NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder

40 x 30 x 10 cm (L x W x H)
: 5/5
An innovative bowl to encourage slower eating. The bowl has different-sized spaces and heights, to turn mealtimes into a challenging game and promote healthy digestion. Colour: Green....further information
Product description
NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder
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NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder
NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder
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40 x 30 x 10 cm (L x W x H)409403.0

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NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder -  40 x 30 x 10 cm (L x W x H)
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NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder

- 40 x 30 x 10 cm (L x W x H)


Product description

An innovative bowl to encourage slower eating. The bowl has different-sized spaces and heights, to turn mealtimes into a challenging game and promote healthy digestion. Colour: Green.

The Karlie NORTHMATE® Green Feeder hides food or snacks between plastic blades of “grass”, so that your dog has to make an effort and use its skills to push small portions of food out from inside the feeder. This product can help you to teach your dog how to eat its food without gobbling. The special shape of the bowl stops your dog from gulping its food, reducing the chances of bloat and other digestive problems that can be caused by eating too fast.

The blades of grass are of different lengths, so that your dog has to take its time to feel its way through. Sometimes it is easy for your dog to get to the tasty morsels and sometimes it's more difficult, which means that your dog eats its daily meals in small portions. It keeps your dog occupied and provides added intellectual stimulation.

The durable plastic keeps its shape and is hygienic and dishwasher safe. It can be used both indoors and outdoors, according to where you usually feed your dog. The interactive nature of the bowl will keep your dog amused while helping it to eat more slowly.

The NORTHMATE® Green Feeder at a glance:

  • Bowl with an interactive design to stop dogs from gobbling their food
  • Suitable for dogs of all ages
  • Modern design: blades of “grass”
  • Durable plastic
  • Promotes slow eating
  • Blades of grass of different lengths to prolong time taken to find food
  • Suitable for wet and dry food
  • Keeps its shape
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Suitable for use indoors and outside
  • Made in Denmark

Important information: Supervise your dog when using the item for the first time.
Do not leave your dog unattended whilst it is eating from the bowl.
Do not use NORTHMATE® Green Feeder if your dog is suffering from any gum injuries or any other mouth-related complaints.


NORTHMATE ® Green Feeder
: 5/5
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: 4/5
Slows down meal times
We’ve been using this for one meal a day for the last few months. It really slows down how quickly my dog can eat his dinner. The only drawback is that it’s too bulky for the dishwasher so has to be hand washed.
: 5/5
Certainly works for Jasper
Stressy eater who bolted his food then moved onto pups dish now spends 20 mins eating his own meal and doesn’t ask for more!
28/01/20|David Gee
: 5/5
Surprisingly effective
I was a little sceptical about this product because of its fairly large size and unusual design. However, it has proved incredibly efficient. Our puppy used to gobble her food in about 30 secs. Now she can take up to 10 minutes and seems to enjoy the "game' of getting her food. Thoroughly recommended.
: 5/5
Great for hungry beagle
Bought this to stop my 6mo old beagle swallowing her food within seconds. It takes her now a good 5 min to finish her meals. Would recommend for fast eater dogs
: 5/5
Green slow feeder - Greyhound
This is a great feeding tray. She gobbles her food down as quickly as she can. I have a raised bowl too as she is tall. But this is so handy to make her slow down and to quickly put kibble in so we can sneak out of the room. I wouldn't be without it.
08/05/18|Dee Lyons
: 5/5
Great - slows feeding down!
I have just bought a 2nd one of these for my newest rescue dog. I already had one for my Lab x who would hoover up his food within seconds. These feeders are brilliant. I had previously tried a trixie slow feeder bowl, which helped slightly but nowhere near as effective as this green feeder. They are a little tricky to hand wash, but you can put in dishwasher if you want.Zooplus price is great too. If you have a dog who bolts their food down - buy this you won't regret it!!
: 5/5
Brilliant and versatile
Durable, a little tricky to clean but nothing a soak in the sink can't manage. We use it upside down when we want the eating to be even slower. Have a Working Cocker and she will take 5 minutes to eat from this upside down, 3 minutes the right way up which is much slower than 15 seconds in a normal food bowl.
: 3/5
Needs some design adjustment
I got this for my Rottweiler. It was much bigger than I expected (even for him!) but I like the shape, material and it does slow down his eating HOWEVER I agree completely with some previous reviews. It is very difficult to clean well (I don't have a dish washer) and it tips over far too easily (its unexpected size means I can't even find an oven dish big enough to put it in). Feedback to manufacturer: Put it in a bowl shaped type dish with a heavy bottom AND sell it with a free cleaning brush!
24/12/17|John Swainson
: 5/5
Made a massive difference
Helped my dogs digestion by slowing down his eating from under a minute to well over 5! Great product!
: 5/5
Life changer!
Brilliant, robust and worth the cost. Our Working Cocker has to work for her food and very importantly she has slowed down the pace of consumption. Great product.
: 5/5
A friend gave me this and it has slowed down our Labradoodle by at least five minutes. It is fiddly to clean but we put it in the dishwasher once a day and wash it by hand the other time. Excellent quality. Would recommend
: 3/5
Good fun but not suitable for daily use
My Labrador loved this and tried to get his kibble with such gusto he scrubbed fur off his lower jaw and gave himself a callus. I now use only occasionally and it is fine but doesn't help stop him gobbling his food the rest of the time.
: 5/5
Great buy
I was hesitant about this because of high price (it's essentially just moulded plastic) however my dog LOVES this, and we now use it for all his meals. Fiddly to clean but worth it.
: 5/5
Love it
I was looking for the maize feeder as recommended by a friend but got this instead and it is wonderful. Somehow my dog hasnt figured out how to upturn it but instead flicks each bit of food out of the feeder with his tongue. Being a lab, it has slowed him down and he no longer inhales his food. He doesnt get irritated by it either, perfect for the job! and hasnt got scratched or damaged at all despite the manic feeding frenzies.
: 4/5
Does what it says
Has slowed down both of our labs and they love having to work for their dinner. Reason for 4 stars is that it's hard to wash properly. Researched loads of these for buying and this one was really good value and is great quality.
: 5/5
Brilliant Feeding Bowl
We have 3 dogs Cocker Spaniel and they all have one. It slows them down from 2 Minutes to 15 Minutes. That must be much healtier for them. I would recommend it to anybody.
: 5/5
Love it
Love this product. It keeps my puppy entertained. Never realized how long her tongue can get! it is fun to watch and see my dog entertained for while!!!
: 5/5
Great piece of kit
My standard poodle x collie has used this for over a year, it both slows him down and make his meals more of a challenge / more interesting. I
: 5/5
Mrs Brown
This product is bigger than it looks, and is good quality. Our beagle is overweight, so this has been ideal for us as owners to decrease her food for her evening meal, without feeling guilty. She will normally finish eating her food in 3 minutes, but since using this, as been taking on average 25 mins to complete. She thoroughly enjoys the new process, wagging throughout, whilst feeding, and stimulating her brain at the same time.
: 5/5
Northmate Green Feeder
I saw this product over a year ago but didn't buy it as I thought it a bit expensive if my dog didn't like it. Seeing it advertised on Zooplus at a reduced price I thought I would give it a go to slow my Lab's feeding down. One of the reviews mentioned their dog just turned it over and I was a bit worried about this, however my very hungry Lab didn't and really loves it. It keeps him happy and even my Mini Schnauzer like to use it. Very happy with the quality of the item, easy to clean and does the job of slowing down feeding and keeping my Lab amused.