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Dog First Aid

Dog first aid kits and other dog care products are often a good idea to have on hand. Many of these dog care accessories are also good for on the go - be prepared for every member of the family!
7 products
7 products

Dog Towels

A delightful microfibre bathrobe for dogs, light & absorbent to offer protection from getting cold. It has a click fastener on the back and openings for legs and tail. It is machine washable at 30°C.

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S: approx. 39cm Back Length
Was £7.49 Now£5.49
M: approx. 59cm Back Length
Was £8.99 Now£5.99
L: approx. 73cm Back Length
Was £9.99 Now£6.99
XL: approx. 83cm Back Length
Was £11.99 Now£7.99

Dog First Aid

Antibacterial wipes to keep your pet’s sensitive areas clean. They kill 99.9% of bacteria and fungi and are alcohol-free. These wipes are suitable for cats, dogs, small pets and birds.

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20 wipes
£2.49 £0.12 / unit

Soft, inflatable collar for dogs to prevent your pet from licking or biting wounds or eczema around the head, chest or back. It is comfortable and offers no severe impairment to your dog’s movement.

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RRP* £12.99 Our Price£6.99

Safe, efficient wound and skin care treatment system for dogs, cats, small pets and birds, offering a natural hypochlorous solution that accelerates the healing process and reduces pain of wounds.

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RRP* £11.29 Our Price£8.99

Ready to use disinfectant spray, highly effective with no rinsing or washing required, no alcohol, suitable for cleaning surfaces including bowls, terrariums and cages, suitable for all pets

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£4.99 £4.99 / 100ml
Was £12.99 Now£11.99 £23.98 / l
Was £23.99 Now£19.99 £19.99 / l

Finger pads for cleaning and caring for your dog’s ears, helping to remove ear dirt and wax, reducing odours with natural ingredients in a gentle, easy to use format that offers you great control.

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50 Pads
RRP* £5.49 Our Price£4.29

Ear care remedy suitable for all pets. Designed to clean and care for the outer ear canal and is highly effective against viruses, bacteria & fungi. May support the healing process & reduce itchiness.

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£17.99 £7.20 / 100ml

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