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Dog agility and dog sport is steadily gaining in popularity. Dog sport is a great way for you and your pet to build a trusting relationship and get some exercise. This Dog Agility Equipment is a great way to get started! Our selection is available as individual Dog Agility elements to build a course or as complete sets.
5 products
5 products

Height-adjustable Agility Jumping Hoop with stabilising poles. A nylon bag is included for convenient transport.

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Diameter 55cm
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The Agility Weave Pole set contains 12 poles with metal tips and is great as part of a varied fitness programme for your pet. A nylon bag is included for convenient transport.

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12 Poles
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Trixie Dog Agility Bridge

This pinewood bridge with slip-proof rubber coat is the perfect way to train your dog’s balance, motor skills and general condition. It has contact zone hindrances and is perfect for outdoor fitness.

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456 x 30 x 64 cm (L x W x H)
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Challenge your dog to keep his balance with this agility training seesaw from Trixie. Weather resistant with a rubber coating for a secure fit, made of glazed pine wood and the ideal bonding activity.

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300 x 34 x 54 cm (L x W x H)

Obstacle set for dogs, 6 cones + 3 poles, holes to insert poles, create a varied obstacle course, robust and light, easy to use, includes practical carry bag.

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Dog Agility Equipment

Looking for agility equipment for dogs? You're in the right place.

Dog agility equipment sets are the pefect way to bond with your dog whilst keeping them fit and healthy!

Why get a dog agility equipment set?

Physical exercise: Dogs love being active and need daily exercise to keep them fit and healthy. Agilty sets for dogs are a fantastic way to make sure your dog keeps moving and uses lots of different muscles on the different challenges.

Mental stimulation: Your dog is actually very smart. He will love the challenge of working out how to navigate all the various hoops, seesaws, slaloms and tunnels and all these fun and games will lead to reduced stress and boredom. The more fun you have with your dog, the better friend he will be!

Bonding: Dogs are very sociable animals and playing with their owners is really important to them. A dog agility set is the perfect way for you to work together with your pet; not only will it be a fun way to wind down, but it will make your bond so much better with your pet.

Dog Agility Sets

Build your very own dog agility course with our products:
  • Hurdles and Jumps: Ever wish your pet would jump through hoops to impress you? Well, now they can!
  • Tunnels: You dog will be delighted when he explores this tunnel!
  • Slalom Poles: Let your pup weave its way into your heart with this slalom set!
  • Other Agility Products: Does your dog dare take on the see-saw?

Agility sets are hungry work. Make sure you have lots of tasty dog treats on hand!

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