PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360

3.8 litre Fountain
: 4/5
An unusual drinking fountain for cats and dogs. The waterfall encourages your pet to drink more. With filter and integrated 3.8 l water reservoir....further information
Product description
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360
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Product description

An unusual drinking fountain for cats and dogs. The waterfall encourages your pet to drink more. With filter and integrated 3.8 l water reservoir.

Cats and dogs love to drink fresh, oxygen-rich water. This is easy with the PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360.

This unusual fountain has all the same advantages as the Original Pet Fountain. 

A free-running waterfall encourages your pet to drink more so you know that your dog or cat is drinking enough fresh water. Many vets recommend drinking fountains as a way to help your cat reduce the risk of kidney and bladder stones.

ThePetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360 has an integrated water reservoir and a filter to prevent hairs or food getting into the pump, which also keeps the water smelling clean.
The new design includes a top quality pump which is almost silent.
A further great feature are the interchangeable attachments which change the waterfall. You can decide whether to have a single, double, triple or quadruple waterfall. The PetSafe® Drinkwell® Cat Fountain - 360 has been manufactured to the usual high Drinkwell® standards which are based on over 10 years of fountain production.

Delivery includes a filter which should be changed within 2 weeks.

  • Waterfall like running tapwater
  • Variable water flow
  • Carbon filter for fresh, clean water
  • 4 interchangeable water flow attachments
  • Ramp to reduce the sound of running water
  • Almost silent thanks to high quality pump
  • Integrated reservoir, volume approx. 3.8 litres
  • Anti-slip feet
  • Low voltage current 12V

The fountain should be cleaned weekly with hot, soapy water to prevent cat hairs and other particles getting inside, which could affect the performance of the fountain. Furthermore, depending on how hard the water in your area is, the fountain (and maybe the pump) should be cleaned with vinegar and water. Instructions are enclosed. Please rinse the fountain carefully after descaling.
Please use only clear water (no soap) to clean the filter. The filter should be changed approx. every 2 weeks. Please make sure that the water level in the reservoir is correct. The pump must not be allowed to run dry. If this happens, the guarantee is no longer valid.
It is recommended that you change the filter every 2 weeks.


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Latest user reviews

03/12/22 | Minime
: 1/5


The idea is great, as our cat loves drinking running water. It’s a bit painful to clean, as you really need to get to all the little parts of it and you need to have a good brush. But the main problem is not that you have to clean it and change the filter regularly, it also has got a foam filter inside which you have to change once a month and YOU CAN’T BUY IT ON THIS WEBSITE! So how can you sell a device without all the necessary parts bring available??
09/04/21 | May
: 1/5

Made my cat sick

Had this less than 1 week and it made me cat vomit 3 times, massive waste of money. I noticed it doesn't filter properly and the charcoal properties leave a scum line on the water despite changing the water and topping it up. I ended up throwing it and the extra cartridges as I wouldn't want to put another cat owner through the stress we went through.
02/04/21 | Erika
: 5/5

Cats like it

We had a similar one which was leaking and my cats love the stream of water. This one is really quiet and does not leak at all (even when one of my cats plays with it). I was worried I will need to clean it all the time as I have four fluffy cats. But it is kind of fine (when you keep the sponge in). I clean it once a week, the filter is there for a month and it still runs fine. Just need to clean the hair from the pump which is normal, does not need any special cleaning. I use filtered water.
: 1/5

Poor quality

The plastic quality gave my cat chin acnea. I was washing the fountain entirely every week, I would add fresh filtered water every other day but it didn't matter, after a month my cat developed acne and the first thing my vet said was get rid of the plastic water fountain immediately. It is a known thing apparently
26/09/18 | elaine
: 2/5

wouldn't buy again

I'm sure this fountain had a slight leak from the start but I put it down to condensation. However, after a year and a half it got progressively worse. I emailed the manufacturer and they didn't want to know. So won't buy another product from this company.
01/08/18 | Mila
: 5/5


i had this fountain for over 3 years now, and it still works and pumps water just fine. As long as you changing filters and giving it a good wash once in a week or two - it will last! The only time the water flow is slowing down is when filter gets blocked with hair and that's when it 's time to clean it.
08/05/18 | Anna
: 4/5

Brilliant, cat loves it, although needs change

Love this fountain. Although it is quite big and bulky my cat loves it and seems to get much more water in her thanks to the fresh water fountain. I'd much prefer a ceramic small sized option though if it existed, for aesthetics and feel of quality more than anything else. Bulky to swap water in between the need of changing the filter, so it doesn't seem to filter as good as I had expected, but perhaps that's me not quite knowing what to expect (this is my first water fountain).
09/04/18 | Dominika
: 4/5

