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Intelligence Toys & Puzzles

Your dog needs to be stimulated physically, but also mentally! To expand its capabilities, zooplus offers intelligence toys & puzzles that require careful thinking from your dog, show cunning and patience to find his treat.
9 products
9 products

An exciting, interactive dog toy with 2 levels of difficulty, it encourages agility and concentration while keeping your dog amused. Let your dog work out how to get the treats out of the 3 beakers.

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22 x 18 x 33 cm (L x W x H)
RRP* £17.99 Our Price£10.49

An innovative bowl to encourage slower eating. The bowl has different-sized spaces and heights, to turn mealtimes into a challenging game and promote healthy digestion. Colour: Green.

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1 Varieties from
40 x 30 x 10 cm (L x W x H)
Was £21.49 Now£19.49

An intelligence toy for all dogs, even beginners! It motivates your dog to think and solve the puzzles. Choose between 2 wooden games to play with your dog!

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2 Varieties from
Diameter 25cm
RRP* £22.99 Our Price£8.99
Try with Chewies Lamb Bone Treats (200g)
Was £3.29 Now£2.79 £1.40 / 100g

Intelligence game for mentally training all dogs - Four boxes, which all must be opened in different ways, ideal way to keep advanced dogs busy

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31 x 10 x 31 cm
RRP* £17.99 Our Price£12.99

Keep your dog amused for hours with this intelligence toy, with cones, flaps and sliding lids that can be filled with treats, with varying difficulty levels to entertain your dog.

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1 Varieties from
Diameter 23 x H 8 cm
RRP* £9.99 Our Price£8.99

Food dispenser for dogs, combines physical and mental tasks in a fun game, various levels of difficulty, manually control the amount of snacks that it gives, up to 40m range, made of plastic

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1 Varieties from
Diameter 20 x H 24 cm
RRP* £59.99 Our Price£46.29

A challenging interactive game for dogs of ages, you can adapt it to suit your dog’s level and make it more difficult as your pet improves. With lots of hiding places for treats to keep your dog busy.

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1 Varieties from
34 x 23 cm (L x W)
RRP* £17.99 Our Price£13.49

A strategy game for pets with a carpet for hiding treats, so your pet has to sniff them out. It has 2 different fringe lengths & removable plastic plate. Colour selected at random

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1 Varieties from
50 x 34 cm (L x W)
RRP* £32.99 Our Price£17.19

Challenge your dog’s problem-solving skills with this fun intelligence game. Can your dog find the treats? 10%* of sale price goes to a pet charity. Just a little means a lot - zoolove cares!

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1 Varieties from
Diameter 24cm
Sold out.
Was £8.99 Now£6.99
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Intelligence Toys & Puzzles

Stimulate your dog’s mind as well as its body with dog intelligence puzzles

It is easy to forget that our dogs need mental stimulation as well as plenty of physical exercise. An interactive intelligence toy or dog puzzle can be a great way to get it thinking and exhaust it mentally. zooplus offers a great range of dog puzzles that test your dog’s thinking, cunning and patience, with skill required in order to find and earn treats.

Many dogs also eat too fast, which can result in food not being digested properly and nutrients not being absorbed, so adding an element of mental stimulation to mealtimes can help to solve this issue and slow your dog’s eating. Here at zooplus you will find food bowls that combine an element of challenge with meals.
These exciting interactive dog puzzle toys are great for training memory and mental capacity, as well as being fun and entertaining.

Browse the collection of intelligence toys and puzzles here at zooplus to keep your dog mentally stimulated:

  • Feeders: ensure your dog is entertained at every moment of the day with a challenging feeder, designed to improve concentration and encourage your dog to eat more slowly. This can also help relieve digestive discomfort caused by your dog guzzling its food, promoting healthy digestion and great for tiring your dog out mentally!
  • Toys & Puzzles: every dog loves to play, so choose a dog puzzle that will stimulate your dog’s mind and train its brain! Some of these toys combine fitness and mental agility, encouraging your dog to move around and have a think in order to earn treats. Spinning wheels, hidden compartments and toppling towers all offer great dog puzzle fun for your dog and can be particularly useful if you find your dog is physically exhausted after exercise but still wants something to do with its mind - a dog puzzle can help avoid unwanted chewing or destruction! Many of these toys are perfect for you and your dog to play with together, helping to build the bond between you as well as encouraging play and mental stimulation. You can also benefit from some of our timer operated toys, which can be set to certain times to keep your dog entertained throughout the day, or to provide food at different times. This is an ideal solution if your dog is home alone while you are at work or out during the day, as it keeps it occupied as well as ensuring it receives food at regular times.
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