ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
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ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*
ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*

ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser/Spray - 10% Off!*

Now when you buy ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser or Spray Plug-in diffuser, appeasing pheromone to help calm and relax dogs of all ages, you'll get 10% Off!...further information
Product description
Works really well in my old dog: "We have been using this religiously for 6 months. Our 13 year old Daxie was diagnosed with alzheimer's and cognitive problems she was crying at night getting lost...

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Product description

Now when you buy ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser or Spray Plug-in diffuser, appeasing pheromone to help calm and relax dogs of all ages, you'll get 10% Off!

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The ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser makes your home a feel-good zone for your dog. The starter set includes a diffuser plug-in as well as a refill vial. Mothers communicate with their puppies using natural messenger substances that are released into the environment. This calming pheromone, which is odourless to humans and other animal species, helps to spread a strong sense of security and comfort for your dog.

This ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser does not use medication, but rather releases an analogue of this pheromone around the clock, circulating it through your house and offering your dog a constant atmosphere of wellbeing. The ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser is the ideal choice for anxiety-inducing situations at home.

It can also be a great way to support during loud noises, such as fireworks and thunderstorms, offering calm and balance. ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser reduces the signs of stress during situations such as getting used to a new family member or pet, moving house or when your dog needs to be left home alone. The ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser keeps your dog feeling safe and improves quality of life for both you and your pet.

The ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser is ideal for use during the following situations:
  • During anxious or stressful situations, creating constant wellbeing
  • Loud noises such as fireworks and thunderstorms
  • After journeys or vet visits
  • New visitors, new family members (such as a baby or new partner), eases the socialisation phase
  • In new environments after travel
  • Being left home alone

ADAPTIL® Calm Diffuser at a glance:

  • Non-medicated help for dogs of all ages and breeds, helping support wellbeing at home
  • Plug-in diffuser: the analogue pheromone in the vial is circulated around the room
  • Spreads a feeling of safety and comfort in unknown situations
  • Combats anxiety and stressful behaviour
  • Odourless and safe to use
  • Usage duration: vial with 48ml lasts for around 30 days
  • Relaxation is scientifically proven
  • Recommended and developed by veterinarians
  • Refill vials available: suitable for long-term use
  • Contents: 48ml

ADAPTIL® - brings you closer!

Instructions for use:

  • Plug in the diffuser in a room that your dog spend the most time in.
  • The diffuser should remain plugged in here, day and night, for 30 days, to achieve the desired relaxation. It will have dispersed around the room within 24 hours.
  • Do not cover the diffuser and ensure that no furniture is places over or in front of it, as there is a risk that the diffuser could leave marks, and the pheromone will not be effectively distributed throughout the room.
  • One container works for approx. 4 weeks when used constantly in a room of up to 70m². The vial should then be replaced. Please check the diffuser a few days before 4 weeks is over, as the size of the room, position of the furniture and air circulation can influence how quickly it runs out.
  • To help you remember to change the diffuser, each refill comes with a sticker which you can attach to your calendar or diary.
  • If necessary the ADAPTIL Diffuser can be refilled up to 5 times, before the diffuser itself needs to be replaced.

Danger: May be fatal if swallowed or enters into the airways. Have the packaging to hand if medical advice is needed. Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use. IF SWALLOWED call a poison centre or doctor immediately. Do NOT induce vomiting. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local and national regulations.

Stressful situations can often cause anxious behaviour in your dog, including vomiting, pacing, barking or whining.
Does this sound familiar? Then the ADAPTIL® Transport Spray may be just the thing for you and your dog.

When puppies are born, their mothers release a specific pheromone that is designed to relax the young dogs. This pheromone helps puppies to undergo a variety of new experiences in a stress-free way, without disturbing your dog’s peace. The ADAPTIL® Transport Spray contains a synthetic analogue of this appeasing pheromone, offering a natural way for your dog to be less anxious during stressful or unknown situations. This may include, for example, car journeys, socialisation, unknown environments, loud noises (fireworks, thunderstorms etc.), moving house or staying in kennels.
In order to avoid anxiety around these sorts of situations, it is recommended that ADAPTIL® Transport Spray is used from an early age.

This spray is recommended and developed by vets, easy to use and suitable for temporary use.

ADAPTIL® Transport Spray at a glance:

  • Spray with 100% natural pheromone imitation
  • Suitable for puppies and dogs of all ages or breeds
  • Promotes wellbeing: in new or unusual situations, offering non-medicated help without the need for sedation
  • Reduces stress-related behaviours such as drooling, vomiting, restlessness, barking, night-time whining and howling during transport
  • Worry-free use: also suitable for pregnant or nursing dogs, new-born puppies and older unwell dogs
  • Odourless
  • Scientifically-proven effects developed and recommended by veterinarians
  • Practical pump spray bottle: spray directly onto beds, transport crates or the car, for added comfort it can also be sprayed on toys or leads
  • Use/duration: for temporary help during journeys (travel stress, vet visits) for approx. 4-5 hours, for longer journeys respray after this time
  • Available in a convenient size (60ml): sufficient for approx. 400 sprays (around 50 uses of approx. 8 sprays)
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Imitation canine appeasing pheromone (2%), isoparaffinic hydrocarbons (100g)

Analogue of canine appeasing pheromone 2%, isopropanol q.s 20/60ml.