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Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower Intelligence Toy

Product description

Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower Intelligence Toy 3 7
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Diameter 25 x H 27 cm
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Product description

This innovative tower includes three discs and three cones that provide a tricky challenge that will keep your dog busy and develop its intelligence. It has anti-slip feet and an instruction book.
Dogs are naturally inquisitive animals, and this well thought out toy stimulates the dexterity, instincts, and intelligence of your dog. The Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower offers different difficulty levels and provides fun and sensible entertainment for your dog. The hard work and patience is rewarded by the fine treats that you can put in the tower or underneath the hollow green cones. A good nose can even detect the treats hidden right at the top of the tower.

The blue discs have a loop for your dog to pull to make the treats drop down and eventually fall out of the tower. Getting the order right here can prove especially challenging! Once you’ve coached your dog through the challenge and praised it for solving the puzzle, check the included practice book for tips on how to make the game even more fun and varied.

Trixie Dog Activity Gambling Tower Intelligence Toy at a glance:

  • Food-dispensing game for dogs
  • Develops dexterity, instinct, and intelligence
  • Great entertainment
  • Varying difficulty levels: your dog will progressively learn and be able to master ever more difficult tasks
  • Fill it with treats: the three discs and three cones act as hiding places for the treats
  • With instruction booklet: detailed instructions with tips and tricks on how to playfully motivate your dog to solve different tasks
  • Slip resistant thanks to rubber feet
  • Colour: blue/white
  • Materials: Plastic, Rubber (Feet)
  • Dimensions: Diameter: 25cm, Height: 27cm



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