Surprised at the quality and how easy it was to put together, 10 mins to build and my cat absolutely loves it. My cat is big but she isn't one of the bigger breeds like maine coon or ragdoll and its just the correct size for her, a bigger breed would struggle with the bed sizes. For £130 delivered I cannot complain especially since it comes from Holland, I gave it a thorough inspection and found zero faults and I am ultra picky. My cat loves it and that's good enough for me so buy with confidenc



I’ve had this a few years now and it’s still like new! It’s easily hoovered and the sisal hasn’t budged one bit! I have large pedigree cats which is why I chose this and it doesn’t wobble when they’re on it, it’s very sturdy. Huge plus that it suits my gothic decor


It's covered with bad quality plush.

Very lovable, imaginative kitty furniture, initially a favorite of cats. However, unfortunately, after half a year, it starts to slip out of the drafts and in the middle of the upper basket, the screw is crossed. It's a nice piece of design, but - as we can see at so many cat lorries - it's bad quality, it quickly goes wrong.

08/31/18 | Nicci

My fur babies love this

My partner constructed it and found it quite simple. It is really sturdy and my 4 cats bound around on it like no bodies business! They all love it. Best buy ever!

02/07/18 | Donna

All about the hammock!

She loves playing with this activity centre. She runs at it and climbs as if she’s being chased by her tail. This is item is very sturdy and it looks really plush. She adores disappearing into the hammock for sleeping. Peeks over the top to make sure we are still there with her. Adorable


Large car tree

After taken previous advise I built the tree from the top down. No problems and the cats were on it straight away.

05/08/17 | Jenny

Fantastic cat tree

My kitten absolutely loves this cat tree. It took two people to put it together and we didn't realise you have to build it from the top down until we had built most of it,(so you can screw the top bed on securely) but this said it still only took around half an hour to build. Its been up for 3 months now and it is still very sturdy even after all the use it gets. Worth every penny!

09/26/16 | Marion Schumacher

good tree, bad instructions

The tree itself looks fantastic, Ozzy my cat loves it, thu he won't use the basket part.. BUT putting it together it does not feel to sturdy and the second level seems to just sit on top, rather then being able to screw it in proberly...so I am worried it crashes when the cat jumps on it...still for now , 2 days in, it looks fab... lets hope it stayes together

07/13/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

Great scratch post - the cats love it

Very stable cat tree, suitable for bigger breeds as well. Quick to assemble, and the thick pillar stands up to pretty much anything cat-sized. All of my 5 cats loved the tree instantly (I bought 2 to avoid any quarreling). Several of the platforms have become very popular. The balls and holes are also a favourite, with the smaller ones great to poke through and the bigger ones perfect for crawling through. Even the older and more laid back cats get stuck in with the young guns. Definitely recommended.


Used every day

I've put the cat tree at the balcony door and my cat loves to use it as an observing platform or napping place. We got rid of the bed on the top platform. This means we have an extra soft platform now. Very stable. Would be nice if it were available in light grey or beige too. Hairs stand out very quickly on the black.

03/02/15 | originally published in zooplus.de

A scratch post made for Norwegian cats

The Filippo Cat Tree is easy to put together. It is very stable and solid. My 2 Norwegian cats love it, and I can only recommend it.


A dream for cats!

Ideal for big cats! The cat tree is very stable, even for heavyweights. My cat loves this scratch post! I would never have thought that I'd see him in a hammock, but he took to it immediately. This cat tree is more suited to sleeping, as the balls don't contain any interesting bells or other toys. But that didn't bother my cat. All in all: Great! 5 stars with extra points!! Can thoroughly recommend!!

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