. Ideal for short journeys and trips to the vet. Also a lovely place to use as a cat cave to snuggle into.

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    50 x 36 x 42cm (L x W x H)
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    RRP* £34.99 Our Price£28.99
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    Elaborately woven cat den in a Puebloan style! The cushioned lower floor is a snuggle den with a window, ideal for watching the world go by, while the upper floor platform is perfect for napping.

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    2 Varieties from
    Beige - 56 x 36 x 42 cm (L x W x H)
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    Brown - 56 x 36 x 42 cm (L x W x H)
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    Wicker Cat Baskets

    For comfort, calm and happiness!

    A wicker cat bed is a great way to offer your cat a homely, comfortable place to rest, with a traditional design that will fit into every home. A wicker cat bed can also be ideal as they are portable, so can be your cat’s cosy home in the house but also its travel crate for going to the vets, helping to soothe and comfort.
    Here at zooplus we offer wicker cat beds that are both traditional and more modern, with all bringing a touch of style to your home and offering your cat privacy and comfort. A wicker cat bed is also practical, made from highly robust material that is scratch resistant and relatively easy to keep clean. Inserting a comfy cushion into a wicker cat bed can transform it into the cosiest possible den for your pet!

    Browse the full range of Wicker Cat Baskets here at zooplus:

    Find a wicker cat bed that your cat will adore.
    All of these wicker cat baskets are of the finest quality and offer your cat a sense of security and peace.

    • Traditional wicker cat beds: if it’s not broken, don’t fix it! These traditional-style wicker cat baskets have changed very little of the years, in traditional orb designs with natural colouring and mesh doors through which your cat can watch the world go by. They are perfect for trips to the vet and offer a cave-like surrounding in which your cat can truly relax.
    • Modern wicker cat baskets: these including stylish banana leaf designs and elaborate wicker palaces, ideal for the quirkier cat. There are even wicker sofas for the cat that loves to recline and relax to the full! As with the round traditional wicker cat beds, these tend to include a comfortable cushion, or can be fitted with one that is the ideal shape and size, to add an extra level of homeliness to the wicker cat bed.

    Here at zooplus we offer a a great range of Wicker Cat Baskets to make every cat feel like royalty.
    These high-quality wicker cat dens are the perfect way to keep your cat comfortable and happy, in affordable and practical ways.

    Browse the full range of Cat Beds & Cat Baskets available here at zooplus, to keep your cat feeling happy and safe.

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