10 Ways Dogs Show Love

Ways dogs show love

Dogs have many ways of showing affection.

There are many different ways dogs show love. We will show you 10 signs that can prove your dog’s affection towards you. Firstly, it’s important to be aware that your own instincts are a crucial factor in understanding your dog’s language. After all, each dog is different and you as their hooman know it best. The following ten points merely offer a broad outline. The better you get to know your dog, the better you can judge its body language.

  • Sign that your dog loves you: it looks deep into your eyes

If your dog intensely focuses its gaze on you with its large puppy eyes, it’s likely that this is because it loves you. According to studies, your dog’s oxytocin levels even increase when it looks at you so profoundly. This is the hormone that also triggers feelings of an intense connection for humans too. 

  • It is always by your side

If your dog loves you, there is no place it would rather be than by your side. Loving dogs prefer being near their favourite people (other than their food bowl). What better way to reciprocate this love by taking it on fun walks and giving cuddles.

Child and dog cuddling
  • It gives you a special present

What could be a better gift from a dog than a bone? At least from the dog’s point of view. For your dog, giving you its favourite chew toy is an unmistakeable sign of love. If it brings you the toy but doesn’t want to give it up to you, this is in fact an invitation to play. 

  • Ways dogs show love: It has no fear of loss

Fear of loss could be misinterpreted as a sign of love from dogs, but it is actually the opposite: it is a good sign if your dog can be alone and trusts that you are coming back. If your dog copes well on its own, this also shows that it accepts its owner as the leader, which is very desirable. The dog accepts that the “boss” has decided to go. Although it is very happy to see you again, it doesn’t get overly agitated or even hyper when it greets you, which is a good sign. Getting too agitated can also be an expression of dominant behaviour towards you. 

  • Your dog jumps up at you

Even though this can be an indicator of love, this behaviour has a further meaning. It is an expression of dominant behaviour. If your dog jumps up at you, you shouldn’t react in an overly excited, joyful manner. This would signal to that you are inferior. It would bring problems in your relationship with one another. Of course you can show your happiness, but you should constantly radiate calm and confidence. 

  • It comforts you

Thanks to their never-failing instincts, dogs have a clear intuition for how their owner is feeling. If it senses that you aren’t feeling too good, it will try to comfort you by being close to you. The question “does my dog love me?” will answer itself here. 

Woman kissing dog
Happy dogs love cuddling.
  • Protective behaviour

If your dog thinks you are in danger, it will position itself in front of you as a form of protection. At the same time, this behaviour can also be viewed critically, suggesting that the dog doesn’t consider you a leader who has the situation under control. You should always express to your four-legged friend through genuinely confident behaviour that it can fully trust you and that you are in charge of the situation. 

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  • Ways dogs show love: tail-wagging

The fact that tail-wagging is an expression of joy and love is common knowledge by now. However, this isn’t always the case. Agitated dogs also wag their tail. It’s important to observe the context under which it displays this behaviour. Scared dogs also wag their tail, but keep it low. The position of the ears should also be taken into consideration when interpreting signals. When they are tilted back, it can be an expression of stress and fear.

  • It licks you

One of the most clear ways dogs show love is licking. It equates to care and is your dog’s way of showing that it looks after you. This can be considered a sure sign of affection. If you don’t want this expression of love, you should communicate this to your dog sensitively, for instance, by making a compromise in which it licks just your hand instead of your whole face. If not, your dog could feel upset in certain circumstances.

  • Sleeping near you

It stands to reason that it’s a good sign when your dog likes to lie close to you and can sleep well with you nearby. This shows that it trusts you, which is a measure of its deep love for you.

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