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Lupo Sensitive Dry Dog Food - 12kg + 3kg Free!*

Product description

Lupo Sensitive Dry Dog Food - 12kg + 3kg Free!* 5 28
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Product description

Now when you buy selected 15kg of Lupo Sensitive Dry Dog Food, a tasty, hypoallergenic, whole food kibble for sensitive dogs, you'll only pay for 12kg - that's 3kg free!
This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 1111112.xx (.xx = variant identifier).

Feeding your dog Lupo Sensitive Dry Dog Food is a great way to reduce food problems. Some dogs are very sensitive to all sorts of ingredients so it is important that your dog eats a dog food which provides all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, yet does not contain anything which might provoke an allergic reaction, digestive issues or skin and fur problems. It is not always individual ingredients which cause a reaction, but rather the way they have been processed which can cause denaturisation. It is important that the ingredients in food for hypersensitive dogs are absolutely pure because even the faintest trace of allergenic substances can cause a severe reaction.

Lupo Sensitive 24/10 dog food is suitable for:

  • Normal to very active dogs
  • Adult dogs of normal weight
  • When raising puppies
  • Pregnant and lactating bitches
  • Dogs with nutrition-related metabolism problems
  • Ideal for many dogs with food allergies

Lupo Sensitive 20/8 dog food is suitable for

  • Normal to less active dogs
  • Dogs which need to lose weight or maintain a healthy body weight
  • Older dogs over 6 years
  • Dogs with nutrition-related metabolism problems
  • Ideal for many dogs with allergies

Lupo Sensitive is gently processed using a cold water compression method. This helps to retain the efficiency of the vitamins, proteins, animal fats and vegetable oils. The kibble is the perfect shape for your dog to chew and formed at a maximum temperature of 48° which makes it easy to digest.
  • It contains only a single source of protein – pure chicken:
    Lupo Sensitive 20/8 dog food contains only 100% pure chicken meat from barn-reared chickens which have not been fed genetically modified feed or growth promoters. This is regularly tested and confirmed by independent laboratories.


  • Gluten-free – guaranteed grain-free:
    The gluten content in grain such as rye, wheat and barley can often cause allergic reactions which is why Lupo Sensitive uses low-allergenic potato flour as a carbohydrate carrier.


  • LupoZell® helps to keep your dog fit and healthy:
    LupoZell is a special blend of milk thistle, dandelion, mineral clay, dried moor extract and cold-pressed flax, borage, rapeseed and salmon oil. Milk thistle, dandelion, mineral clay, chicory and dried moor extract promote healthy liver and intestines. Flax, borage, rapeseed and salmon oil provide essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin and fur.


  • Icepressed® to preserve essential nutrients:
    Icepressed® is a proprietary technology which processes ingredients so that they retain their biological value. Thermal denaturation or even gelatinisation of individual products is virtually impossible. It also allows secondary phytonutrients to be fully effective.
Lupo Sensitive does not contain any artificial preservatives, colouring or attractants. Nor does it contain pork, superheated oils, animal meal, industrial kitchen waste, bread, sugar, soya or milk products.
Lupo Sensitive is made with easy to digest potato flour, which is well tolerated, even with pre-existing allergies.

Lupo Sensitive is the tasty way to help your dog stay fit and healthy!

More information about the individual varieties, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here:
* Special offer items have limited availability and are very popular. We cannot guarantee availability of these items. The images used in this promotion are for illustration purposes only and do not constitute a binding offer. Out of stock promotional items are no longer available for purchase.


More information about the individual varieties, including ingredients and feeding recommendations, can be found here:

Analytical constituents

protein 24.0 %
fat 10.0 %
fibre 3.0 %
ash 7.4 %
calcium 1.4 %
phosphorus 0.9 %
magnesium 0.15 %
sodium 0.31 %
protein 20.0 %
fat 8.0 %
fibre 3.5 %
ash 7.5 %
calcium 1.2 %
phosphorus 0.8 %
magnesium 0.15 %
sodium 0.36 %

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