CRAVE Dry Dog Food

At CRAVE, we understand that dogs want the taste and nutrition of a diet that’s rich in animal proteins — and the reason is simple. Protein-rich diets provide the nutrients for a strong and healthy dog, with the right amount of energy to play. Made with a minimum of 60% animal sources, CRAVE Dry Dog Food is inspired by a dog's natural diet. CRAVE complete dog food is made with fresh meat for a high protein tasty canine food recipe, which helps support strong and healthy muscles for your canine friend.
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3 products

A high-quality, grain-free dry food with turkey & chicken for adult dogs. The protein-rich kibble, with no artificial colours or preservatives, helps to support strong and healthy muscles.

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Economy Pack: 2 x 11.5kg
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Grain-free dry food for dogs over the age of 1 year, with a high protein content and delicious fresh lamb and beef for natural nutrition, easy to digest and free from soya and wheat.

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Protein-rich, grain-free dog snacks, made with natural ingredients. A delicious reward for your dog, without wheat, soya or dairy, packed in a reseable pouch for a long-lasting freshness.

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Chicken (55g)
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Saver Pack: Chicken (6 x 55g)
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