Lupo Sensitive 24/10 Dog Food

: 4/5
A tasty, hypoallergenic, whole food kibble for sensitive dogs. It does not contain any allergenic substances or grain so it is ideal for active dogs with allergies or a sensitive digestion....further information
Product description
Lupo Sensitive 24/10 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 24/10 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 24/10 Dog Food
Lupo Sensitive 24/10 Dog Food
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Lupo Sensitive 24/10 Dog Food

- 15kg

£3.01 / kg

Product description

A tasty, hypoallergenic, whole food kibble for sensitive dogs. It does not contain any allergenic substances or grain so it is ideal for active dogs with allergies or a sensitive digestion.

Feeding your dog Lupo Sensitive 24/10 is hypo-allergenic complete dog food, which can reduce food allergies. Some dogs are very sensitive to all sorts of ingredients so it is important that your dog eats a dog food which provides all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy, yet does not contain anything which might provoke an allergic reaction, digestive issues or skin and fur problems. It is not always individual ingredients which cause a reaction, but rather the way they have been processed which can cause denaturisation.

Lupo Sensitive 24/10 dog food is suitable for:

  • Normal to very active dogs
  • Adult dogs of normal weight
  • When raising puppies
  • Pregnant and lactating bitches
  • Dogs with nutrition-related metabolism problems
  • Ideal for many dogs with food allergies
Lupo Sensitive is gently processed using a cold water compression method. This helps to retain the efficiency of the vitamins, proteins, animal fats and vegetable oils. The kibble is the perfect shape for your dog to chew and formed at a maximum temperature of 48° which makes it easy to digest.
  • It contains only a single source of protein – pure chicken:
    Lupo Sensitive 24/10 dog food contains only 100% pure chicken meat from barn-reared chickens which have not been fed genetically modified feed or growth promoters. This is regularly tested and confirmed by independent laboratories.

  • Gluten-free – guaranteed grain-free:
    The gluten content in grain such as rye, wheat and barley can often cause allergic reactions which is why Lupo Sensitive uses low-allergenic potato flour as a carbohydrate carrier.

  • LupoZell® helps to keep your dog fit and healthy:
    LupoZell is a special blend of milk thistle, dandelion, mineral clay, dried moor extract and cold-pressed flax, borage, rapeseed and salmon oil. Milk thistle, dandelion, mineral clay, chicory and dried moor extract promote healthy liver and intestines. Flax, borage, rapeseed and salmon oil provide essential fatty acids needed for healthy skin and fur.

  • Icepressed® to preserve essential nutrients:
    Icepressed® is a proprietary technology which processes ingredients so that they retain their biological value. Thermal denaturation or even gelatinisation of individual products is virtually impossible. It also allows secondary phytonutrients to be fully effective.
Lupo Sensitive does not contain any artificial preservatives, colouring or attractants. Nor does it contain pork, superheated oils, animal meal, industrial kitchen waste, bread, sugar, soya or milk products.
Lupo Sensitive is made with easy to digest potato flour, which is well tolerated, even with pre-existing allergies.
Lupo Sensitive 24/10 is the tasty way to help your dog stay fit and healthy!


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Dried chicken meat (ground) 33%, potato flour 32%, parsnips (dried, ground), beet pulp, milk thistle 5%, cold-pressed blended vegetable oil 5% (linseed, rapeseed, borage oil), seaweed meal, salmon oil 2%, dried moor extract 1.5%, dried chicory 1.5%, mineral clay 1% , dried nettle leaves 1%, dried dandelion leaves 1%, yucca schidigera.

Nutritional additives:
Vitamin A (10,000 IU/kg), vitamin D3 (1,000 IU/kg), vitamin E (200 mg/kg), vitamin B1 as thiamine mononitrate(4.0 mg/kg), vitamin B2 as riboflavin (8.0 mg / kg), vitamin B6 as pyridoxine hydrochloride (4.8 mg/kg), vitamin B12 (48 mcg/kg), biotin as D-(+)-biotin (252 mcg/kg), folic acid (0.40 mg/kg) , niacin (24.1 mg/kg), pantothenic acid as calcium D-pantothenate (8.0 mg/kg), vitamin C as L-ascorbic acid (140 mg/kg), choline chloride (1.200 mg/kg), iron (180 mg/kg), cobalt (1.2 mg/kg).

Trace elements:
Manganese as manganese (II) oxide (48 mg/kg), copper as copper (II) oxide (10 mg/kg), zinc as zinc oxide (65 mg/kg), iodine as calcium iodate (1.6 mg/kg).

Analytical constituents

protein24.0 %
fat10.0 %
fibre3.0 %
ash7.4 %
calcium1.4 %
phosphorus0.9 %
magnesium0.15 %
sodium0.31 %

Feeding guide

Feeding Recommendation
Lupo's Sensitive 24/10 is a complete dog food.

The recommended amount of food per day should be approx. 1.2% of the body weight of an adult dog.* The recommended feeding amounts are only guidelines and should be adapted to suit the individual needs of your pet to ensure that it maintains an ideal body weight. Please make sure that your dog always has fresh water available.

*The recommended amount of food per day for young dogs can be up to 2.5% of its body weight.