Very good and quiet but difficult to open a pump

It’s very good fountain and it’s quiet enough for our small 1bedroom flat. You do need to clean it very regularly including all the little spaces. It’s difficult to open a pump to clean it
: 5/5

A bit big and plastic, but the cats like it

Good and sturdy.
11/03/18 | Eva
: 1/5

Worked for 1 month

Only after 1 month, the water flow slowed despite changing the filter. I changed 3x the filter within 1 month because the water flow degraded so much hardly anything would come out, no matter if I used the 4-spout option, then downgraded to the 3-spout and gradually downgraded again to 1-spout. No water flow and I would NOT recommend this product to anyone.
18/02/18 | Kicia
: 4/5

Great and quiet but you do need to clean it often

It's quiet enough for our one bed flat but you do need to clean very regularly in all little areas and holes. It's difficult to open a pump! This needs to be cleaned inside as well. I use cotton buds and little brushes
14/02/18 | Irene.
: 5/5

Great water fountain!

Easy to set up, easy to clean, quiet running. In all a great fountain and above all my cats love it! I highly recommend this product.
10/09/16 | Andrew Armstrong
: 5/5

Probably the best choice

Tried this fountain after one of my three Norwegian Forest Cats kept tipping or moving the rest. Because this holds about 3 litres of water with a large round bowl, it doesn't move. All three cats use it, I find it reasonably quiet and reliable. Re : the comments of the flow slowing - As well as cleaning the main filter, there is a small filter on the pump which clogs and slows flow, so clean this filter, also, dismantle the pump for cleaning, as it also clogs up.
25/01/16 | Jade
: 5/5

Owned for a long time and still running perfectly!

The comments of splash back water happening against walls is a load of rubbish. They're obviously filling the water much too high - there's a indicator marked onto the fountain showing you how much is "MAX and MINIMUM" - If you don't take it over the max line, the splashing isn't an issue. The fountain is very quiet, you mostly just hear running water. The cats love it - and it's easy to clean too!
10/11/15 | Wayne
: 4/5

Digest This

This has been a good buy. Our large Ragdoll can't tip this one up and enjoys drinking from various angles. Possibly the best one on the market. Need to keep on top of cleaning and changing filters but after over two years use its still going strong.
: 5/5


Our 1year old Bengal cross is fascinated by running water, taps, bath etc, but wasn't good at keeping herself hydrated from a bowl. Generally it was something to paw in or push around the floor? When her coat started to suffer, we had to do something to get her to drink more and wondered if a fountain could be the answer. It was an immediate "hit"! She drinks far, far more and watches the fountain in amazement. We can see her coat improving daily. It is very sturdy - even she couldn't shift it and is very quiet. Thank you!
: 5/5

probably the best

I bought this fountain, after trying several others. This is by far the best. It holds more water and is therefore more stable (one of my cats has a habit of pawing at water fountains, resulting in the smaller fountains spilling water). This fountain also has an adjustable flow on top, so you can have a trickle or a full flow.
01/09/14 | Dieselbum, Isabelly and Miss Fluffypants
: 5/5


I'm not sure if the people saying it splashes everywhere are aware they can reduce the flow of water by turning the dial on the top this reduced flow also reduces water splashing noises! It is 100% quieter than our old Catit one, all 3 can drink from it at once, it also looks pretty good. It says to replace the filters every 2 weeks but using filtered water you can leave it for 3 easily providing the fountain is cleaned and refilled with fresh water regularly, I just give the filter a good rinsing when cleaning. Overall 10/10 from me!
: 2/5

Great for a few months

We bought this back in November 2013. It was a massive hit with our cats and a quiet option over a metal fountain we'd bought previously that we tired of hearing the vibration of. It's large enough for our 3 cats to get round at the same time and the water capacity means you're not constantly refilling. Our cats like water falling from height rather than down a chute so this was perfect - we thought we'd cracked it After a few months the water flow slowed despite changing the filter and cleaning regularly. We changed from the 4-spout option to the 3-spout and gradually down to 1-spout because the water flow degraded so much hardly anything would come out. Now it's stopped working - 8 months after we bought it. The other downside is the same as other fountains we've bought - a European plug which never sits snugly into the adaptor provided and you have to wiggle it sometimes to kick the power back in if it gets knocked. Come on manufacturers and suppliers this is not difficult!
17/06/14 | Rosie
: 5/5

Happy cats

My cats love this. I didn't realise just how much water cats need to drink until I got this. Top marks from my cats. Impressed and worth the money!