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Wolf of Wilderness RAW Freeze-dried Snacks

Product description

Wolf of Wilderness RAW Freeze-dried Snacks 5 22
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Chicken Hearts (70g)
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Lamb Lung (50g)
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Beef Liver (90g)
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Salmon Fillet (70g)
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Product description

Tasty sugar-free, freeze-dried dog snacks with 100% pure salmon fillet, chicken hearts, lamb lung, beef liver, chicken fillet or duck neck. Grain and gluten-free treats with a rich, meaty taste.
Wolf of Wilderness - RAW Freeze-dried Snacks are great-tasting little snacks made from 100% pure duck neck, pure chicken hearts, pure fillet of salmon, pure fillet of chicken breast, pure lamb lung or pure beef liver. They are also 100% grain-free. The freeze-drying process ensures that these delicious dog treats retain all their great flavour and vital nutrients. The extremely long and very slow drying process extracts all the moisture from the snacks. This gentle process means that there is no need for artificial colours or aromas. Wolf of Wilderness - RAW Freeze-dried Snacks are a delicious way to reward your dog when training, or whenever you feel like giving your dog a treat. Your dog will love the rich, meaty flavour. The snacks come in a handy, re-sealable tub which ensures that they stay fresh and tasty. It also makes them easy to store.

Wolf of Wilderness - RAW Freeze-dried Snacks are available in the following delicious flavours:
  • Beef Liver 90g
  • Salmon Fillet 70g
  • Chicken Hearts 70g
  • Lamb Lung 50g
  • Duck Neck 90g
  • Chicken Breast Fillet 110g
The weight difference is due to the original structure of raw material.

Wolf of Wilderness - RAW Freeze-dried Snacks at a glance:
  • Grain-free
  • Gluten-free
  • Sugar-free
  • Mono protein: a single animal protein for 100% pure enjoyment
  • No artificial aromas, colour or preservatives
  • Suitable for dogs with sensitive digestion
  • Easy to digest and very well accepted
Wolf of Wilderness – Wild and Free!

Please note: dog bones, treats and snacks are available in a range of types and sizes so make sure to choose one that is the appropriate size and shape for your pet. For their safety, please supervise your pets when they are enjoying a treat or bone.


  • 100% lamb lung
  • 100% chicken hearts
  • 100% beef liver
  • 100% salmon fillet
  • 100% duck neck
  • 100% chicken breast fillet

Analytical constituents

protein 71.0 %
fat 15.0 %
fibre 0.3 %
ash 4.0 %
protein 75.0 %
fat 13.0 %
fibre 1.2 %
ash 4.7 %
protein 64.0 %
fat 11.9 %
fibre 0.5 %
ash 6.5 %
protein 82.0 %
fat 7.0 %
fibre 0.5 %
ash 4.2 %

Feeding guide

Feeding guidelines:
Single ingredient, supplementary dog chews.
Feed as a treat between daily meals.
Please make sure your dog always has plenty of fresh water available.

Please note: This product is delivered with an oxygen absorber in the re-sealable tub. This serves the purpose of keeping the product fresh and is not suitable for consumption.


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