Lupo Sensitive 24/10 Dog Food
: 4/5
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Customer Photos
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24/02/24|Jo Melia
: 5/5
Sensitive tum fox red lab loves this!
Our 2 year old fox red lab has been struggling to gain weight and has a very sensitive tum, often having 5-6 poos out on a walk. Been on this food for 3 months now and he’s putting on weight and is so much better on this! His coat is silky and our springer loves it too. Lab has a tendency to gulp too fast so we add a little bit of water to both dogs bowl. They still love it!
: 5/5
Good food
My two German Shepherd girls have had this food for years. Now my little Imperial Shih Tzu has it too and my husband takes the bag outside and bashes it with the hammer to break the kibble into smaller pieces. It worked a treat and now they both have it. Changed to a different one because it was cheaper but her allergies flared up so quickly changed back again. Zooplus are a fantastic company and it is delivered promptly.
: 5/5
Great Stuff
Dog loves it. It scores quite highly on nutritional quality without having to break the bank.
12/06/23|Julie Drury
: 5/5
Very happy
I moved over from Markus Muhle to this, as my dogs had been eating that for sometime. I’ve been surprised at how happy they’ve been on this food and my older dog as been able to pass stools easier and my youngest dog as finally got on top of a dodgy ear! It’s as pink and clear as you would want it to be. For the price, I’m very happy. I always weigh my portions as this food is quite heavy and it would be easy to overfeed.
15/03/23|Helen Didsbury
: 1/5
My dog didn't like it
The kibble is very large, and the only way to get my dog to eat any of it has been to snap each piece in half - too time-consuming, and she isn't very keen on it even then. She is a sproodle weighing roughly 15kg, so not a small dog. This brand of food is simply too big, so I won't be buying it again
10/12/22|Andrew Bennett
: 3/5
Obviously tasty but not sure it's good for my dogs
I switched to this from a product twice the price which my dogs loved. I have 4 dogs and 4 cats so was trying to economise. They all seem to enjoy it, even my little 6kg guy, even though the pellets were huge and really hard, but I noticed that 2 of my dogs started burping a lot, they never did before - and their poop was not as firm as previously - not terrible - but difficult to pick up cleanly on walks, so have reluctantly gone back to the more expensive food.
21/11/22|Jayne Holden
: 5/5
Great pet food option
We have 2 Terriers and a Schnoodle, all are quite small but didn’t struggle with the pellets and wolf it down every meal. Very good value for money.
02/11/22|celia Jayne cohen
: 5/5
The best I have found. Great product
Lupo is brilliant for my fussy , sensitive GSD's. I have recommended it to lots of my friends and clients. It has been excellent for both itchy and fussy dogs. I can't recommend it highly enough.
: 5/5
Excellent kibble
Ice pressed kibble, and for the price is cheap compared to others, doesn’t expand and bloat like bake or extruded kibbles. Some nuggets are quite large but suits mine, both 40kg plus. Top ingredients, no issues, good glossy coats, and no bad smells
05/01/22|Sam Boag
: 5/5
4 dogs from age 2-11 suits them all. Zero issues
: 5/5
Great dog food
Tried Lupo dog food for the first time. When we opened the bag we got a bit surprised with the shape of it, it looks like food for farm animals or so 😄 then we got to know that it is cold pressed granules. Our 2 German Shepherds love it!
03/09/21|Sarah Hodgkinson
: 5/5
High quality ingredients - my choc lab has a sensitive tum and this has really helped. Both my labs have been on this good for a few months now and are doing well.
: 5/5
Great food
My really fussy GSD, loves this food. Tried so many different high end kibbles before, that she would refuse to eat. But loves Lupo, eats it so well. Her coat is mega glossy. And does nice small poos and not many. Cold pressed dog food is so good and the only food I will feed her from now on. 😊
09/04/20|Paul Hughes
: 5/5
My dog's loved it!
My malamute 's loved it, one of them is fussy, he ate a bowl straight away and then asked for more! So good so far!
: 5/5
Firm poop, no smelly gas....whats not to like!
Our lurcher , and now our greyhounds are fed on this. Excellent, very nutrient dense so be careful not to over feed, weigh carefully. You'll be surprised how little they need. Coats are thick and glossy. Highly recommend.
: 5/5
Great food for sensitive tums
Changed my lab onto this and skin issues cleared up as well as a runny tum. Need to weigh it so as not to overfeed but he loves it.
: 1/5
Sensitive stomachs beware
I have a very healthy senior dog who has a sensitive tummy. The ingredients on this food look excellent, so I gave it a shot. The food "pellets" are massive and extremely hard, but he liked the taste. His body couldn't digest it, and after many vet tests (thinking it was just old age), I changed the food and his problems disappeared. Watch for excessive thirst, vomiting, and diarrhea...this food is very hard for some dogs to process.
: 5/5
Dog loves it
Great food, doesn't effect his allergies and has helped him gain weight.
: 5/5
Lupo brilliant
Changed my Labrador onto this as he has a sensitive gut, brilliant food. As an added bonus his skin condition cleared up completely after changing food.
: 5/5
Love it!
Perfect food for my lurcher and terrier alike! My lurcher has a sensitive stomach and needs a grain free food. My terrier eats a grain free diet to help with her epilepsy. At first they were unsure, but once they were used to it they loved it. The pieces may be a little big but they are very easy to break up. My little terrier eats this faster than the lurcher! :) You can add warm water to break it down into a porridge if your dog struggles. All in all a good food but don't overfeed it!