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Chihuahua dog eating from dog bowl

In contrast to large breeds, there is the danger of overfeeding small breeds.

Small but packs a punch: according to the breed standard, the Chihuahua is lively, alert, restless and very courageous and is classed as the world's smallest breed. If it were as large as it is loyal, it would be the ideal guard dog: a shepherd dog in a Chihuahua's body. The Chihuahua needs plenty of attention and is selective in allocating its affections.

How to feed your Chihuahua?

Along with love and care, a breed-appropiate nutrition is crucial for a good start into a healthy dog life. It is important to choose food that offers a balanced formula containing energy, minerals, micro-nutrients and vitamins. However, small breeds like the Chihuahua often risk the danger of being over-fed or overly babied.

Feeding recommendations for puppy food are dependent on the dog's current and expected weight as an adult dog. Here you can use the puppy's parent's weight as a guide. Additionally, you should take into account activity levels to decide on the amount of food.

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Chihuahua nutrition: Which food is the best?

Royal Canin Chihuahua Puppy dry and Royal Canin Mini Puppy wet dog food are recommended for puppies. The amount of food should always be divided into several feeds a day. Make sure to always provide sufficient fresh water.

Small dogs get bigger – feeding an adult Chihuahua

With fully grown Chihuahuas, the diet should shift to a food for adult dogs. Although Chihuahuas are not known to tend to become obese, you should nevertheless keep an eye on your pet's weight. The Chihuahua is a toy breed with a short snout. It finds warmer temperatures unpleasant and is best advised to avoid them. A heavy body weight could intensify this problem. It's up to you to decide whether to give your Chihuahua wet or dry food or both types mixed together. The dog mostly decides for itself with its preferences. As a treat or for training, the biscuits from dry food or different little snacks are suitable. It's best to subtract the quantity of treats from the daily food intake. When it comes to dry food, little biscuits adapted to the teeth of small dogs are recommended. Some brands offer Chihuahua-specific dry food. Wet food is often very popular because it is tastier than dry food. As well, the fluid intake is higher with wet food, since the moisture content is mostly above 70%.

Diet for senior Chihuahuas

An older and smaller dog needs a diet adapted to its age and size, since the ageing process triggers physical changes. The metabolism and activity level drop. A tasty, suitably adapted food with high acceptance can support the wellbeing of older dogs. Its food should be adjusted to the specific signs of ageing in order for your dog to stay fit as long as possible and to encourage an optimal ageing process.

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