07/17/22 | Natalie

Fab entertainment

My Mable loves it… spent a fortune on toys and this is her fave
07/13/22 | Jo

So simple, yet so effective!

How can something so basic inspire so much joy?! My cats are NEVER impressed with toys, but they love this simple thing. Even my older cat gets excited when he sees it, and will jump and spin to catch the cardboard rolls. Will definitely buy this again once the cardboard has had its day. For arthritis sufferers or anyone struggling to hold the end: I grip mine in a pair of kitchen tongs.
07/04/22 | Kerry Burton

Buy it, you won’t regret it

I’ve got my car lots of toys in the past year of owning her, and aside from her little teddy she’s not been interested in any of them for very long. But this toy is her fave, she goes absolutely mental for it, instant purring and she would play with it all day if I let her. So much so I have to hide it away, otherwise she really wears herself out. But in the morning she will be sitting by the cupboard waiting. Downside is the cardboard weakens so I’ve had to tape it up

Be careful

My cat loved this toy but playing with it one day he caught it and went to run and tore the side of his mouth so no more games with it for him

Great toy for price, sends out cat wild

One of our two young cats loves this toy so much. His eyes go huge when he sees it and won't let it go when he's finally caught it. A few minutes of play and he is knackered! So worth the money. Other cat prefers the laser pointers.
05/06/22 | Begonia

The only toy Kittie pays attention to

My cat gets bored quickly because most cat toys are quite straightforward, and once she’s figured them out she simply ignores them. Not this one though! This has been a staple in my house for years and I think that’s because it mimics a fly so well that in her eyes it looks like one. I also add a “soundtrack” when I play it with her, I make buzzing insect noises to make it look even more real. She’s obsessed!!! Thank you guys for such a great cat toy :)
03/31/22 | Anna

Lacks durability

Our cat absolutely loved this toy and played obsessively with it until it broke. I knew as soon as it arrived that it wouldn't last long; the 'handle' and the teasers on the end of the wire are made of cardboard. CARDBOARD. After being grabbed and chewed and swiped at by our cat for 3 weeks the cardboard started to break off, and it's now just a bit of wire with nothing on. It's frustrating as it would be a great toy if it lasted, and our cat is so sad it's broken.

Loves it!

My cat has an ever growing box of toys but as soon as I unwrapped this one he just shuns the rest! So simple and yet so much fun and good exercise for all your furry friends.

Favourite Toy

Upon opening this toy it looked very uninspiring, but to my surprise my cat adores it. She hasn’t stopped playing with it since it arrived. She’s forgotten about all her other toys and is totally obsessed with it. Best cat toy I’ve ever purchased. Thank you Zooplus.
02/03/22 | Lubna


My Boyfriend cat is not much used to play, and fussy. This drives him absolutely insane, in 15mins does his work out and then lies on the floor peaceful exhasted.

Best toy!

It is a very simple toy but my cat is in love. He usually gets bored very easily with new toys but with this toy, he jumps and runs like crazy. It really makes my cat dance!
12/21/21 | Penny Griffin

Cat Dancer best toy ever!

People not giving 5 stars for this don't know how to play with cats! Since 1995 I've had 5 different cats and every one has gone beserk for this toy. You can make it move in several different ways or, and it on a wall and watch the amazing acrobatics that occur. It's plastic free, has no artificially dyed feathers, it's cheap and leaves my two cats panting after a few minutes but they are soon up for more play. The flex of the wire is what makes it zip backwards and forwards that excites the cat

Such a simple toy - one cat addicted

One of my two cats isn't interested at all but the other goes absolutely mad for it. It's only little strips of cardboard on a bit of wire so you wouldn't think it would be very exciting but it's still a hit weeks on. I'm very surprised it's still holding up weeks on. My only concern is the thin wire. I put it away in a drawer when play stops. I'm also slightly concerned when she's leaping about and the wire catches her paw. No injuries but it's always in the back of my mind.

Great plastic free toy

So simple but works so well!! Also love that it's plastic free.
11/01/21 | Herm B

Excellent for fly-chasing cats and disabled owners

My fly-watcher loves how this toy moves. It bumbles and bounces in the air like a big, teasing fly. I make it 'land' on a wall and he leaps! Only a small hand/wrist movement translates to lots of motion in the toy, thanks to the springiness of the wire. If you have mobility difficulties, this is great. However, the end you hold is quite difficult to grip. It would help most users to customise it with some kind of handle, or even attach the end to something, leaving the cat's end moving freely.
06/03/21 | em


My cat liked this, it moves in an unusual way which does seem to mimic a more natural movement. It is quite hard to hold though, and the cardboard not particularly robust at that end.
05/15/21 | Alan

Not bad, but needs improving

Our cats actually play with this toy when they are restless, but the 'handle' that you hold is extremely hard to grip, the single piece that you hold comes out after a while, it would be better if that end was anchored in a piece of timber, so you have something solid to hold, apart from that it seems fine. I had concerns over the wire initially, incase it damaged their teeth, but I let them take it at their pace once they have made their kill, and let the wires natural flexibility set the pace
03/01/21 | Julia

Nr1 cat toy

This toy was such a hit with my cat, she goes crazy for it every time and I‘ve never considered her an incredibly playful cat. I‘d absolutely give it a try if your cat does not seem bothered with the usual cat toys.
02/19/21 | Tanna

Best cat toy ever!!!

My cat will spend hours chasing this toy! Well worth the money :)
02/17/21 | Vanessa

Always the favourite!

I'm forever buying new toys for my cats but this one is always at the top of the popularity charts! They love chasing it! I've got ones for indoor and ones for the garden.

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