Lukullus Dry Dog Food

Lukullus complete dog food with animal proteins, vegetables and vital oils ensures that your dog receives all the nutrients it needs – with no artificial additives. All ingredients are freshly processed in a gentle cooking process, preserving the natural flavours and nutrients.
Lukullus – trust in the power of nature.

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Cold-pressed natural dry food made with 100% vegetarian and vegan ingredients: vitamin-rich fruit & veg and sweet lupin, a gluten-free source of protein. Ideal for nutritionally sensitive dogs.

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Lukullus Dog Food

Trust in the power of nature!

Lukullus has created a great range of cold-pressed dry dog food to ensure your dog receives everything it needs for health and happiness. Lukullus complete dog food is made using animal proteins, vegetables and vital oils that all combine for unbeatable nutrition, without the need for artificial additives. Every ingredient in Lukullus kibble undergoes fresh processing and gentle cooking to retain natural flavour and nutrition.
Lukullus dog food is available in a great range of options, including adult and junior varieties, as well as special vegetarian options that are perfect for more specific canine diets. Lukullus is made with round kibble that is ideal for your dog’s jaws, and is available in a range of hearty flavours that are bound to be a hit.

Browse the full range of Lukullus Dog Food here at zooplus:

Choose the right flavour and variety of Lukullus Dog Food to ensure healthy, balanced nutrition.
Here at zooplus we offer a broad selection of Lukullus Dog Food to meet every need and preference.

  • Trial Packs: find out your dog’s favourite flavour with these handy trial packs, a great way to find your dog’s perfect Lukullus kibble choice before stocking up!
  • Adult: support your dog throughout its life with a nutritious Lukullus dog food diet, available in a range of sophisticated flavours and all packed full of hearty ingredients and healthy nutrition. Lukullus dog is available in a range of varieties, all including the finest recipes that support canine health.
  • Veggie: the vegetarian Lukullus dog food options are essential for those wishing to offer their dog a vegetarian dog food diet or a vegan dog food diet. Lukullus vegetarian dog food contains 100% vegan ingredients, rich in vitamins and designed to provide plenty of protein and essential nutrients.
  • Junior: give your puppy the best start in life with Lukullus puppy food, made with nutritious ingredients and ideal for keeping immune system and body developing properly.

Your dog will adore Lukullus dog food, available in a variety to suit everyone.
Here at zooplus we offer a a great range of Lukullus canine food to satisfy every need.

Why not combine your dog’s Lukullus kibble diet with Lukullus wet dog food, to bring flavour, texture and variety to your dog’s diet!