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Natures Menu Cat Food

Natures Menu wet cat food provides complete, balanced nutrition for adult cats. Each recipe is free from grains, making it a suitable choice for more sensitive felines, and is free from any meat meal or meat derivatives. Only the finest human-grade meat is used in this Natures Menu moist cat food, with 70% meat from ethical sources enriched with vitamins and minerals to support health. 
By choosing a Natures Menu wet cat food diet, you can be sure your cat is receiving everything it needs for good health, including essential nutrients such as taurine, with veterinary-approved recipes made to meet FEDIAF guidelines. 
This selection of Natures Menu wet cat food pouches uses a range of meat and fish flavours to ensure that every cat can find a dish that it happily eats, making it well-accepted and great for variety and enjoyment.
3 products
3 products

Country Hunter

A delicious selection of vet-approved nutritious wet cat food pouches with complete, balanced recipes, free from grains and gluten and made with 96% real meat.

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1 Varieties from
36 x 85g
RRP* £32.99 Our Price£26.99 £8.82 / kg


Complete wet food for cats, in handy pouches containing 70% ethically-sourced meat combined with other key ingredients in a grain-free, veterinary-approved recipe including taurine.

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1 Varieties from
48 x 100g
RRP* £40.29 Our Price£33.49 £6.98 / kg


Spoil your cat with these irresistibly meaty treats, made with 95% real meat and ideal for rewarding, training or hiding medication, with no artificial colours or flavours in a grain-free recipe.

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2 Varieties from
RRP* £2.19 Our Price£1.99 £3.32 / 100g
Saver Pack: 3 x 60g
individually priced £5.97 Now£5.29 £2.94 / 100g

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