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Zylkene for Small Dogs <10kg

Is your little pup stressed about visiting the vet? Or anxious on Bonfire night? These Zylkene calming supplements have been carefully created to suit smaller sized dogs that weigh less than 10kg. 
2 products
2 products

Small Dogs <10kg

Zylkene Capsules 75mg for Small Dogs or Cats <10kg

Zylkene are calming nutritional supplement for cats and small dogs, for use when your pet is under stress due to travel or going to the vet. The supplement comes as a soluble powder in capsule form.

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30 capsules
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Tasty chews for dogs and cats up to 10kg. Helps keep your pet calm and reduce anxiety in stressful situations. Made with natural milk protein that is highly accepted and easy to administer. 

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14 chews
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